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Aug 11, 2009
As I've been going down Wikimon's List of Digimon and updating/correcting/filling in the attack descriptions, I've been noticing that there are some techniques only found in video games and that appear to be unique to a specific Digimon but aren't generally recognized as signature techniques. Some skills like this that have been added to databases like Wikimon and the DMA come from Digimon World 2, where some Digimon have their familiar signature attacks and others have new skills that tend to be buffs/debuffs or recovery. Goblimon's Living Shield would be an example. Since Wikimon already had a number of the DW2 attacks listed, I went ahead and added the four that were missing. Here's the quick list of those, after which I'll get to the real point of this post:

Diablomon - Multiply
Gururumon - Antidote
NiseDrimogemon - Implant
Seraphimon - Final Heal

Anyway, there are a few other games where this happens, and I was wanting to get people's opinion on whether or not such attacks should be added to Wikimon. The game I'm particularly wondering about is Digimon World 3, where every partner Digimon had a special signature attack, but also other attacks, some of which are shared with other Digimon and some of which are used by only one Digimon. Some enemies have unique skills as well, and some of these (mostly for boss Digimon like Bastemon and the Shinto gods) are already on Wikimon. Here are the ones that haven't been added:

Anomalocarimon (specifically the black version) - Titanic Wave
Beelzebumon - Bloody Skewer
BelialVamdemon - Bloody Cloud, Dark Field
BlackWarGreymon - Fire Field
Cannondramon - Devil Buster
Devimon - Armor Break, Evil Poison, Stun Shock
Digitamamon - Hypno Gas
Dukemon - Snapping Claw
GranKuwagamon - Confuse Stab
Grizmon - Nerve Gap
Hookmon - Wing Buster
Marsmon - Brain Kick, Crowd Organization, Vacuum Cannon
MetalGarurumon - Metal Field
MetalSeadramon - Capture Beam
Monzaemon - Lovely Charm
Omegamon - Hellfire
Rosemon - Anti-Magic, Erase Paralyze, Erase Poison, Water Field
Sakuyamon - Ice Field, Lightning Bolt
Seraphimon - Wind Field
SkullGreymon - Black Thorn
Stingmon - Panic Bites, Poison Bites
Taomon - Thunder Field
Vademon (specifically the red version) - Hold Beam
Vamdemon - Armor Off

Some of these attacks might make more sense for "canonization" than others. Lovely Charm, for example, is pretty clearly intended as a Monzaemon special attack, in my own opinion, while others like Dukemon's Snapping Claw and the various "Field" attacks are more bizarre.

Another game with attacks like this is Super Xros Wars. Many of these attacks I've been adding as I go along, but maybe other people might be more wary of them. The "Legacy" Digimon all have attacks that are basically just their normal attacks with a word added, probably just to differentiate them somehow from the attacks used by the 2010 versions of those Digimon. Those are probably among the most questionable ones. But anyway, here's the list. I've put asterisks by the attacks that are already on Wikimon.

Andromon - Medical System*
Angewomon - Heaven's Cure*
AtlurKabuterimon - High Mega Blaster*
BlackWarGreymon - Gaia Force Dark
Butenmon - Gyoukou Issen [Dawn Light Brandish]*
Cherubimon (Vice) - Dark Lightning*
DeadlyAxemon - Lightning Speed*
Demon - Algol's Flame*
Flymon - Sharp Talons
Gekomon - Beautiful Voice
Greymon L - Mega Flame Explosion
Holydramon - Shining Heal
Hyokomon - Hiken Piyopiyo Giri [Sword Secret: Chirping Slice]
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode - Heaven's Light
Jijimon - Mental Cure, Sun Heal Light
Koromon - Soft Tackle
Kuramon - Blood Eye
Kyukimon - Ryoute no Kama [Two-Handed Sickle]
Lilithmon L - Phantom Pain Legacy
Lunamon - Tear Bubble
MetalGreymon L - Giga Destroyer Legacy
Numemon - Nume Rain
Otamamon - Water Jet
Sakuyamon - Hikari no Mandala [Light Mandala]
Shoutmon + Jet Sparrow - Rocking Magnum
Starmon L - Meteor Squall Legacy
Starmon (Xros Wars) - Star Boomerang
UlforceV-dramon - Ulforce V Saber

Finally, there's the dub-only game All-Star Rumble (which I created a topic for here), and the Digimon Adventure PSP game. Attacks introduced in the latter I'm just planning to add to Wikimon. A Digimon only has one to seven animated attacks in that game, with only two enemy Digimon having more than three attacks. This argues in favor of the attacks' inclusion for me, although MetalSeadramon has an attack called Bite, and it doesn't get much more generic than that. Some "new" attacks in the game, like Keramon's Dark Crusher, were generic in Sunburst/Moonlight but have now perhaps "ascended" to signature attacks. All-Star Rumble also gave us a few animated versions of generic attacks for Digimon like Aegisdramon and Shoutmon.

So, thoughts? A lot of it boils down to by what measure something should be considered a generic or special attack. Are there any of these attacks that you think should or shouldn't be noted as special attacks, and why? Any other comments or questions are also welcome in the thread. I guess for my part I'm all for adding new attacks, if not necessarily all of these. In early materials, like the card game, we had common attacks like Sharp Claws and Body Blow, and those are on the wikis.

Jay Ukyou

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May 14, 2007
Nagoya, Japan
Personally, I think leaning towards "more inclusive" is always better. Someone reading the wiki can decide for themselves if a listed attack seems 'too generic' to be a Digimon's special attack, particularly if where it appeared is noted. But if the attack isn't listed at all, then it's much more likely that the information-seeker won't even know it exists in the first place to come to their own conclusion.