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Sep 10, 2016
Japan always gets exclusive Digimon media we never get to see here in the west.

There was the Ryo games that never made it here, the CD dramas that were never dubbed, and of course for Tri there's the live play that was only done in Japan. They did sell it on DVD, but no subtitles or really any effort to sell it to us in the west. There's a lot of neat stuff in these mediums, and I thought we could talk about Tri's. And thanks to the internet, this stuff and where to buy em is more accessible.

I bought it, but had to find a subtitle file to be able to follow what's going on. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the play being mainly about the humans. Plus it was neat seeing Etemon back, and his story about how he ended up in the Dark Ocean. And we got to see him in his other Ultimate form, which I didn't know existed before the live play. Turns out KingEtemon has been a thing for years. Haha - I also felt like the actors fit their parts well, especially Taichi and Koushiro.

Anyone else buy and watch the live play? If not I highly recommend it. It's a unique and fun experience, imo.