tri. Part 4: Loss Dub and Theater Discussion


I'm a Maniac
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Oct 24, 2013
I saw it last night and two things happened.
1. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie this time around compared to watching the sub. Not because of dub vs sub, but I guess this time around I'm just more accepting of where the plot was going (maybe I should rewatch TLJ).
2. I got to be in a Digimon environment. What I mean is that I haven't seen so many digimon fans in one place for Digimon since going to watch Digimon: The Movie way back in 2000. And well there were only about 10 of us, but hey I was excited.

Another thing that added to it was that I was watching it with one of my friends who I was in middle school with when the first season of Digimon originally aired back in the day. Not only that but I've been letting him borrow the first three movies in which he's had a positive reaction to it. So in general it was just fun.

Anyway. There was the scene where Kari laughed at TK concerning Meiko. And TK says something along the lines of "The one I love best is. . ." And my friend was like "Matt!" just to troll ya know? Someone else in teh audience said the same thing. Then all of a sudden TK is like "Big brother." And the crowd was dying. My friend couldn't believe it. It was just a funny moment.

I expected a similar reaction for when Gennai licked Sora. I was actually baffled at the lack of reaction from anyone about that. Like "This is normal." I mean wha?

Of course I love all Tai and Kari interactions. I still miss Kari's original voice actor. Like. . .really really miss her.

Hackmon had EVERYONE laughing. That voice, I wouldn't want to see that thing in an dark alleyway.

Unfortunately no one really had reactions to the evolution scenes. Except for one. Gatomon's scene. Not sure why.

There wasn't anything post credit. Afterwards I used the bathroom and when I came out of it my friend was talking to one of the other people who watched it. And apparently they both rated it a 5/10 but they still enjoyed it immensely. And that was kind of my reaction to the whole thing to. Still, it was a nice experience AND I hope to see the others in theater as well.

As a matter of fact I've made it a point not to look at any Part 6 trailers. I may just forego the entirety of the sub and just watch the dub in theaters. As kind of my 'farewell' to my childhood series ya know? I'm really looking forward to it!


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Feb 25, 2016
Skopje, Macedonia
I haven't seen the dub cause I don't live in the states but can anyone confirm if Melodee Spevack and Dave Mallow voiced their ultimate and mega forms idk why but I think I read somewhere that they didn't come back... maybe it's just me... and who voiced Elecmon, Hackmon & Bakumon ?
They did not. Not sure who played Hackmon and Tapirmon, but Elecmon has Michael Sorich reprising.
well that freaking sucks


Seized the time
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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
I don't remember whether it was part 3/4, as I saw back to back but you know what I found weird? Diaboromon randomly talking shit and saying he's gonna kill everyone. I'm guessing that was supposed to be King Drasil lol but they shouldnt have just reused Diaboromon's voice

and someone mentioned before that they replaced Birdramon, and they did it was weird. Sounded they havd Biyomon do it. should've just reused the voices they had before from part 1/2

The main thing I hate is them spamming "level up"

overall, the dub just "feels" better than the sub so far. I Guess because I was so used to it, but Tentomon and all his jokes are good times