Song of Nefertimon


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Jul 9, 2013

Long ago, the Digital World was at peace after the betrayal of Lucemon. However, Cherubimon had become corrupted, and tried to rule the Digital World. Lucemon awakened and then he and his resurgent forces laid waste to the Digital World once again. The Chosen Children morphed into legendary warrior Digimon and stopped the carnage by bringing their own brand of carnage. Innumerable Digitama grew in the abandoned nurseries of beginnings, and other Digimon were lost forever.

At the end of the heroes’ journey, the Fractal Code that made up the many dead began to flow again. Some of this data seemed to home in on the precious DigiTama that served as the mass graves of an entire civilization brought to its knees. This is where our tale begins.

Chapter 1:

It was a cold spring afternoon as a long strand of Digicode floated through the garden of glimmering eggs. It soon began to focus on a gold and white egg at the top of a verdant shrub. The DigiTama flowed brightly before it suddenly became very heavy. As the egg was full of Fractal Code, its weight became undesirable and extreme, making it fall and sink to the ground. The DigiTama seemed to vanish in the garden, as Swanmon, the Keeper, failed to notice. Ranamon, searching for a certain egg, did notice the falling DigiTama, but didn’t comment on it.

Somewhere in the real world, a strange DigiTama landed in the middle of a library. The patrons all stared at the strange egg, as a bookkeeper took interest. He grabbed the DigiTama and held it expectantly in his hands, as the vulnerable egg began to shake and shiver. The egg exploded into light and a long pillar of Fractal Code, as the bookkeeper was blown away and fell to the floor. A pair of gray eyes found themselves in an unfamiliar yet beautiful environment. She would be right at home.

A stunned crowd surrounded a strange occurrence even for the Digital World. An Adult Digimon had somehow come out of the DigiTama to begin with. Magnificent white wings flapped before the crowd, as a Digimon stood. A Digimon known as Nefertimon. She was dazed from her rebirth, and stood onto her hind legs, as the Book keeper remained astonished at the sight of her majesty. Nefertimon then said “Is this, home?”

Part one of what I would call the Tamaverse.