US Card Game Unboxing & Digi-Showdown Money Matches from Bandai


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Sep 8, 2006
A few US card game updates..

A few days ago Bandai added a few new English card game related videos, although not quite what was expected.

In the first one, we get 50 English card game packs unboxed. The video notes say it's a supporter, but he seems to talk almost like he's staff, and at least in the first minute or so of the video there doesn't seem to be an introduction for who he is before the unboxing begins.

Then they introduce a new series called the 'Digi-Showdown'.

The first video introduces it as a 'champion competition' where two rookies play eachother in a few matches, and then the winner plays against a 'defender' that Bandai has chosen in a few matches. If the rookie challenge beats the defender, they win $3000.

The first match features Hoang Pham vs. Augthefool, with Different Fight and East as commentators.

Honestly, posting both of these now as 'normal player' type things feels a bit tone deaf when people are having such issues finding the game.

The Showdown stuff also seems to have more than a few production issues that need to be ironed out. Video quality, even from home users seemed iffy (recording side problems?), one of the players had his entire mat blurred (Inappropriate content? Unlicensed content? Didn't quite care enough to skim long enough to try and figure it out) when they probably should have been told to swap it before recording. A few other issues, but those are some of the more prominent ones. Adding social media details for the players on their nametags and not just the commentators would likely be a good idea.

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