Super Digica Taisen Illustrators


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Jul 15, 2007
Hi, I'm trying to compile a list of illustrators who have worked on Digimon TCG before (my current list is here, though it's still not cleaned up/complete:
However, iirc the official website never stated the illustrator for the Super Digica Taisen cards so the only way to tell the illustrator of each card is to look at the back of the card, and I don't own a lot of the cards so I can't check for those (and I'd rather get confirmation than try to guess).

So I just wanted to ask if anybody here owns Super Digica Taisen cards, and if they could write down the illustrator of each card they owned? If you're able to take a picture/scan them too that'd be great, since Wikimon is missing a number of profiles for the SDT cards, though that's also if you're okay with your images being used there.

In any case I just wanted to make some sort of list to make it easier for people to track down Digimon illustrators, so any help I could get would be great.
Thank you! :)