tri. Sora and Piyomon Glasses Delayed


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Sep 8, 2006
A delay for one item that was expected soon...


The Digimon Adventure tri. glasses are still scheduled for release on August 1st, except for one pair.

Megane Ichiba found that some of the Glasses of Love frames weren't coming out to the level of quality they expect of their products, specifically that some parts of the frames weren't coming out strong enough.

They've decided it isn't acceptable to sell these and replace them after the fact, so they will not have any of the Glasses of Love available on August 1st.

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The other glasses will still be sold on August 1st, and orders will be taken for the Glasses of Love for those who go to stores, but delivery won't happen until early September so they can redo them and make sure it's up to their standards.

Prior details for the tri. glasses line can be found here and here.

Thanks to garm for translations.