US Precious GEM Omegamon Pre-Orders at Crunchyroll Store!


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Sep 8, 2006
Product update!

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For those who don't like to import, the Crunchyroll Store has put up the Precious GEM Omegamon figure up to pre-order.

The figure is scheduled to ship in November from the Crunchyroll Store, roughly 2 months after it's released in Japan. They are listing it at $219.99, with a discount to $208.99 for Crunchyroll subscribers.
Previous GEM Omegamon at Crunchyroll

Despite the large size of the figure (largely 2 feet), the figure is eligible for Crunchyroll's free shipping.

The Crunchyroll store also ships to a number of other countries, so it may be worth a look based on what local distributors are doing for the figure in your country.

Additional details about the figure can be found in our previous article.