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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new MonMon Memo! MonMon Memo 104 goes over various details for the Digimon Tamers Super Complete Selection Animation D-Ark Ultimate to celebrate pre-orders being open.

The translation is the provided one from Digimon Web, with very minor touch-ups at best otherwise.

Hello everyone!
I'm N in charge of SCSA planning and development.

"Super Complete Selction Animation D-Ark ver. Takato Matsuda ULTIMATE" is available for pre-order today!
Ladies and gentlemen, have you already checked the reservation page?
There is also a promotional video this time, so you can listen to newly recorded voices as soon as possible, so please take a look.


This SCSA D-Ark looks different from D-Ark Ultimate version that was released at the time of broadcasting.
Not only is the size larger, but the digital characters engraved around the liquid are different.
In the conventional D-Ark Ultimate version
"Purify the darkness with holy light"
It was stamped D-Aark
"Digimon Tamers"
And it is the same stamp as the program.


As D-Ark Ultimate version, it will be the first commercialization since the time of the broadcast, and the one with the anime-style engraving of the digital characters will be commercialized for the first time, so please come and get it!

And finally, this time, Dukemon: Crimson Mode can be evolved.
When evolving into Dukemon, "DUKEMON: CRIMSON MODE" will appear on the menu screen.
By selecting that item, you can evolve to Dukemon: Crimson Mode.
Evolution of Dukemon: Crimson Mode pays tribute to the scene where Dukemon is attacked by the Mother D-Reaper and Grani appears while falling.

Evolving into Dukemon: Crimson Mode, you can hear the newly recorded voice of Dukemon: Crimson Mode, which was not included in the previously released "SCSA D-Ark ver. Takato Matsuda".
In addition, this product can also evolve into Megidramon.
However, if it evolves, the screen will crack and D-Ark will shatter and disappear...
It doesn't go that far, but the music that was playing when it evolved into Megidramon, called "Sorrowful Scream", plays in the BGM, and the scene MegaloGrowmon's chest flashes and the scene where he is burned by flames changes his appearance. It is a tribute to the production, and the production where the screen cracks at the end is also firmly reproduced.


The cracked D-Ark becomes inoperable, and only Takato's voice will be activated no matter what operation is performed.
Takato's voice
“Did I become like this because I wanted to?”
"That's... Guilmon... the Digimon I thought of..."
"I thought I could defeat him, I should erase him, so Guilmon..."
Thirteen sounds of Takato's lines facing Megidramon will sound, and when all of them are played back, the cracks will disappear and you can return to normal play.
Please look forward to it because it is a different play About Digimon in evolution phase.

In addition, we have added two new songs, the ending theme "My Tomorrow" and " Days -Affection and Everyday Life".
Character voices are new recordings of Takato and Guilmon, which were not used in SCSA D-Ark ver. Takato Matsuda. (Of course, some voices are only included in the previous version.)
In addition, the number of voices of Culumon is greatly reduced, and the voices of Ruki, Renamon, Jenrya, and Terriermon are also recorded.


In addition, the voices of Impmon (including Beelzebuumon and Beelzebumon: Blast Mode) and Grani, who are important characters in the work, are newly recorded, and I also recorded the voices of Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Kikuchi during the voice recording. When I listened to it, that famous scene revived and I felt hot.
Everyone, please look forward to it!

As you may know, Digimon commentary function has been greatly improved from the 12 character commentary, and you can listen to the commentary of a total of 25 characters.
I think it would be nice to hear commentary from other Tamer such as Guardromon and Lopmon!

Finally, on March 18th, the "NARIKIRI WORLD STORE Tokyo" will open inside the "Bandai Namco Cross Store Tokyo" on the 3rd floor of the Ikebukuro Sunshine City World Import Mart Building.


This store also has a sample display of SCSA D-Ark ver. Takato Matsuda ULTIMATE.


The recorded Digimon evolution scene, commentary scene, and Digimon search are played on the liquid crystal part of the sample.
Evolution scenes include Dukemon: Crimson Mode and Megidramon evolution scenes recorded for the first time this time.
Megidramon is a tribute to the scene where MegaloGrowmon's chest flashes, Takato gets angry from the state of Digital Hazard, and the old D-Ark.
This NARIKIRI WORLD STORE is the only place where you can see it the fastest, so if you're in the area, please stop by.

This is the end of this Monmon Memo,
In the next update, I would like to continue to tell you about the appeal of SCSA D-Ark ver. Takato Matsuda ULTIMATE.
Look forward to it!

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