UnovaRPG Anyone?


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Jun 17, 2014
Remember those nostalgic days when people used to frequent sites like Pokemon Crater? Yes, that site has gotten a major revamp, but it's not nearly as good as the one I'm gonna tell you about. UnovaRPG, formerly Pokemon Indigo, is an online fangame, an MMO of sorts, that's easy on the data (no music or SFX). It has Pokemon from all regions - yes, you read that correctly - ALL regions, including Kalos, and an in-game multi-map system with map graphics similar to those in the Nintendo DS games. You get to choose a starter from ANY of the regions, and then it's basically the get-go. They have legendaries, shiny Pokemon, 'metallic Pokemon', 'dark Pokemon', and yes, they even have Mega Evolution now. I was wondering if anyone of you here has heard of it or plays it? It would be nice to connect as trainers on UnovaRPG. In case you wanna add me, I'm velo223. Just lemme know beforehand, k? So yeah, I wanna know what you think about the game :)