The Hiatus Leadup Week 3- City Hunter


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Sep 8, 2006
Street Fighter was a good short choice as a movie, going with something a bit longer this time...

City Hunter!

Violence and fanservice as you'd likely expect.

The show can be watched on the following officially:
Subbed on Crunchyroll

We'll do the first chunk of series, up to episode 13.

Also, general disclosure that I worked on this one quite a bit and the streaming version includes my work. The first half of the first series is on Blu-ray with more coming soon: (affiliate link)
City Hunter Season 1, Part 1 Blu-ray

City Hunter sort of feels like it captures 80s anime perfectly. Lots of action, quite a bit of humor, with fanservice mixed in, jumbling itself up into a show that's simply easy to watch and rewatch.

The manga and anime have proved popular enough that, even with extended breaks, it feels like it is something that always returns. After a 20 year break the anime returned last year with a movie that feels like it successfully modernized everything, while not changing anything really (disclosure that I worked on that also.)

The story of Ryo Saeba, the City Hunter, taking jobs as a 'sweeper' to protect beautiful woman while chasing after the one thing he wants more than anything else... mokkori. And also avoiding giant hammers.

The franchise has proved so popular (and fits 'just close enough' to reality) that it's had multiple live action adaptions from a number of different countries (France being added to the list last year), with the best known of those probably being the 1993 film starring Jackie Chan.

The show has a number of Digimon connections, but not really ones that are major to both City Hunter and Digimon (although lots of actors and crew did cross between them.) As for the one that had a big role in the original series 'and' Digimon...
Hideyuki Tanaka plays Makimura, Ryo's partner, and the older brother of Kaori in City Hunter. For Digimon he was Omegamon in X-Evolution, along with the voice of Apollomon in Xros Wars.

I've embedded the ending theme below as a preview. For most anime the OP becomes well known, but for City Hunter, the ending theme, Get Wild, has effectively taken on a nonstop life of it's own, being covered endlessly and taken as one of the great anime themes of all time. City Hunter integrated the ED into the very end of the episode, so each episode has the ED begin in a slightly unique way, and this is just one of them:

Feel free to post as you wish in this thread. You can post as you are watching, episode by episode, when you finish. Whatever you want. Try and give it a couple days for later spoilers so people have time to try and view stuff without spoilers, while still interacting in the thread (especially if you decide to keep watching past the episode listed as the last one for the leadup.) If you watch one episode and it isn't for you, pop in to explain why. Have fun with it!

A new show/movie will go up each Sunday night (or early on Monday), but feel free to keep talking about older shows in their threads, or even watching past the listed episode.

If you want to chat in the Discord you can.

Hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to make any suggestions or ask an questions regarding the threads or the shows also.

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Aug 11, 2009
For various reasons I was late getting this one done, but I finished episode 13 last night. While this series won't be one of my favorites, I did like it pretty well. Its biggest drawback for me is Ryo's personality. Living in 2020, it's rather surreal and unsettling to be watching a show where the designated hero molests every woman he meets. I greatly prefered him in his more stoic moments. Still, the action, humor, and drama were serviceable, if not outstanding. I'll be finishing the series eventually, though I'm not sure I'll wind up liking it well enough to watch all of its sequels.

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Sep 10, 2006
A freind of mine is watching this on Twitter. He likes it enough. Also this character is in that Jump fighting game not many seem to like for reasons. I can't remember the name.