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Sep 8, 2006
A few different smaller things to go over for the weekend!


First up, another hiatus week for Adventure: means another social art post from Digimon Web. The art features Kyubimon and Karatenmon sitting down to watch Gegege no Kitaro and a quick translation of the accompanying message:
Everyone, good morning☀

Digimon Adventure: is currently on a break.
At 9am is a rebroadcast of Gegege no Kitaro Episode 7, Ghost Train.
Today Kyubimon & Karatenmon are watching.
Do you feel sympathy for the yokai?🤔

We also get some art from Volcano Ota!


It's Ota continuing his Digimon battling Coronavirus series. And as you can see he posted it twice. The 2 messages with the images explain it (the first goes with the left, the second with the right.) Both are quicky translations:
The other day, after a long time, on Bandai Channel was Digimon Adventure 02 Hurricane Touchdown.
I wanted to draw it after seeing Fladramon 🔥

Don't be on the recieving end of COVID-19, to not get it, control yourself! Let's fight together✊

Good morning
Eh, I posted a picture of Fladramon last night. When I woke up in the morning and saw it again, I realized I had forgotten to draw the tail, and due to various feelings I made a number of corrections💧

"Well then, aren't there other things to fix?"
Some people may think that, and I fixed it for the time being and uploaded it again (^_^;)

Let's fight together💦

It's especially interesting to see how he tweaked various bits outside of adding the tail.


Then we have a tweet from Tenya Yabuno. No new art with this one, but he does reveal he remotely spoke to Digimon Adventure: series composer and screenwriter Atsuhiro Tomioka, and that the conversation will be published on Digimon Web and V-Jump Web soon. They had a long conversation about Digimon & Taichi and he asks you to check it out when it's out.

(The art above is the early look at the V-Tamer special crossover with Adventure: that we got last week.)

And last up we get a return of something we haven't seen in a bit!


More large Digimon art from Bandai on Twitter. This time we get a relatively sizeable batch.

No translations of the profiles, since they're all shortened versions of profiles we already have (and anytime we put these up, some of them we may have already had large art for.)


Included this time are Arresterdramon (art up above), Lighdramon, Lampmon, BlackSaintGalgomon, Compassmon, SlashAngemon, Airdramon, Rapidmon (Perfect), and Dondokomon to finish out the week!

Some fun social media art (with a few messages thrown in), and hopefully the larger Digimon art continues.


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