Updates for Ghost Game Stage Event at Anime Japan 2022- Akira Ishida Attending & Will Be Streamed


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Sep 8, 2006

A few updates for the Ghost Game stage event happening at Anime Japan 2022.

Likely due to a change his schedule, Akira Ishida is now scheduled to attend, meaning the entire Ghost Game lead cast will be there.

In addition, they've confirmed the event will be streamed on Youtube. A limited number of tickets for viewing at the event will be given at the Toei booth at Anime Japan.

The Game Game stage event is at 5:30pm (Japan time) on March 27th, and will run for 35 minutes.

Anime Japan is a massive exhibition event in Tokyo. It's more akin to early E3 than what we'd think of as an anime convention (in fact, 2 days after the public event are all business seminars and such that aren't open to the general public.)

During the days open to the public many companies will be showing off anime merchandise, new and upcoming anime, and tons of related content.

The event this year is March 26th and 27th at Tokyo Big Sight. Tickets are available at the official site.


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