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Sep 8, 2006

A few different fun things to look over before the weekend begins!

First up, Tenya Yabuno, the artist for V-Tamer and designer for a number of Digimon characters (including Taichi) did a 'rough' drawing of Taichi and Agumon from Digimon Adventure: along with a message:
[A scribble] Starting Sunday, Digimon Adventure: begins broadcasting! So for that, a scribble of Agumon and the new costume version of Taichi.

It looks very interesting so let's look forward to it!

Volcano Ota also did a drawing, this one to mark the 4th anniversary of the passing of Wada Kouji...


It features KoujiAngemon, who he has drawn before to mark the passing of Kouji (Angemon was his favorite Digimon.) Ota also posted a message with it:
Today... KoujiAngemon ♪

It's singing voice is something that will always brighten the world!
Mr. Wada,
A new Digimon is about to begin (^_^)

*KoujiAngemon is a personally made Digimon, not an official character.

Ota also announced that he makes a vocal appearance in episode 1 of Digimon Adventure:!

The Digimon Adventure: Twitter has tweeted the 2nd of 3 shikishis they are giving away to celebrate Adventure: beginning.

This time it's Gabumon. (Which they once again uploaded a great high resolution photo of!)

Follow the Digimon Adventure: Twitter and RT this tweet:

Winners will be DMed and it looks like they'll be adding your name to the shikishi before it ships.

Deadline is 4/17.

Last time they showed Agumon.

1 more to see...

And then we have some promotional stuff for the new show...


Ryoko Shiraishi, the voice of Sora in Digimon Adventure: tweeted out images of the flier that has been given out for Adventure, featuring the poster art on the front, and character and story info on the back.

She mentions the flier is quite thick (referring to better paper stock.)

She also posted a short video...

It has a holo effect to it that looks rather nice.

Plus the Bandai Digimon Web website has added a small update to the 'fun content' page.



Rankings for the top 5 news articles and the top 5 picture book entries being looked at. At the moment they aren't saying how they calculate it (at the end of every day? live going back a certain period of time? do things get cleared out after a period of time?), but it appears that with the April Fools joke being gone, it isn't eligible to be included.

And while not new...


If you missed the Digimon and Medabots April Fools joke, you should check it out, they did some really fun art and profile details.

And last up, with the new show starting this weekend...

In a bit over a day we are getting a new DigiNavi. This one will focus on Adventure:, which begins the day after DigiNavi, and the new card game, which is officially out later this month (although at this point we have almost a dozen promo cards out.)

We've also opened up the episode discussion section for Adventure:. At the time of this posting no subtitled simulcast has been announced, but we will make sure to let you know if/when it is.


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Completely digital
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Apr 27, 2017
Koujiangemon!!! So Wada Kouji did go the digital world and became a digimon! That is amazing drawing :)


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Feb 1, 2017
KoujiAngemon, what a lovely sentiment. :)


I'm a Maniac
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Aug 21, 2015
Aww koujiangemon! That's so sweet! What a nice tribute to the man.