Weekend Batch- Odaiba Memorial Social Art, Digimon Photos & Art from Naoki Akamine, Tenya Yabuno, DigiFes, AiM, Ayumi Miyazaki, Toei Museum, & More!


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for a weekend batch!


Digimon Web put up social art to celebrate Odaiba Memorial featuring Agumon, V-mon, & Loogamon looking up at clouds shaped like the original Digivice, D-3, a Vital Bracelet (hard to tell if it's specifically a Linker, but sure why not), and the 2020 Digivice. The attached message:
A few cottony clouds slowly drift across the clear blue summer sky☁️
Agumon, V-mon, & Loogamon appear happy as they look up.
The clouds there & the clouds over there look somewhat similar in shape🌈

August 1st - Digimon Day - Odaiba Memorial


The Toei Museum put up a few images for Odaiba Memorial, noting it's the day when the chosen children went to summer camp and the digital world. They said spend time with your favorite Digimon partner to celebrate the day. They also reminded people that was the last day to get the Agumon stamp for visiting the museum.

Also, an unrelated museum image showing the Agumon statue in the rain. They noted their blackboard stuff for that day was cancelled due to the storm. They ask that everyone take it easy.

A few additional DigiFes images from last week...


A set of great stage shots from Digimon Partners of Michihiko Ohta, AiM, and Ayumi Miyazaki from their musical sets.

Ayumi Miyazaki posted a few photos (2).

He mentions in them how it was a great day that was made together with Digimon fans, and he felt like he evolved thanks to everyone laughing, singing along, and yelling out. He also said how it was a treasure to him to be involved with this for so many years, having good partners during the time of making the music, etc.

There was also a photo in the dressing room with Michihiko Ohta after the afternoon performance, referring to him as the father of Digimon music.


Then we have a stack of photos of AiM!

Aoni Productions took a photo of AiM and Megumi Urawa (the voice of Armadimon, and the original voice of Iori). Both are in that agency.

AiM noted how she sung Our Digital World and Target with the cast. Ohta made a new arrangement of Stand by Me.

AiM was on the same floor as the female cast, so she was able to visit with them backstage. She had had dinner with Miwa Matsumoto (Patamon) the day before DigiFes. She actually shared a dressing with Rie Kugimiya, so like they did last last year they ate lunch together.

Then we swing back to Odaiba Memorial...

Both Ayumi Miyazaki & AiM also posted some stuff for August 1st!

Miyazaki commented how August 1st has passed and wondered how everyone's Digimon Day was.

He also linked to a Digimon medley he put on his new Youtube.

AiM posted promo images of a number of Digimon films she worked on. Her attached message:
August 1st.
The weather in Tokyo was somewhat wild. I hope those who got wet in the rain did not catch a cold.

The song I sang at DigiFes 0223 was from the movie, so I rewatched the 02 movie, and it was interesting to see how different I felt then. If you have a chance, please watch it. ☺️


Tenya Yabuno posted saying that chapter 5 and 6 of Dreamers was up with a few previews. He says they are stories about establishing the Pulsemon of Dreamers, so please read it and send him your impression and thoughts.


Naoki Akamine posted a few things, which is always fun!

First up, a fully colored version of their drawing Beginning Night, showing off the first Digimon movie!


They then posted the final versions of their various art pieces of Taichi, Yamato, Takeru, and Hikari. We're put them in the same formation they had put them in. They posted it with the text 'Light a fire in one's heart'

They posted a follow-up with a simple message for Digimon fans:
Thank you for all the likes and retweets!
I'm happy😭✨

And today is Digimon Day! !
I love you so much! !🙏✨

And to finish off new stuff...


With the Figure-rise Standard BlackWarGreymon kit out, we get a really nice preview of the cover art at the product page.

Really nice anime style art on this one.

Thanks to Mugenlazlo for the heads up.

Then we have catch-up from the week!

Our most recent live podcast went over the news from DigiFes, plus the Digimon movie news from Otakon!


Odaiba Memorial was earlier this week, which is always a big week with lots of Digimon fan art and stuff popping up.


Digimon Seekers had Chapter 2-7 go up!
Plus a new batch of fan-art on the official site.


Digimon Dreamers Chapter 6 The Inner Bulkmon went up!


A new DigiGift wallpaper from Digimon Partners featuring Silphymon from Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning.


MonMon Memo showed off the Super CSA D-3s!


From a promo image we got a good look at the upcoming Dukemon Amplified special coating model kit.


The Digimon Color rerelease, with colors voted on by fans, went up to pre-order.


We got results from the official poll Bandai did of 'Favorite Digimon Savers Lead Digimon Perfect Form', and the winner was RizeGreymon.

DigiFes and Otakon were a week ago, but we still got a massive wave of stuff this week!


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