Vital Bracelet Short- Next Chapter: Digivice V


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Mar 11, 2021
I guess that depends if we know the Champions of Jellymon and Angoramon
Bro, its very likely we are gonna know those in tomorrow episode opening.
Since adventure openings have adult forms on it. If we are lucky enough maybe even perfect lvl shilouettes.

Or like the first Appmon opening, juste Gammamon evo in the opening... Just wait and see for the answer tonight.
Idk appmon opening, but i know that in every first opening from the series i watched (adventure, 02, tamers, frontier and savers) they showed an evolution for every mon from the main group. In 02 it was armor first and then the opening changed to adult forms, and in frontier it spoiled not only human but beast forms for all the main 5 kids.
I watched like half of the XW hunters season but dont remember if the opening spoiled evolutions, but that is a special case since most of them were already known mons sooo not that much of a spoiler.
The thing here is that just for the opening we can know at least two new mons today, (adult stages of angoramon and jellymon) and maybe a villainmon cameo if we are lucky enough.
I confirm to you, the opening of Hunter revealed, before their appearance in the series, Astamon, Arrestadramon, Cho-Hakkaimon and Yashamon (in addition to Omega Shoutmon and Tuwarmon).

And I also hope for the Adult level (especially Jellymon) and with a 95% chance that we are the enemy of the series or the first big bad in the opening (either in silhouette in the background or real appearance. )