was metamormon supposed to be mercuremons fusion evolution


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Feb 27, 2014
metamormon is a mega level digimon with the ability to scan and copy the form of other digimon with enhanced abilitys this reminded me of what mercuremon/mercurymon could do when inside sakkakumon /sephiromon how he made a dark copy of seraphimon to fight agunimon. this got me thinking that these 2 might be related metamormon has a similar color pallette to both mercurymon and sakkakumon in addition to the similar powers and he even premeired in a digimon frontier manga. i believe that he was intended as mercurymons fusion evolution but was dropped and reused as a seperate digimon. look at all 3 side by side and tell me what you think



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Jun 5, 2013
Coincidences happen. I doubt the design had much to do with Frontier at all.
The later Digimon appearing exclusively in the V-tamer Manga (which was what the debut Manga of Metamormon was; a V-Tamer crossover with Frontier not a Frontier manga) tend to have been exclusively designed by Tenya Yabuno without much input from the rest of Bandai, and Metamormon has all the stylistic signs of being a pure Yabuno design as opposed to a pre-existing design that got adapted.
There is also nothing really similar about the designs themselves besides the colors. And the colors are not that much of an argument since red and green is a common combination in Digimon designs and it's not even the same shades in this case.

The timeline also doesn't make much sense. The Frontier Generation special was printed in September of 2002, which means it was written before the main "arc" with Mercuremon even started. For them to have an already scrapped designed re-purposed at that point... I doubt it.
And with none of the other evil warriors having confirmed fusions why would Mercuremon in particular have a complete scrapped design for his laying around when nothing surfaced for anyone else...