Taichi & Agumon at Kashima Eco Living Fair & Kashima Antlers Soccer Match


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Sep 8, 2006

It was marked on the May 2021 Digimon Calendar, but we weren't 100% sure what it was until now...

The Kashima Eco Living Fair will be taking place on May 30th, before a match of the professional Kashima Antlers soccer team.

Much of the Fair is a combination of various events, exclusive goods, etc. but there will be a couple of Digimon related things happening during it.


First up, will be commemorative photo sessions for groups with Taichi and Agumon at nearby Freon Park. Tickets will be given out at 3pm for free at a booth for 40 groups of up to 4 people each total. There will be 2 sessions at 4pm and 5pm.


Then right before the Antlers match starts, Taichi and Agumon will be showing up at 6:50pm on the pitch for a 'first pitch' ball event/ceremony. This event will be in the match venue and require tickets to the match.

It isn't specified 'how' Taichi and Agumon will appear at these events. Via screen, or perhaps the Agumon mascot costume with a Taichi mascot costume or cosplay, etc.

While it appears this is all the details, hopefully we get some images of the event to see the integration of the brand. Last time Agumon was a guest at a soccer event, they made a giant jersey for the Agumon mascot to wear, so we will see what happens this time...


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