Want your own custom card like the card terminal staff?


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
then donate

since a few people have messaged me asking if they could have one made of themselves by the staff (same as the rest were), after discussing it with some people its been decided if people donate 10 dollars (american) total from here on out a custom card will be made of you and added to a staff of card terminal under 'donators'

if you donate 10, just gotta pm me and tell me what you want the name on the card to be

after the initial donation you can also get yourself variant cards, or cards made for other people (although id check with them first, cause ayneone who doesnt want a card of them well, itll be taken down) for every 15 after

they will be made just as the staff cards were by the same people, and just like the staff cards, we will look at you to decide what goes on it, minus the name which you choose

the donations will be used to fund the site, getting crazy crap for scans, and any other fun ideas we come up with in the future, like contests and other junk

if you dont donate, you dont loose out on anything, you will still get to see any donators cards, but you wont have one of your own, since people obviously want something if they are gonna pay up, but we dont wanna 'force' people to donate to get all the wtw stuff, it was decided this was the best way, it might get us donations, it might not, im not sure

staff cards are here if you wanna look- http://cards.wtw-x.net/staff/

other then your name the one thing you WILL be allowed to choose is if you absolutely dont want cursing on the card

donation buttons are up on the button row by the profile button, and another is at the VERY bottom of each page

i know some people will be heavily dissapointed donators 'get' something, but this is the fairest and best way we could figure to hopefully try and get donators

edit- and since ive already gotten a pm asking me, YES, you get the full page like any card terminal card also on the site