Taichi & Agumon's Secret Exhibition Announced for the Suginami Animation Museum Beginning in July


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Sep 8, 2006

A new Digimon Adventure: event has been announced!

Digimon Adventure: Taichi & Agumon's Secret Exhibition will be held at the Suginami Animation Museum at Tokyo Polytechnic University Nakano. They already have a page up for the exhibition here.

The exhibition will be on the cinema floor of the museum, while the standard permanent anime history elements will continue to run as normal on the other floor.

The exhibition will run July 17th through November 14th.
10am to 6pm (admittion until 5:30pm) on all days except Monday, when the Museum is closed (the day after Monday if Monday is a holiday.)
November 14th it will close at 4pm

Admission is free.

The exhibition will feature a number of Digimon Adventure: related exhibits and things to do, including...

Various artwork of the kids and Digimon will be on display.
Background art will also be on display. They recommend comparing it to how it looked in the actual scenes of the show. (Hopefully there will be monitors to show.)
Posters and Digivices from various Digimon works will be on display.

Screening Room
The museum theater will be showing the first 2 episodes of Digimon Adventure:

Participation Exhibitions
Photo Spots- A statue of Agumon welcomes visitors to the venue. There will be also be a 'large' photo spot featuring Omegamon that will be exclusive to the museum.
Quiz- A 'quiz rally' will be held. Answer 3 quizzes and get a gift.

The museum annually holds a 'video trace workshop' and Adventure: will be participating during their exhibition. Experience time-lapse animation production by tracing video samples used in the production of the show.

Various Digimon related goods will be on sale from 10:30am to 5pm every day.

They note events might be subject to change, and the theater schedule for Adventure: screenings isn't set yet. They recommend checking the museum site or Twitter before visiting.

Neat little museum event for the show. Hopefully we get some photos of the exhibits.


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