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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
In Sunburst & Moonlight, Kokuwamon Jogresses with Tentomon into Kuwagamon.
In Lost Evolution, Kokuwamon evolves normally into Kuwagamon.
And if it counts, the entire Kokuwamon X > Kuwagamon X > Okuwamon X > GrandisKuwagamon line is available in the Digimon X ver.2 V-Pet.

But yes, still not that often. Kuwagamon > Okuwamon was originally an alternative line for Tentomon in the Pendulum V-Pet, and shared HerculesKabuterimon with the Kabuterimon line as an Ultimate. Kokuwamon was later introduced as the primary Data-attribute Metal Empires Child-level, while also serving as a Child-level Kuwagamon. Likewise, GranKuwagamon was later introduced as DinoBeemon's Ultimate-level, while also serving as an Ultimate-level Kuwagamon. However, GranKuwagamon has really taken off as a mainstay for the Kuwagamon line, while Kokuwamon not so much (probably due to being primarily Metal Empire).
oh, thank you! I didn't know about those instances, but admittedly I based that off of only seeing four sources and thinking that meant "four instances" so it was bad research on my end. I think if Kuwagamon is going to take Grand Kuwagamon consistently, Stingmon should get Grandis Kuwagamon more often, although keeping a slide evolution between Grand Kuwagamon and Grandis Kuwagamon as a callback to Imperialdramon is also very nice.
I'm really liking Kokuwamon more and more by the day after getting it as a randomly generated partner in a program the user Humulos made and linked on their Twitter (it's also preventing me from rerolling, devious thing). Seeing them in the card game this early and having art this amazing for them is awesome but I wasn't planning on using green personally so that was a bit of a curveball. I personally like the shortening of "kuwaga" to "kuwa" for Kokuwamon and Okuwamon, it keeps a family name while also giving them a nice individuality from eachother as well
nah wikimon only had four cards listed. I added the missing ones after seeing these post, so those games are there now. A lot of Wikimon pages are outdated, so its always useful to have a quick look to see what games theyre in and see if those games are listed on the source list. It wasn't your fault.