The (almost) Daily Quote- October 8th, 2007


I'm going digital
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Jul 6, 2010
I've seen a video of him giving this speech, it's an utterly brilliant speech, and this part is damn great.

'part of a speech given to graduating Harvard Students'

You're wondering to yourselves: what can I expect from the outside world? Will I find my niche? What should I know about the vast territory that lies beyond the confines of my little subcultural textbooks, Ramen noodles, coin-operated laundry and TV shows that seem to think they can skate by with random jokes about giant chickens that have absolutely nothing to do with the overall narrative? The boys at South Park are absolutely correct: Those cutaways and flashbacks have nothing to do with the story! They're just there to be ... funny. And that is a shallow indulgence that South Park is quite above, and for that I salute them.
-Seth Macfarlane

-- <span style="font-variant: small-caps; font-size: 9pt;">godofchaos</span>

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