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Jul 6, 2009
Hi everyone!

Welcome to my "what's happening" section. I mostly made this to post about a game I'm working on (more on that in a minute) but I'll also be posting about general events. I'm a server-side developer in the midlands who enjoys fixing things, so expect non-dev posts here to relate to cars, bikes and keeping stuff in my flat sort-of-running.

The main motivation for starting this thread is that as of last weekend I started working on a game that I've wanted to create for a while now; i'm recreating the card battle minigame from Digimon World 2003 (or Digimon World 3 if you're from across the pond). I had a lot of fun with the minigame growing up and often though it would be cool to be able to play it against my friends, similarly to how we would have memory card battles with our Digimon World 1 save files. In any case I've been looking to develop a game of some description for a while now since I'm getting rusty, and the mechanics from 2003 are fairly simple whilst also having a lot of potential.

The game is obviously in a very early stage of development, but I want to share my progress with you as it happens. Firstly since it lets me get feedback and ideas from other people who enjoyed the minigame and secondly because (at least for me) it's a good source of motivation. Currently I've been focusing on the boring stuff, the groundwork for the rest of the game, so there's not a lot of exciting stuff to see. This first post is therefore going to be more of an overview of what I've done so far, while later posts will be a bit more detailed in specifics. If you have any feedback or features you'd like to see please let me know!

  • Card database
    • All cards from DW3 present
    • Card ownership
    • Loading cards into prefabs
    • Modding support
  • Card animations
  • Folders
    • Currently only the starter folder, any edits have to be done manually
  • Battle UI
  • Gallery

Working On:

  • Battle System
  • Folder editing

Future plans:

  • Multiplayer
  • Better font
  • Booster Packs
  • Extended rules / card changes
    • Optional rule extensions on top of the base game to make some weaker cards more viable
  • GPL/MIT/Apache licensed source code release
    • I'm a big proponent of FOSS, but I'd like to wait until this is feature complete and my drunk coding is cleaned up


Card Gallery

Card Gallery showing only acquired cards

Folder list

Battle start​

Expect some videos soon to show off the animations and gameplay flow!


Portrait artwork & card graphics: metaldodomon
Card data: saberstar84