USA tri. Part 3 Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital Release- Review, Breakdown, Scans, Screencaps


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Sep 8, 2006
USA tri. Part 3 Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital Release- Review, Breakdown, Scans, Screencaps

It's time for Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 Confession after another short wait!

After a reasonable timeframe in between Parts 1 and 2 it's nice to see that continue along with Part 3.

No super early release this time like Part 2, but anyone who pre-ordered will get it before the holidays, which is a nice early present.

Very little scanning and editing on the scans in this one. Mostly just a bit of color balance on a few of them this time. The delay was based on all the fires around where I live causing chaos with me even getting a copy of the disc.

There may be spoilers for Part 3 given below, just a small warning.

First, a short jump into the story.

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 - Confession picks up shortly after the end of Part 2.

Part 3's structure is quite a bit different than Parts 1 and 2. Outside of a single extended battle scene at the end, the entire story is generally dialogue driven content based on the infection that has been around since the beginning of tri., along with giving us a lot of time giving us the ins and outs of how the kids and the Digimon are handling everything, up to and including the idea (more real in a few cases) of the partner Digimon themselves becoming infected.

Part 1 spent most of it's time reintroducing the characters in a literal sense, while Part 2 tended to do a similiar thing in a slightly calmer way. Part 3 overall feels much more focused in what it wants to tell.

Generally this sort of thing is to the benefit of the characters. While Part 3 is generally framed as being about Izzy and TK, which is true, the overall path of the story tends to jump around everyone quite a bit. This means that while certain specific beats focus on Izzy and TK, it can feel like they don't quite get the focus that Mimi and Joe got in Part 2.

This isn't as bothersome as you'd expect because the story still uses the both of them as the crux of what's happening, but in ways that are different than what we've seen before.

In the case of Izzy, this means working himself too hard while ignoring the things and people around him, something that goes back to early episodes of Adventure. In fact, rather than the moment of realizing ideals about himself like Mimi or Joe, Izzy instead gets a heartfelt speech from Tentomon pointing out all the good in him, giving him the realization in a different way.

TK's overall plot is more direct regarding Patamon being infected. It's thus far in tri. unique, in that there is no actual 'problem' for him to face and deal with. The problem is what has already happened, and what he expects the end result to be.

Through all this, as mentioned above, we get the thoughts of the other kids and Digimon, along with Meiko considering her place in what has happened with Meicoomon gone until the climax of the story.

The English dub of tri. Part 3 matches the general tone set with Part 2 of having a few more sweetened rewrites.

The writers in general have done a good job in both giving a reasonably accurate script, but with some added tweaks that will stand out to people who enjoy the old Digimon dub.

Much like Part 2, a good number of notable new jokes are given to Tentomon. Whether there is a specific reason for this (Jeff Nimoy adlibbing? Tentomon not having a mouth making it easier to write freely, Tentomon's general habit of popping into dialogue, etc.) or not, it's notable because Tentomon often pops up with some of the best one liners.

A few notable oddities are worth mentioning though... Hackmon in his short appearance is silent. His statements in Japanese were rather one way, and little is missed out, keeping the mysterious tone overall, but it still seems a bit strange. Silence is used in a handful of other places where it isn't used in the Japanese version, which tends to work, but comes across as odd when you consider Digimon dubs, tri. Part 3 included, tend to add more dialogue, not remove it.

A few dialogue mistakes are made, also continuing the trend that a minor level of QC seems to be missing. A few times D-3s are called 'Digi Devices' while in another scene a D-3 is correctly identified as a D-3. At one point Jesmon and Alphamon are referred to as appearing to be Ultimate level, which can't be any sort of running term change, since Mega is used elsewhere in tri. Part 3.

The cast returns for Part 3, which is expected. It'd be nice to get updated cast lists for new characters, since much like Part 2, it appears we will have to try and track that information down on our own.

The cast turns in as good a performance as they have for tri., with a number of actors needing to stretch a bit. Johnny Young Bosch as TK has a number of more dramatic scenes which could easily have fallen apart if the acting felt unnatural. Mona Marshall as Izzy also continues to be an ongoing delight.

A few of the in-training Digimon we hear in Part 3 don't sound right to me... I admit I didn't go and compare them in detail, but Tokomon especially will likely sound quite 'off' to many fans.

Jeff Nimoy is the only actor who really gets to show off any real dialogue with a new evolution this time around, in the case of HerculesKabuterimon. HerculesKabuterimon's voice comes off well as a sort of regal warrior. In the past, Nimoy has explained Kabuterimon as him doing a 'big' voice, and MegaKabuterimon as him stretching that voice as far as he could take it. With HerculesKabuterimon needing to be something different because of that, the more regal sounding voice works exceptionally well, especially with the few bits of dialogue HerculesKabuterimon having gaining some punch due to this.

The acting in tri. continues to be top notch, with the only issue being a handful of scripting oddities, something we also saw a bit with tri. Part 2 (but oddly minimal in part 1.)

A few small additional notes... (Most of these are the same as Parts 1 and 2.)
The opening credits have been swapped out from the original Japanese for equivalent credits in English. This was done to the original (pre-credit) footage and matches the style of the opening credits in the Japanese release.

In addition, the ending credits are shorter than the version on the Japanese disk. The actual ED footage in a window box is the same as on the Japanese version, but the credits have been shortened and a shorter version of the ED theme is used so that all 3 elements end at roughly the same time.

Also, no visual edits or tweaks have been made to the film itself that I noticed.

The logo used in film is the Japanese logo.

And perhaps the change most people were hoping for... there was no appearance of the new dub theme that I could notice.

Onto the product itself!

Any screencaps from the Blu-ray, DVD, or digital copies are lossless PNGs.

Most images in the article are smaller copies from our gallery (to keep loading sizes smaller for everyone), but link to the full sized versions when clicked.

Scanning was done as high quality as I could do, and compressed and shrunk to reasonable sizes, along with reasonable quality JPG compression. I've explained my workflow in my personal thread and will answer any questions involving it or the processes used.

First up will be the physical stuff.

The front cover (at the top of the article) uses the well known theatrical poster art for tri. Part 3. The logo is the English version of the tri. logo with blue backing so that the text is easier to read. They've also added a small 'slide' to the left of the bottom part of the logo in a reddish brown color with the title of Part 3, Confession. The top has a reddish brown colored bar listing Blu-ray and DVD. This being probably the best known part of artwork specific to Part 3, it makes sense to use. Early press versions of the artwork cut off Izzy's head, but that has been corrected here. Some of his hair is cropped out, but the overall framing feels good.

It's worth mentioning it isn't the same yellow used in the poster art in Japan, it's been shifted to a gradient that goes from a darker yellow to a brighter yellow..

The logo placement works well, but I still think something smaller in a corner would look better overall. Doing that would allow the art to be used much larger.

The back cover has a general plot description for Part 3. Nothing major to mention here, as the choices for overall layout works well and there are no oddities at a glance.

They also tell us the extra. We also get a few cropped screenshots, along with a full list of product specs and info at the bottom. Notably they are also no longer listing Japanese audio as an 'extra.'

Because I could scan it flat since the entire thing was an insert, we also have the spine of the insert. This uses the English 'straight' tri. logo version nicely, combining the reddish brown and yellow motif the packaging goes with in a way that looks quite clean. The colors used here are a bit more vivid than on the front, which lets the text stand out well in general.

The Blu-ray comes with a slipcover (in an o-card shape) that is made out a nice cardstock. The slipcover front, back, and side are all reasonably the same as the main insert. The main changes are the mention of the digital copy on the front and back. I assume once the digital copy is no longer offered, Shout will simply will stop including the slipcover, and they won't have to revise the packaging any further.

The front has a sticker on it mentioning tri. Part 3 being new, it having both audio tracks, along with a mention of the special feature.

The back has a square cut out of it so the UPC is visible through the slipcover.

There was no way for me to get the slipcover flat to get either of the spines, but they are both identical to the insert spine (I tried to get them anyways, same as before... and they came out all curvy and weird, same as before also.)

The Blu-ray case itself is a relatively standard Blu-ray case, which means that it isn't just colored blue, it's also see thru.

This time the other side of the insert is a shot from the end of tri. Part 3

Unfortunately, likely due to yellow being a brighter color, it's easier than ever before to see the other side thru the paper. This isn't a huge issue overall, since it's not very noticeable in person.

Although while editing the scans and writing this, I realized that some of the my insert has a bit of a crease/crackling to it... and it's slowly driving me mad... so I'm taking a break from writing for a minute to go fix it so it won't appear on the scan...

'goes to do work on patching the scan while Beat It comes on my music player'

And back and that's fixed and no one will ever know it was a problem. Except me. And everyone who reads this (although the people who skim the article might miss it.)

The physical Blu-ray and DVD continue the usage of yellow.

They look nice with just a screencap of Takeru and Patamon this time around. It was part of a rather sad scene from tri. Part 3, which makes it a bit of a depressing choice, but it works well with the circular framing needed for disc art. The coloring on the DVD appears slightly more vivid.

No physical extras, except the digital copy slip.

The code has been blanked out. It's a basic redemption information sheet, that gives you instructions that are very clear.

The back features an ad for Parts 1 and 2 for any potential buyers that may have missed it.

And that's it for the physical... onto the disc contents itself!

The video is encoded using AVC at an average bitrate of roughly 32 Mbps. Good bitrate for animated content. tri. Part 3 is encoded at 1080p and 24 frames per second. The bitrate is roughly the same as the US release of tri. Part 1, which equates to the largest bitrate for tri.

tri. on Blu-ray looks great, which has been consistent for nearly every tri. Blu-ray.

The video quality itself is roughly what we expected. Everything is digital animation, so it looks great. You occasionally get a background or some other detail that isn't aliased that well, but that's par for the course for animated content. One thing to note is dark scenes look quite good. On occasion you will see some very mild banding but it doesn't seem to be to much of an issue.

There are slightly off frames if you pick and choose, and the occasional stilted bit of animation, which is normal in animation when you pick and choose what to show, but the encode on the Blu-ray itself is relatively pristine.

The English audio is a 5.1 lossless DTS-HD Master Audio track. Good lossless 24-bit audio.
The Japanese audio is a 5.1 lossless DTS-HD Master Audio track, also 24-bit.

The audio quality overall is, to my memory, roughly equivalent to what the Japanese release had.

There are one or two scenes with English dialogue felt a bit low and muffled. This appears to have been a purposeful choice in a few lines of dialogue while the Digimon are in the server and not a quality issue.

The DVD included here should be the same as the standalone DVD release.

Video is encoded using MPEG-2 at an average bitrate of 8.5Mbps. This is quite a bit higher than we often see for anime content on a DVD, and is nearing the tip top of what a DVD can do (this is identical to tri. Part 1 and 2 in the US.) It's encoded at 480p and properly shows as '24fps film' content.

The odd issues the video had on the DVD for Part 2 appear to be completely gone here.

The audio is roughly equivalent also. The English track is a 5.1 Dolby track at 448k, while the Japanese is 5.1 Dolby at 448k. Relatively standard and expected, and about as good as you'd expect audio to be on a DVD.

It feels like the audio on the DVD is missing a bit of punch compared to the Blu-ray, but there isn't much surprise there. It's roughly the same as listening to an MP3 versus a FLAC or WAV. Some people will notice, others wont, and even the DVD is pretty good.

3 subtitle tracks are included on both Blu-ray and DVD:
Sign track for the English dub
Closed Captioning for the English dub
English subtitles for the Japanese audio

Oddly, the DVD has a fourth track, which appears to be identical to the English subtitles for the Japanese audio track.

Closed captioning is something that has tapered off in anime related releases a number of years ago, but has come up quite a bit in recent memory. It's nice to see it included, more so that it is a proper closed captioning track. If a character's mouth isn't visible, you see their name. If a phone vibrates offscreen, they caption that a phone has vibrated, etc. I don't use captioning tracks myself, but it's a good thing to have a proper track for those who need it (or want to watch it with friends/family who may need it.)

I neither had the time nor the inclination to go through the caption track line by line as I did for Part 2. There may be small issues here or there.

Oddly, when Butter-Fly is used as an insert song it appears to only be subtitled on the Japanese subtitle track, being ignored on the caption track and sign track.

The subs for the Japanese track seem generally good. I didn't compare them in depth with the CR subs.

There may be mistakes somewhere, but on casual viewing I didn't particularllry notice anything.

The subtitle and captioning fonts seem to have stabilized with Part 2 and continuing here in Part 3, so I see no need to detail them again.

The Blu-ray menu is rather nice and functionally identical to prior releases. It plays Boku ni Totte (no tri. dub theme should make people happy in general) while various Part 3 clips run. The clips all have various mock 'digital corruption/noise' filters on them to some degree to add a bit of flavor to them. The actual menu items are clean and easy to read, with a white blue highlight and arrow appearing on the item you are on. The menu was fighting me on getting captures, so I was only able to get the main menu. The various sub menus appear in small pop ups right above the main menu bar.

Due to having only one extra, they skip giving extras a submenu and just place it on the main menu, which I rather like. Less pressing buttons to get to content.

One other thing worth mentioning is some colors have changed. Rather than contuining the theme of blue for the main part of the menu, with highlights done with the secondary logo color from the volume, Part 3 has the main color on the menu, with blue as a secondary color. The Confession text bar has also been backed in black, rather than the reddish-brown used elsewhere.

The DVD menu does it's best to emulate the setup of the Blu-ray menu, and does it reasonably well. Each submenu has it's own menu page on the DVD using a very nice digital 'wave' motif (which is actually screencaps from the opening minutes of tri. Part 1.)

Menu elements on the DVD are once again a bit small, likely having been reused from the Blu-ray. This may also explain some of the color changes. Reds tend to not compress as well as other colors, and for compression (and added readability) they may have chosen to change that (both Parts 1 and 2 had colors with shades of red in them and had issues with readability on the menus, especially of the DVDs.)

Update- The issue described below for the single screencap has already been fixed and the screencap has been replaced.
One of the DVD menu caps is slightly lower quality than the others. The DVD began to play oddly in my normal screencapping software of choice. It worked fine in other players, so I believe this was a software glitch and not an issue with the disc. I plan to reinstall my video software, but with only one screencap left I simply moved on to a different player for the time being to screencap. When I'm able to fix the issue I'll redo that screenshot (if I remember.) I only mention it to explain the single lower quality screenshot.

Time for extras! Well... extra.

No clean OP or ED material, but we do get a single extra.

They recorded the panel that was held right after the tri. Part 3 dub premiere at Anime Expo 2017!

It's a relatively fun panel, moderated by Shout producer Brian Ward. Joshua Seth, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, and Jeff Nimoy all seem to have great fun on the panel, which is an amusing watch.

Clocking in at 35 minutes, it's a rather sizeable extra that fans will appreciate.

The panel appears to be complete, with a bleep or two where appropriate along with a bit of blurring when Jeff Nimoy decides to discuss his thoughts on Agumon in hilarious fashion towards the end of the panel.

When you buy the Blu-ray, you get a voucher code for a digital copy of Part 3. This is a DRM-Free downloading & streaming code that redeems via VHX. This is effectively the Cadillac of digital copies.

You receive a copy that you can stream on your devices using the various VHX apps, to say nothing of the DRM-Free download itself.

The download copy itself is made up of half a dozen different MP4 files of varying specifications, which you can choose and download at will. And because they are DRM-Free, you can make use of it the best way for you. It's worth mentioning most of the VHX streaming apps also allow you to download specific versions to your devices, but may not include the full range of resolutions that the web interface does.

Below are quick video and audio specifications for each DRM-Free downloadable files, along with a single screencap for each..

1080p is 2.2GB (2.7mbps AVC video with 256k AAC 2.0 audio)

720p is 1.1GB (1.2mbps AVC video with 256k AAC 2.0 audio)

540p is 761MB (760kbps AVC video with 256k AAC 2.0 audio)

360p is 343MB (328kb AVC video with 128k AAC 2.0 audio)


240p is 238MB (204kb AVC video with 112k AAC 2.0 audio) [full size image embedded]


144p is 153MB (105kb AVC video with 96k AAC 2.0 audio) [full size image embedded]

The digital copy itself is dub only, with a downloadable SRT for closed captioning.

The files are all rather standard, even if a few of the smaller ones seem a bit hilarious.

Although I do still think they need to add the sign/song track as a second SRT.

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 has received a very good release in the USA on Blu-ray. In general everything feels about in line with Parts 1 and 2. Which leaves me with not much to say.

Overall there are a few small bits to improve upon, but it's by and large a good release, and that applies to the DVD also.

Minus digging into the subtitle tracks and potentially finding an issue, the only real negative are a handful of scripting issues in the dub mentioned above.

While Shout hasn't yet formally announced dates for tri., they've moved from alluding to it to actively mentioning doing more in recent press releases.

The digital to own versions of Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 should be reasonably similar to the digital copy: dub only with closed captioning. Various storefronts are listing it as $10 for the SD only version and $13 for the HD. In addition, if you buy the HD from iTunes, the extra will be included (along with a full menu.)

Screencaps were taken largely at random while jumping around the various versions included with the Blu-ray (although if I knew a moment was coming up I wanted a cap of, I'd wait.) Owing to the unique way DVDs are encoded, the DVD screencaps have been stretched lengthwise to the proper aspect ratio, as they would appear while actual watching. The Blu-ray screencaps are all straight off the disc.

Various additional screen captures are in our gallery:

The scans can also be found in the gallery.

The scans are very small compared to the master scans I did (the work and backup folder structure for the scans and screencaps is a touch under 12 gigs.) I will try and make wallpapers if people are interested. If you want to see a specific screencap of something give me a rough timecode if you can.

If you have any questions about the release feel free to ask.

If you want to discuss Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 in more detail we have a thread here.
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 will be out shortly in the UK and in a few months in Australia.

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 is available to order and is now available: (Affiliate links.)
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 Confession Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 Confession DVD

Digimon Adventure tri. Parts 1 and 2 are also still available to order:
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 Reunion Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 Reunion DVD
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 Determination Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 Determination DVD

At the moment we are still waiting for a formal announcement of future Digimon Adventure tri. releases from Shout.

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 was reviewed using a retail copy, unlike Parts 1 and 2 which were screeners.

Our prior breakdowns/reviews of the US releases of Digimon Adventure tri. can be found here:
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 US Release- Review, Breakdown, Scans, Screencaps
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 US Release- Review, Breakdown, Scans, Screencaps

Lots of Digimon stuff is coming out soon and supporting us via our Patreon or donations would be greatly appreciated so that we can do more breakdowns and improve the site. Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat about the DVD.

More things to come!

Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.


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Apr 30, 2017
If you ordered from Shout, they shipped theirs pretty early; I've had mine for a few weeks now, but no time to watch it yet =P.