The Obscure Secrets of Digimon World Digital Card Battle


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Jun 3, 2017
I was searching data for this game, which was never released outside of Japan,and found some very interesting secrets which are very difficult to find, about secret enemies,ways to get rare cards,etc.
Here it is:
-With a Memory Card containing Digimon World data,you automatically get rare cards of MetalGreymon (orange) and Veedramon. Plus, you get bonus 2000 Bit.
-Secret encounters:

Before heading to Card Leader Brachimon for the first time,go to Overdell to meet Card Leader Vamdemon.
You can also meet Vademon when you go to the Mt. Miharashi top area

If you go to Ancient Dino Region after receiving a request to search for TonosamaGekomon who has escaped from Geko Swamp, and before going to Tropical Jungle, you can meet Digitamamon.

Fight and win against Ogremon and Angemon, and win Beetle Land tournament.
If you meet the conditions and talk to Ogremon, Angemon, and Naniwa Tentomon again, there is a low probability that he will suddenly appear.

Meet Meramon in the Drill Tunnel and go to the Tropica Jungle before going to see Unimon on Mt. Miharasi.

A gang of Mamemon,MetalMamemon and Giromon. After clearing main story, you can meet them if you go to Mt. Miharasi.Beat them 5 times to earn Veedramon card.

After returning of TonosamaGekomon,you can enter password,and his pot will spit cards.They are as follows:
Mugendramon- MGNDRA
Gigadramon- GIGADR
MetalEtemon- MTRETE
Jijimon- JI2MON
MasterTyrannomon- SHISYO
Panjyamon- PANJYA
Brachimon- BURAKI
Phoenixmon- HOUOUUM
Heracle Kabuterimon H-KABU
Veedramon- V-DORA
MetalGreymon (Orange)- MTRGRY

-Some extra advices

-After clearing story, save 100,000 bits of money and go to the blue card shop (Kamakura Village) to get another Downloader card(Download Digivolve) (first one you get at the end of game).
-When you beat Rosemon in card battle,you win Rosemon Lure card.
-The way to make easy money is to keep winning battles against Mugendramon at Card Shop and earn 2500 bits each.
By the way, Rosemon gets you 3000bit, but Mugendramon is better because with Rosemon it takes time to win.
-It may be good to earn at the casino.
-Solve all tasks of MetalGreymon(blue) at Factorial Town to earn MetalGreymon(orange) card

My source is:
I hope I got all of this right, and somebody finds this helpful
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Ain't got no mojo...
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Jul 27, 2018
great , i 'll try password


its surely work šŸ‘

already tested