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Sep 10, 2006
Southern New England
Yay, looks like WtW put up a log space, similar to some other v-pet boards I go to that have v-pet log sections. :)

Anyway, this will mostly be a Digimon and Tamagotchi v-pet log, but I'll chat a bit more about what I've been doing each day in general and not just v-pets, to keep things interesting. (Hey, this section is for general logs, right?)

V-Pet Stuffage
Digimon D-Spirit 2 - Alphamon Ouryuken
Not much going on with Alphamon, I plan on going into Quest Mode later and battling the Death-X Digimon (DeathX-DORUgamon, DeathX-DORUgremon, and DeathX-DORUghoramon are the only enemies you can face with an Alphamon Ouryuken) to toughen him up a bit before his big battle with my nephew's Dukemon Crimson Mode that he has on his D-Ark Ultimate.

Tamagotchi V5 - Yonepatchi, Nemutchi, Violetchi, Okugatatchi, Papamametchi
I unpaused my Tamagotchi V5 this morning, and will be training to get the family bond to 100%, so that Violetchi can be married off to a Sukatchi (No relation to Sukamon, Sukatchi isn't poop), and the next generation will be the Violet Family, one of the four pure families.

Watching Out for TV
I'm currently watching an old school WWE (In this time frame it was the WWF) card from Madison Square Garden, I believe September of 1986. I must say, the Piper's Pit with Orndorff and Heenan was VERY entertaining, and there was plenty of good wrestling to go with it. This is how wrestling should be done today, it's a shame that the WWE focuses more on storylines most of the time now.

Gaming The System
I've been playing plenty of SD Gundam G-Century for the PSOne, it's a Japan only game. It looks like a strategy game at first, but when you launch an attack on an enemy unit, it switches gears to a hybrid between a shoot-em-up and a fighting game. I'll take a summary of my next game and post it here, it's really an interesting twist on the basic turn based strategy game. If anyone wants to request a scenario to be played, go ahead, I don't have much to do right now. Keep in mind that the game only goes up to and including Gundam Wing as far as series go, and that you can combine up to four factions to one player, up to four players.