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Oct 6, 2006
I do have the American releases of the D-3 (ver. 1 and ver. 2, but my ver. 1 doesn't work anymore) and the D-Terminal. Any functionality with those for the original Japanese D-3?
If you mean the American D-Terminal, then only battles, and connect battles are not advisable on the original D-3 because they consume scarce DP.

Is there a d-ark that has monodramon in the roster?
According to https://wikimon.net/Monodramon , it appears in the D-Ark Ultimate and the D-Power 3.0. But File Island doesn't list it as a playable character in the D-Ark Ultimate (oh, I see it, it's just an enemy in Area 1). I have no idea about the D-Power 3.0 - Wikimon says it can evolve, which implies it's playable, unless enemies can evolve too?
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