V-Tamer Volumes 1 & 2 Free Digitally (Not in English)


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Sep 8, 2006

For Kindle users in Japan right now is a boon to try out new mangas.

For an end of the year treat there piles of free manga volumes being given out.

Tenya Yabuno points out that includes volumes 1 and 2 of V-Tamer. V-Tamer volume 2 also includes C'mon Digimon, the first Digimon manga.

V-Tamer Volume 1 on Amazon Japan for Kindle
V-Tamer Volume 1 on Amazon Japan for Kindle

The deal seemingly began on the 23rd, which would explain why that was the original scheduled date for the update to V-Tamer volume 9 (Adding the V-Tamer/Adventure: crossover for free to all owners of it.) It ended up showing up a few days early. The Amazon listings even mention the update to 9.

Both Izawa and Yabuno made posts pleased with this and recommending trying the manga out if you haven't read it before.

The free manga listings vanish on January 8th.

But those of you outside of Japan can actually partake even without a VPN or any trickery...

Bookwalker is also taking part in the fun, and they've put up temporary listings for V-Tamer Volumes 1 and 2 for free, and (at least for the moment) the listings do not appear to be geolocked (same for the rest of V-Tamer.)

They aren't in English, but still a neat way to nab 2 volumes of the manga if you want it.

V-Tamer Volume 1 on Bookwalker
V-Tamer Volume 2 on Bookwalker

You can just login to the Japanese site with your Bookwalker account if you have one and check out with them easily for free.

V-Tamer was written by Hiroshi Izawa and drawn by Tenya Yabuno. Both also did the same on C'mon Digimon, and also returned for the V-Tamer/Adventure: crossover.

Tenya Yabuno also posted a 'slightly' tweaked version of his celebration art from a few days ago...

The version from the weekend is on the left, the new version is on the right.

The most obvious difference is the text change for the new free volumes, but the colors are also slightly brighter and more vivid, and the framing is slightly different.

Even among all the free manga being given out, V-Tamer is ranking pretty well, with volume 1 hitting number 70.



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