Social Media Art, a Vintage Adventure 02 Clock, & Tokomon X Figure Update


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Sep 8, 2006
A few things to go over...

First up, some artwork from the Digimon Web Twitter earlier today. In the artwork Agumon is taking a nap, and the message explains why:
Good morning everyone! ☀
Are you awake? ⏰
9am on Sunday is Digimon Adventure:... but it's off for now.😭
Agumon is also taking a break.💤
At 9am is Gegege no Kitaro E01 "The Day Yokai Awoke."
Enjoy it.
See you~👁
Some much needed relaxation for Agumon it seems.

Digimon Web also posted more during the week...

A really nice image of the creation of Omegamon. The message attached to it: (rough translation)
It's sad that the broadcast has been paused.😢
But it's time to overcome!✊
One by one the thoughts & feelings of that motivation create Omegamon!📤
1 person can do something & help Omegamon defeat the growing number of enemies
The art really looks good on this one.

The last bit of social media art is thanks to Volcano Ota!

He drew the image continuing his line of Digimon fighting coronavirus, but the Digimon chosen has an extra meaning this time, as he explains in his message: (rough translation)
Digimon Adventure:
Thank you very much to everyone who watched or recorded episode 3!
The director in episode 1, captain in episode 2, in episode 3...
I was Brachimon!
I wondered how 'long' the series will continue?
I thought, Brachimon was a dragon shaped 'long' neck Digimon, so it did.
Brachio Bubble in the illustration looks similar to SARS-Cov-2.💧

And not quite art, but a photo from Digimon Web...

This one also included a message that needs some context.

Earlier in the week Premium Bandai began to sell pre-orders for Agumon & V-mon shoulder bags. When Digimon Web posted, they referred to 'Agumon & Gabumon' instead of 'Agumon & V-mon', they issued a correction reasonably quickly and apologized.

A bit later the image of the clock was put up along with this message: (thanks to shin for some help on this one)
As an apology for getting V-Mon wrong here's a Digimon Adventure 02 Character Clock found in the warehouse.
Digimon Adventure 02 Character Clock
It's a clock that has has 12 lines spoken by Daisuke each hour.
"It's 1 o'clock! Alright, V-mon! It's the V-Mon Head!"
Why is 1 o'clock "V-Mon Head"?
It's a product unique to the time.

And last up, a bit of a figure update...

Tokomon X! In figure form! Since the Ultimate Image figure of Omegamon X went up for pre-order we knew it would come with a small Tokomon X figure, but I believe this image Bandai America posted earlier today is the first time we've seen what looks to be a full color prototype of the figure.

Pre-orders from Premium Bandai Japan have closed and ship in June.

Premium Bandai US pre-orders are still open and include the Tokomon X figure (and like wave 2 of Japanese pre-orders, does not include the As'Maria shikishi.) Pre-orders close May 31st and it ships in July.

The social media art all looked great this time... and we got to see a clock. Plus seeing an almost done Tokomon X was nice for those who have Omegamon X pre-ordered.



Ain't got no mojo...
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Jan 14, 2020
I really want this clock!I've never seen this before,didn't even know it existed!

Unknown Neo

You got in
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Sep 10, 2006
Why one the attack. Anyway, the art is always a nice touch. It does kind of help out at times. Might put a smile on your face.


Completely digital
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Jul 8, 2018
Tokomon X has already been revealed back in August, when the pre-orders for the Omegamon X figure first opened. It was just an uncolored preview render back then though.


I'm going digital
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Apr 30, 2017
I may or may not have ordered the Omegamon X figure solely for that Tokomon X and I am pumped.