Some Details for the Battle Spirits Digimon Last Evolution Card Booster Set


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Sep 8, 2006
With just 3 months until release hopefully info will keep coming fast...

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Just a few days after it was announced, we have a few details of the upcoming Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna themed Battle Spirits booster set.

A handful of these details we knew before...

CB-11 Collaboration Booster Digimon Last Evolution will be released on Saturday, February 29th, 2020, roughly a week after the release of Last Evolution Kizuna in Japanese theaters...

The lineup of the new booster set will include powerful new cards, along with reprint cards.

They mention how you can use the cards to create your own decks, such as 'Taichi and Yamato' or 'Daisuke and Ken' themed.

The distribution of cards for the Last Evolution booster will be 70+8, which includes:
Common- 30 cards
Rare- 24 cards
Master Rare- 8 cards
X Rare- 6 cards
XX Rare- 2 cards
Campaign- 8 cards

With 78 cards, this will be the largest Battle Spirits Digimon set yet. And of course, there may be further cards if they do any promo releases.

Vending machine boosters will include 4 cards for 200 yen, while standard booster packs will include 6 cards for 300 yen.

Vending machine boosters don't have an official date, just 'late February'.

More details to come!

Last Evoluution is the 4th full original Digimon Battle Spirits booster set. Prior Digimon card sets for the Battle Spirits card game have been:

Collaboration Booster 2, Digimon Super Evolution, which was based on Digimon Adventure (along with a few tri. promotional cards.)

Collaboration Booster 3, Digimon Super Evolution V1.5, which was a reprint set of the prior booster, including new artwork on a few cards, the tri. promo cards from the previous release being included 'in set', and a Zubamon bonus card.

Starter Deck 45, Digimon Chosen Children, which was based on Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure tri.

Collaboration Booster 5, Our Digimon Adventure, which was based on Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Adventure tri.

Collaboration Booster 7, Digimon Kimero! Card Slash!, which was based on Digimon Tamers