Social & Large Digimon Art, TCG Survey, Washing Hands Promo, and Digivolving Spirits Figures on Sale


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Sep 8, 2006
Stack of things to go over for the weekend!

Terriermon Joshu shows up again via some art from Digimon Web! If the art and the accompanying text are to be taken 'seriously', it appears he is one of the researchers on Folder Continent in the 'story' background for the Digimon Pendulum Z:
Terriermon Joshu came to investigate Folder Continent🔎
He was investigating the land where many Nature Spirits Digimon lived.
A big big Scorpionmon appeared!😱
Terriermon Joshu, will you be able to catch Scorpion?!🦂

Then larger profile art...

We already got the larger art for Sunarizamon and Gogmamon and showed them off right after the Z was announced, but Baboongamon showed up a hair later.

The reference book update for these 3 was done right after the Z was announced, but here they are again if you missed:

More details, including how to pre-order, the Digimon Pendulum Z can be found here.

Then something for the card game...

The Global English version of the Card Game website has their own version of a player's survey as the Japanese version has done for the first Booster Set.

It's hosted on Google Docs. The survey has some translation issues and is setup improperly in a few places in regards to filling things out... but filling it out isn't necessarily a bad idea.

For filling it out you get a printable playamat. The playmat looks to be identical to the one given out via the equivalent Japanese survey, so we've just embedded the same images we did last time.

Thanks to Muur for the heads up about the survey.

Then a small Adventure: related promo...

Just a little (duo?) of washing hands promos featuring the coloring artwork of Taichi and Agumon & Sora and Piyomon with some minor animation and voice acting.

Nothing fancy, but a nice little promo.

Last up, HLJ is running their summer sale, and a few Digivolving Spirits figures are included. (HLJ Links aren't affiliate links, but they help the site.)

WarGreymon is available for $48.05
Diablomon is available for $43.37
AtlurKabuterimon is available for $49.68

And while not Digivolving Spirits, there is one other Digimon item in the sale that they still have stock of, so if you are an Appmon fan it might be time to nab...

They still have 2 (at the time of this posting) Seven Code Padds left that they are selling for $3.14 during the sale.

A smaller than normal, but still fun, collection of small bits for the weekend.



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Apr 28, 2019
Seattle, Washington
Assistant Terriermon catching Scorpiomon is how I feel farming scorpions on animal crossing to sell for their large bell price while trying not to get stung.

I had already filled the survey yesterday. Anything to do my part in showing the English interest in the product!

I own the Digivolving Spirits Tentomon and it is my favorite figure I own as both its Tentomon and Altur Kabuterimon forms are near perfect adaptations to how they look in art and media and they have virtually nonexistent kibble (kibble meaning the parts of the other form you can still see when fully transformed). It also can support itself in both forms without a stand although mine seems more sturdy than some others I saw in reviews and it has great articulation in both forms offering great posing, my only gripe being that the head in the Altur Kabuterimon form has almost no articulation. It is, in my opinion, a perfect tranforming toy of preexisting characters not designed to transform directly into eachother and 100% the best Digivolving toy ever made.

That Appmon Seven Code Pad product looks very Redakai with how the case is designed. $3.14 is an amazing price, though
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I come from the net
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Aug 13, 2016
Terriermon's Adventures are always entertaining to follow. (^_^)

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
If anything, Terriermon is fun to see. Like I said, these are always fun.


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Apr 30, 2017
I always feel a small twinge of hope whenever I see Digivolving Spirits, and these hopes are dashed just as quickly...

But WarGreymon and Diaboromon are two of the best ones of the line, so if you don't have them already, jump on it.