With the Will Podcast Live- Monday, August 3rd


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
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Monday (August 3rd) will be our next live Digimon podcast at 7pm (Pacific time.)

This time we will be talking about Digimon Adventure: Episode 9, The Ultimate Digimon Attacks. We will also have all the recent news to talk about including the new Digivice Version Complete, the 3rd card booster set, the new GEM figure, and anything we find out about at DigiFes!

Plus your questions!

As usual, we're going to have title cards with images so live listeners can follow along easily.

After the news and any discussion topic we will be taking questions from the audience. If you can't make it but would like your question asked feel free to email it to podcast@withthewill.net or to my curiouscat (label it as for the podcast if you send it there.)

Join us live this Monday- Livestream Here!