Social Media Art & Images, Plus Fun Digica Episode 5- Starter Deck Battle


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Sep 8, 2006
A few different things to go over!

We have simulcast details from earlier today for Adventure:


Our discussion thread for episode 1 of Digimon Adventure: is here.

The show airs at 9am in Japan, with a simulcast on Crunchyroll 2.5 hours later at 7:30pm Pacific. If you need to convert that use this link. Based on language and area, the simulcast may go up later for you.

Crunchyroll does not currently have a page up for Digimon Adventure: at the time of this posting.

While I think we've hit the point where a full guide to streaming isn't necessary anymore, I will put up something small tomorrow to help as we get close to air time.

And then we have some social media art and images...


Some of the partner Digimon watching the show, posted by the official Digimon Web Twitter along with a message:
Digimon Adventure: starts on Fuji TV on April 5th! In other words, less than 24 hours! I can't stop being excited! Hope to see it with everyone! At 8pm tonight [Japan time] look forward to a DigiNavi!

Shortly after they posted a follow up message:
Digimon Adventure: is at 9am on April 5th. I forgot to write down something important like the time [before].

And Volcano Ota even jumped in with a fun Adventure: image!


Along with that really great image of Agumon, he posted a message:
Digimon Adventure:
One day left before the broadcast begins!
For the children now, and also the children of that time, I want you to see it! (^_^)

Yuko Sanpei, Taichi in Adventure: also posted a fun image!


An image of her with Chika Sakamoto along with the Agumon and Gabumon mascots!

Cure_jyukujyo shared an image of the change to a common Bandai display...


The exhibition window display at the Bandai Head Office has been switched over to a Digimon Adventure: and card game display!

Digimon Web also posted another image, of something quite old...


From a warehouse transfer the other day, we found the script to the 1st episode of Digimon Adventure. Began airing 3/7/1999 & tomorrow on 4/5/2020 is the start of new work Digimon Adventure: After 21 years, for the 1st time in 7700 days, 5th grader Taichi & Agumon begin the adventure!

Director Kakudou pointed out this is likely a nice bound one made for posterity back then, as recording scripts at the time wouldn't have a nice color cover like this.

The Digimon Adventure: Twitter has tweeted the last of 3 shikishis they are giving away to celebrate Adventure: beginning.

This time it's Greymon. (Which they once again uploaded a great high resolution photo of!)

Follow the Digimon Adventure: Twitter and RT this tweet:

Winners will be DMed and it looks like they'll be adding your name to the shikishi before it ships.

Deadline is 4/17.

Previously they showed Agumon.
And Gabumon.

Update- One more bit of art. Kenji Watanabe posted some new Adventure: artwork right after this went up!


The message he posted was about the show beginning tomorrow at 9am (in Japan) and that he is looking forward to it.

And last up for Card Game fans...

Episode 5 of Fun Digica is up!

This time the hosts do a battle using the red and blue starter decks!

A few screenshots...


Next time they will do another starter deck battle using red and yellow.

Previous Episodes of Fun Digica:


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Apr 2, 2020
Freakin' LOVING all The recent social media art.

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Sep 10, 2006
It's nice to see so much attention. But a new season gets that. Can't wait for it to start.