Tamer Card Sora & Wings of Love Preview for Booster Set 15


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Card Game Twitter has updated with card previews from Booster Set 15 Exceed Apocalypse. This time it's Sora & Wings of Love.

The new tamer card of Sora features new anime style art of her from the original Digimon Adventure, and is the first card for Sora as she appeared in the original anime. Option Card Wings of Love we already saw via V-Jump, and features an anime screenshot of Garudamon and Sora.

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Booster Set 15 Exceed Apocalypse is out September 29th, 2023.

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We have early details for Booster Set 15 Exceed Apocalypse.

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Feb 1, 2023
New memory setter Sora is nice in tandem with the new egg as expected. Even without knowing about the new Phoenixmon, the BT11 Phoenixmon and the new sora/yokomon would let you play 3 possibly big bodies on deletion. So far the new Sora/Biyomon stuff looks like it won't do well into something like the new Patamon stuff but it could defeat something like the D-Brigade without too much trouble.


I'd rather roll
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Apr 28, 2019
Sora Takenochi
[Start of Your Turn] If you have 3 or fewer memory, set it to 3.
[All Turns] When a red Digimon card is returned from your trash to your hand, by returning this Tamer to your hand, you may play 1 red Digimon card with [Avian], [Bird], [Beast], [Sovereign] or [Animal] (other than [Sea Animal]) in one of its traits and 13000 DP or less from your hand without paying its memory cost. For each of your opponent's security cards, subtract 2000 from the DP of the card you can play by this effect.

Twin Wings of Love
[Main] You may play 1 red Tamer card with a play cost of 4 or less from your hand without paying its memory cost. Then, if you have a Tamer with [Sora Takenochi] in its name, return 1 red Digimon card from your trash to your hand.
[Security] You may play 1 [Biyomon] from your hand or trash without paying its memory cost. Then, add this card to your hand.