Toei Channel Airing Digimon Adventure for 20th Anniversary


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
Those in Japan get a treat.

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Digimon Adventure is going to air in Japan on the Toei Channel once again for the 20th anniversary of the series.

The Toei Channel is currently airing Digimon Adventure 02. While Adventure begins after 02 ends, it won't be airing in the same timeslot.

It starts with a special preview 'off schedule' airing of episode 1 on Sunday, July 7th (the best day) at 4:00pm (all times for Japan.)

After that, the normal schedule begins on Wednesday, July 31st with episodes 1 and 2.

Each Wednesday, at 7pm, 2 episodes of Adventure will air in a row.

The schedule for the Toei Channel only currently goes up to the initial episode 2, but the program page mentions they plan to air all 54.

Based on prior history with Adventure, the movies, and 02, it wouldn't be surprising if multiple repeats of each episode also airs, stretching out a few weeks past the initial airing.

A nice little 20th anniversary surprise for those in Japan.

Thanks to our friends at Digimon World Espana for the heads up.