tri. Stage Play Airing on TV on August 2nd


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Sep 8, 2006
Been awhile since we've heard anything of the stage play...

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The Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play will air on Japanese channel WOWOW Live on August 2nd at 5:45pm (Japan time.)

The airing will run for a little under 3 hours, because in addition to the stage play, they'll be airing the various extras that were included when WOWOW Live aired the stage play in January. These include highlights, footage from rehearsals (likely footage from the DVD extras), along with an interview/talk with a few special guests: Gaku Matsumoto (Taichi), Shohei Hashimoto (Yamato), Hideyuki Yoshihara (Agumon's puppeteer), and Makoto Otani (Gabumon's puppeteer)

A nice surprise to get right after Odaiba Memorial for anyone who has the opportunity to watch it.

We did a full breakdown of the stage play DVD.

The Digimon Adventure tri. stage play is still available to order (Affiliate link.)
Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play DVD

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Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
Huh? Do they normally do this with stage plays? I know various Toku series have them but I think it's just DVDs if anything.