The With the Will Podcast, Episode 6- A Day of Fools and Rangers


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Sep 8, 2006
Since it's April Fools' Day, we decided to do something different!

Victor and Marc discuss various things for the topic, none of which are Digimon (mostly Power Rangers.) We also have a short appearance by a special guest.

We still do the news though, and there was some exciting stuff this week, including new music and a few different Omegamon bits.

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This episode was recorded on March 30, 2017.

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We appreciate you guys listening and your feedback. Let us know what you think about the newest episode.

Our normal intro and outtro song is 'Version Up', sung by Umi Tenjin in character as Koushiro from Digimon Adventure.

For this episode we used Agumon SUNba as the intro, sung by Chika Sakamoto in character as Agumon from Digimon Adventure tri.

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Feb 21, 2009
Billericay, England
Personally, I love the aesthetic direction of the movie. The Ranger suits are similar enough to the original designs while being more believable in terms of a big budget film. Yeah, the dinosaur designs aren't as obvious as the original helmets except for the T-Rex, but they're definitely there if you look for them. An interesting reversal of the TV designs having detailed helmets and simpler suits, but the movie versions having more subtle helmets and much more detailed suits.

The only thing designwise I didn't really care for at first was the Megazord. When the toy version of the Tyrannosaurus Zord was revealed, I thought it looked really cool as a T-Rex themed assault vehicle. An earlier design that got leaked had it as more of a transforming gunship with a vaguely dinosaur shaped head, and seeing how the final design evolved from that was interesting. But then the Interactive Megazord toy got leaked and my knee-jerk reaction was basically "What the fuck is THAT?!" Nevermind barely resembling the original (though there are some subtle nods that I like), it was impossible to make out how the Zords were going to combine into this thing. Ultimately it grew on me after seeing how it looked in the trailer. And while I think it looks good on screen, it's pretty evident that they never figured out how the combination was going to work and ended up cheating and obscuring it in smoke. I knew they were going to cheat simply based on the designs being made for film first as opposed to toys first, but not to that extent. I thought they were at least going to show the Zords "morphing" into the Megazord or something, but it's all kept very vague and hidden. A little disappointing, but not enough to make or break the movie for me.

Regarding "that" part of the film involving the minivan:
I thought this issue was addressed on-screen. The van crashes into a train, and while it's obviously not shown how they got home, the kids do talk about how they don't remember getting home or why they've woken up safe and sound the very next morning. Someone on another board pointed out that we see brief flashes of the different Ranger colours following the crash. I assumed that they teleported, though it is weird that we never get a proper explanation to answer the Rangers' own confusion. Though I guess by that point they're already being given an infodump by a giant head in a wall :p

Overall there were some issues with the film, and maybe the key one being the actual Power Rangering being limited to the final act of the film. But the buildup to that didn't feel too dragged out, and I was willing to accept this based on it being a big budget first episode. The Zord action was awesome, but after three years of this movie being hyped up it was weird to see so little of the Ranger suits in action. Maybe from this side of things it would have benefited from a longer runtime or a bigger budget. But I walked out feeling satisfied with what we got. I think it did a great job of developing the characters and making you feel attached to them. I could buy this as a standalone film but I'm definitely hoping for sequels.
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