Tamashii Nations Corporate Changes Due to Bandai Restucturing


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Sep 8, 2006
Nothing huge for us on the consumer said, but worth mentioning to avoid potential confusion later...

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Bandai-Namco has been restructuring and reorienting certain ways the company is formatted (making sure departments and categories are setup the best way for success, inter-company communication and development, etc.)

Most of these are rather routine and in the long run we don't expect to notice much change in regards to Digimon.

The one change we might notice is a bit of division naming changes. The most prominent for us at the moment has to do with Tamashii Nations.

The Figures division of Bandai is now the Collectors Division (under their Toy and Hobby business unit.) Tamashii Nations, the Bandai company that makes Digivolving Spirits, Figuarts, etc. will now be under the purview of 'Bandai Spirits', one of the companies in the new Collectors Division.

The primary change to us in the short term, is simply the Bandai Spirits name being added to social media and some other places. Tamashii Nations is still the company making Digivolving Spirits, etc.

Bandai did announce this restructuring a few months back, them changing things over on April 1st is when they always planned to do it, even if doing it that date could cause some degree of confusion. (They seem aware of this and have noted on their social media that it is not a joke.)

If all of the corporate detailing is confusing, in short... Bandai's figure division has a new name, and they've made a new company to manage some of their subsidiaries like Tamashii Nations.

The main reason for posting this (didn't really plan to as it doesn't really affect us overall), I saw at least one or two tweets wondering if Tamashii was closing because they posted a few 'history of the company' type things as they changed the Twitter account name.

Thanks to shin for translations.


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Sep 18, 2013
Well that's interesting. Now we'll have Bandai Spirits Digivolving Spirits. Maybe a few years from now we can have Bandai Spirits Spirit Evolving Spirits.