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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new MonMon Memo! MonMon Memo 60 is a quick introduction to aspects of the Vital Bracelet since it's now up to pre-order. Generally this is a collection of information that has shown up elsewhere put in one place.

The text below uses the machine translation from the official site due to lack of time. We will see about swapping it out when/if there is time for a proper translation.

I have cleaned up a small handful of terms that translated poorly, but not otherwise cleaned up grammar, etc.

Digimon fans !!!

Have you already checked out Vital Bracelet Digital Monster", which started reservations from December 18th today?


Link to the main Vital Bracelet Page-


Link to our page going over the version special-

What is "Vital Bracelet"? Many people are wondering!

Therefore, in this Monmon Memo, I would like to touch on the charm of Vital Bracelet

"Vital Bracelet" is the ultimate device that reads your steps and heart rate and converts your activity data into everyday play!

And, in this ultimate device, DIGITAL MONSTER has arrived!


Digimon will Digivolution to your activity data!

An integrated wearable LCD toy that synchronizes with Digimon Vital Bracelet Digital Monster"!

There are three new features that are essential to talking about Vital Bracelet




Make full use of the three functions to develop Digimon

For more information, check out the just-released introductory PV.

And in this Monmon Memo, I will also introduce the points of training!

Vital Bracelet does not have the conventional training functions such as meals, but its own activity data directly leads to the training of Digimon

In addition, the DIGITALMONSTER will be implemented as a mission.

The content of the mission is mainly various exercises such as running and squats, and this "DIGITALMONSTER" will train you yourself!

You can get trophies by completing missions!

further! It is possible to add Vital Bracelet by linking with the dedicated app currently under development.

The vital value generated from your activity data, the winning percentage of battles, and the number of trophies you can get when you clear a mission will affect the Digivolution Digimon

And the information that Digimon fans will be most interested in is ...

Isn't it information on the new Digimon


Level: Rookie

Type: Beastman type

Attribute: Vaccine

Special Moves: Electric Rush, Petit Impulse

A Digimon Digivolution under the influence of heart rate waveform data stored in hospitals and gyms. He has a lively personality that treats everyone without discrimination. The characteristic bangs are linked to the emotions of Pulsemon, and if you are not energetic, you will get sick.

He is a tricky fighter who takes advantage of his quickness and moves around to draw lightning bolts.

Its Special Moves are "Electric Rush", which hits the enemy with lightning speed, and "Petit Impulse", which emits electricity generated in the body from its bangs.

Digimon, such as Pulsemon, that are influenced by the vital data of others and improve or Digivolution their physical abilities have been discovered.

You may notice the charm of Pulsemon more by seeing PROJECT MOVIE, which introduces the world where Pulsemon is!

That's it for this Monmon Memo

If you want to know more about Vital Bracelet Vital Bracelet Official Website".

See you in the next update! See You!

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Apr 28, 2019
the number of trophies you can get when you clear a mission will affect the Digivolution Digimon
I wonder if some megas will be more hard than others to obtain as they want high trophy counts? I can easily see final forms locked behind trophies


Completely digital
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Nov 27, 2014
Hmm, little disappointed that they seem to be scrapping traditional raising mechanics like feeding, but I understand they probably want to streamline and focus on the fitness stuff.


I'm going digital
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Oct 26, 2017
Folder Continent
I like what I read! I like to work out however sometimes I need a bit of extra motivation to make time for it, due to my busy schedule. This can more than make up for the extra motivation I need! Overall I’m really grateful, ecstatic, and relieved that I was able to preorder a Virtual Brace ver Special (with the Black Roar DiM). Going to be reunited with my partner B.A. again in an all new adventure!

With that expressed I like what I see and read, however I do hope we will still be getting traditional Digimon Virtual Pets alongside the new VB/DiM too. Maybe even a Digivice 01 from V-Tamers, please Bandai?

Anyways thanks for the news and updates!