Videogame Review, Nintendo DS- Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


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Jul 6, 2010
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Console: DS / DS Lite
Price: $29.99 / £29.99
Type: RPG

After a long wait it finally arrived, the best damn game on the DS. Phantom Hourglass is everything I hoped for in a DS Zelda Game. Puzzles, slashing enemies, sailing around the vast 4 areas of Blue Ocean.

This is a continue of Wind Waker (you are with a Pirate Crew with the leader being a girl called Tetra) her bloodline is related to the past of being Princess Zelda. Tetra is looking for the ghost ship and Link / You are on board. They find the Ghost Ship, Tetra jumps onto it and is swiped away, Link goes after her but ends up in the sea and wakes up with a faerie close.

She is called Celia and your little friend during the game. She knows a guy who is to be your help during the game giving advice and a surprise at the end.

So with your little friend you have to find a way to save Tetra, you have to go to “The Temple of the Ocean King” where a power drains your Life Force if you don’t have the right protection so you have to hurry up like hell to get through! You meet a man called Lineback, he is trapped so you have to free him. He is an utter coward but you have to use his ship to get around so you end up lumbered with him!

You have to get the 3 Faeries (Courage, Power and Wisdom) *coughs Tri-Force references*,
having to deal with the temple and dungeons along the way. You find out more about Celia and her little surprise. On your 2nd visit to the Temple you are given an item called the Phantom Hourglass (w00t) the glass gives you time to get through the temple without it sucking your Life Force away! You can get up to 25mins of time in the glass (2 mins each time you defeat a main boss) and the rest by pulling up treasure chests.

In the Temple are Phantoms, these little darlings CANNOT be killed just yet so you have to keep OUT of their sight when going around. If they see you they will chase (or when you get the gold ones they teleport) you, if they catch you. You lose time in your Hourglass.

You get to blow up enemies and other ships on the seas with a cannon (if you figure how to get it) and pull up treasure from the bottom of the sea when you have Treasure Maps and the Salvage arm.

Since Lineback is letting you use his ship (since he wants the Ghost Ship Treasure) it’s a good idea to get ship items for him to customise his plain thing. The more of the same ship parts you get – the higher the ship stamina becomes (max of 7).

You get attacked by a crazy Pirate Woman called Joleen – she does not like Lineback (and we find out the reason why in the plot line) he’s such a prat!

Ultimately you are told you need the Phantom Sword to defeat Bellum (who nicked Tetra) so 3 more dungeons and other visits to the temple later you have to get the 3 precious metals to get a Smith to forge the sword.

Once this is done you end up having to go to that damn temple 1 more time, this time you CAN kill Phantoms with your new sword (slashing them at the back). You make it to Bellum’s chamber and have to defeat his various forms.

You end up having to find the Ghost Ship again, go there in your ship to find Bellum still alive. Blast the Ghost Ship like mad board the remains. Link is in trouble so Lineback actually HELPs….then something happens to him so you have a wickedly nasty final boss of Phantom Bellum.

Beat him for the final part of the story to kick in, with revelations, wishes and more.

Legend of Zelda Music is ALWAYS good and Phantom Hourglass is no exception. The sailing the sea music is a “seadog” version of the normal “overworld” theme aka the classic theme that you always relate to Zelda.

Link going “hya” is also cute

Not so good stuff:
This depends on your view but this is mine.
- No more hunting for quarters of heart containers, you get full ones now (still missing 3 because I can’t do the mini quest things in time lol)
- No nice hefty side quest, there is a mini one but it isn’t the same.
- If you get RSI then this game may not be for you as it kills the wrist using stylus alone.
- This doesn’t seem as long as the normal Zelda games

Good Stuff:
- You get to pound stuff with a hammer again ?
- The bosses aint as bad this time which for me is a good thing!

Overall it’s a good game and if you are any respectable Zelda Fan and you haven’t got it – BUY IT!

I give it a 8.5 out of 10.

-- <span style="font-variant: small-caps; font-size: 9pt;">Vande</span>

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Sep 10, 2006
San Jose, California, US
That sounds like a Pretty good Story line, and they kept all the parts that were good about wind waker.
And once again the title of the game is named after the one of the Key items of the game.
I'm always up for good bosses.
about the wrist thing that sucks, I'm already worrying about car poltunnel as it is.


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Nov 25, 2006
Yeah I don't like how everything is done with the stylus, to used to walking with the D pad, so I go to move and bring down the map, or open a menu tab.

But apart from that it's a great game, I've only been playing a little here and there, got it the day it came out, and I now have the grappling hook, and I'm loving it's many uses.


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Sep 9, 2006
England - Sheffield
hmm seems like something screwed up when it was posted for me, i'm just trying to find the last few ship pieces and gems now then i've fully completed it.