US Precious GEM Angemon Pre-Orders, Delay for ULForceV-dramon, & Taichi & Agumon on Schedule


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

After getting our first images and details of the Precious GEM Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary figure of Angemon, US pre-orders are open!

No 'general' Japanese release of the figure will be made available, as it was exclusive to Digimon Adventure Memorial Story Project funders, so buying from a shop in the country you live in is what you will need to do if you want to nab this one.

The Crunchyroll store has the figure up to pre-order for $320.
BigBadToyStore has it up to pre-order for $324.

It's scheduled for February 21st, 2021.

Crunchyroll says pre-orders close on June 26th.

Plus a bonus!

BigBadToyStore mentions that each figure comes with a postcard featuring the artwork that Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru drew that the figure was designed after. We assume this applies to 'all' orders and will simply be in the box, but are waiting to hear back from Crunchyroll on this.

Some more figure images... (grabbed the nicest versions we could off CR, they had some compression issues, and some issues with borders, left them as is to not lower the quality more.)

And then a few updates on 2 other GEM figures...

Megahouse has announced a delay for the Japanese release of Precious GEM ULForceV-dramon.

It was originally scheduled for late June 2020 and it has been moved to late August 2020.
Crunchyroll's page for the US release of the figure was originally listed as August and now it lists October, so it looks like a 2 month bump across the board for that figure.

And then, in (potentially) slightly better news...

The Japanese release of GEM Taichi and Agumon 20th Anniversary version was delayed in Japan from late April to late May. It was released a few weeks ago as planned.

Crunchyroll's page for the figure still shows June for the US release, which is when it was originally planned for, so hopefully that sticks and it ships shortly.

A nice stack of updates for GEM figures. Although not much time to get in a pre-order for the expensive Angemon if you want it.


Sparrow Hawk

I'd rather roll
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Feb 23, 2007
Interested in HolyAngemon's future GEM figure if this Angemon looked damn impressive.


I'm going digital
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Apr 30, 2017
Oof that price. It is a very nice figure though, I'd say one of their best ones.