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Jun 17, 2012
so after downloading the set Vande linked a little bit ago I decided it'd be a good idea to put an upload of it on a more modern hosting site(as I couldn't get the Mediafire link to work, had someone else download it and send it to me instead), before I did that I decided to organize the sprites by Level(admittedly with some guessing on the part of the Xros Wars sprites, and for various reasons the Armor Digimon are in the same folder as Perfect Digimon) as well as put the Environment sprites in their own folder, at first I was just going to leave it at that, but then I realized there were quite a few Digimon who only had decent Sprites from the Wonderswan games so I ended up adding those in as well(as well as making a Sprite for Tuskmon after finding out that one for him literally didn't exist on the Internet as far as I could tell), as well as a couple Sprites from the DS Story games that were missing from Vande's collection(several of the Erasers, as well as the regular colored version of Greymon XW), so basically this is probably the most comprehensive Sprite archive for Digimon on the internet right now;

Sprite Collection V4