Voice Recording Challenge Contest Announced to Celebrate Adventure: Returning


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Sep 8, 2006

To celebrate Digimon returning, a challenge contest has been announced via the Adventure Sunday website. (They are doing one for One Piece also, but we will only be going over the Digimon side.)

It challenges fans (in Japan) to do their best trying to dub over scenes from Digimon Adventure:

They provide the original and no audio versions of 2 clips from Digimon Adventure: for people to use.

The first is from Adventure: episode 1 right after Taichi and Agumon meet and Algomon show up to attack.

The second is Sora being introduced in episode 3.

To enter:
1- Follow @digimon_tv on Twitter
2a- Post your video with the hashtag #アフレコデジモン on Twitter
2b- Post your video on Youtube with #アフレコデジモン in the description or video title

Either way enters you to win one of 4 prize packs. They will also share entries on the Adventure Sunday website.

The prize packs are:
3 people will get a Digivice: and all 3 of the starter decks for the Digimon Card Game
1 person will get the Digivice: and 3 starter decks, along with a Precious GEM MetalGreymon

And to give people an idea of how to get started, they've put up a sample video of two guests doing the Taichi/Agumon one...

The guests are Mayumi Tanaka as Taichi and Kazuya Nakai as Agumon

Both have many well known anime roles, but Mayumi Tanaka is probably best known as Kuririn in Dragon Ball and Luffy in One Piece. And Kazuya Nakai is probably best known as Roronoa Zoro in One Piece, but Digimon fans would know him as Gaomon in Savers.

The contest ends on August 30th (as it becomes the 31st.)

Nothing any of us can win, but the clip seeing 2 professionals doing their interpretations of Taichi and Agumon is a fun bonus.


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Completely digital
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Apr 27, 2017
This is really awesome! also it would be funny if those original VAs of original adventure cast go for it too (or VAs from tri)