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Sep 8, 2006
Stuff for the weekend!


After Digimon Adventure: episode 50 aired, Digimon Web put up social art of Goddramon and Holydramon. The attached message:
Thanks for watching episode 50 The End, The Ultimate Holy Battle!
The 2 Holy Digimon have finally evolved to Ultimate!
They are Goddramon & Holydramon.

Next time, episode 51 The Mystery Hidden in the Crests.

A Digimon that appeared in the LCD toys about 14 years ago makes it's 1st anime appearance⁉️ Look forward to it

Update- And we get new art by Kenji Watanabe! Posted a bit later than nomra.


The art shows off a specific WarGreymon moment from later in the episode, using black and white, with the only color being used for the beam, giving it all a neat effect. The attached message:
There was a lot going on today. The action was good. WarGrey is cool.

We also got to hear from Volcano Ota! Last week he revealed he would be in episode 50... Not an exact
I roared as Millenniumon!
I might be imagining it, but he feels Zeed's image had more of a Kenji [Watanabe] flavor(^^)
Aside from WarGreymon, Goddramon & Holydramon appearing was very exciting.
Tyhanks to them I was defeated without any worries (laugh)
I look forward to the next episode & beyond!

Nice touch to have the person who was basically in charge of Digimon for many years do the roaring as a major villain.

And then after Adventure:, we have social art and a reference book update...


To tie into the new poll, they put up some classic Numemon social art.

And the reference book update, featuring a few Numemon from the poll...



And then we have a bit for Tamers fans!


Digimon Partners posted on Twitter the finished Tamers audio drama script. For now it's only titled 'Digimon Tamers 2021'

Some details from Konaka... Konaka says the 20th Anniversary CD drama is an extension of the 2018 CD audio drama, and can only been seen at this event (it won't be sold later.) There are some restrictions due to the current situation [coronavirus I would assume], and they plan to overturn the concept of the recited on stage play. Because it's Tamers. Come to the show or watch the stream!

And to finish off with...

Had the proper time to look over them, so updates from Konaka!


Konaka has done a number of Digimon Tamer blog entries over the past week!

As a general update. These will be far more abridged than they were before. I just don't have the time to dig through as detailed as some of them have become. It's highly recommended you use a browser translator and read through the blog posts yourself. Consider these a very short best of.

Takanori Arisawa's Music 2 Digimon Adventure & 02
Episode 25 1
Episode 25 2
Episode 26 1
Episode 26 2
Takanori Arisawa's Music 3 Digimon Tamers & Frontier
Episode 27 1
Episode 27 2
Episode 28 1
Episode 28 2
Episode 29 1
Episode 29 2

Prior Konaka Tamers' Blog Details:
Tamers OP, ED, Insert & Character Songs, Story Retrospective Intro, & Episode 1
Episodes 2 & 3
Episodes 4 through 9
Episodes 10 through 14
Episodes 15 through 18 & Tamers Digital World
Episodes 19 through 24, Yoshio Urasawa & Digimon, Takanori Arisawa's Music 1- Before Digimon, Makuramon Speaking, ED1- My Tomorrow, Fall 2001 to 2020 and the Present

Like before...
A few random things gleamed from them... A small list of bits from these (overall), as he goes over a lot, hopefully there is time for us to do a full translation later. Some of these details are things we knew, but perhaps further clarified... (these are quickly translations, but hopefully mostly accurate)

Takanori Arisawa's Music 2- Digimon Adventure & 02
Kosuke Nishikawa was in charge of the music selection for the first four Digimon TV anime and movies [Nishikawa continued in this role through the end of Savers.] Konaka hasn't met him. He thinks music selection if extremely important in video works, and the video works he was involved in. In some cases, the episode directors may have their own opinions, or the recording director may have theirs, but the default usage has distinctive characteristics.

As a music fan, Konaka finds Arisawa's music to be rich, even as he listens to it again now in 2021. Not all the music he created was widely used, especially the 'themes' designed for the main characters early in Tamers. He doesn't remember much about Takato's. Jenrya's was used a few times. Ruki's quite a bit. Juri's theme was only used because of "Leomon-sama".

In addition to music written for Tamers, the early Digimon showed used the library from the previous titles, including the rich orchestral sounds from the movies. It might have been strange for viewers who watched a long time to hear Adventure music in Tamers, which felt different.

Konaka welcomes this, as it felt to him like a meta-adventure.

The Adventure music that showed up in Tamers had a way of fitting in, that was the result of the work by Nishikawa.

His impressions after listening to the songs and music of Adventure are there is a lot of songs with electric guitar in the lead, and Butter-fly, with a hard rock sound, was likely a reference to the musical accompaniment for the series.

It feels a stretch to him to release two soundtrack discs, as Adventure had, but the orchestration and length of the songs feel more luxurious than normal. With a large orchestra there is a wide variety of songs, large ones, sophisticated songs ala Sailor Moon, and small band songs.

It struck him that the serious tracks had weight about their urgent situations. He feels you can hear the intention of how to portray Digimon, which never had a TV anime previously, with dramatic weight and a strong sense of gravitas.

Version 2 has Hikari's theme, which was not in V1, plus Bolero from the Spring 99 Toei Anime Fair film. It seems Arisawa edited the song.

In terms of rock music, it contains Schizoid Man of the 21st Century (King Crimson) and an ELP-esque odd time progression, which he finds uplifting. He wonders how the anime of the time sounded.

The theme of Vamdemon is a baroque chamber music, not dissimilar from the Sailor Moon approach, although more serious. He wonders if Kakudou asked for it as a bizarre, if legitimate, movie styled track. [He embeds some tweets from him and Konaka on this subject.]

The story of Adventure 02, which takes place 3 years later, not only makes use of this music, but also adds a great deal of variation. He feels the sound is a Burt Bacharach-esque 60s sound, avant garde with an overwhelming sense of style, and a strong symbol of that Arisawa sound. He likes the Arisawa avants.

Around Takeru's theme, the jazz sense shines. It sounds like late 70s jazz-rock crossover, which Konaka feels a connection to. He wonders if Arisawa felt connected to Dave Grusin. Grusin became a film composer in later years.

Go to the Digital World! In "Alright, Let’s Go To The Digital World!" a complete 4 beat big bang jazz style is heard, and jazz styles are frequent in action songs. This trend continues in Tamers, and the soundtrack to Runaway Digimon Express is a complete jazz album.

Tamers Version 2 (OST) is generally a remix of Version 1. Version 2 of 02 is amazing because it is a new recording with a new arrangement, even if it's the same song. The aforementioned Takeru's Theme and Let's go have been arranged in an austere way.

Episode 25
For the Digital World section, Kaizawa was in charge of the 1st episode, which is an introduction to showing off the world view of with the art of Watanabe.

In the walking scene at the beginning, Takato's frame composition matches the opening. Koanaka wouldn't have noticed this if Kakudou hadn't t old him about it in the entry about Leomon...

In fact, the three of them have the same walking line as the opening.

Tamers always have eyewear.

When they fall, they don't hit floors, but the thin network layers, which break one after the other as they continue to fall.

As they fall Guilmon is desperately grabbing for the bread. All the bread was fallen. Guilmon is sad.

They have fun taking commemorative photos with a digital camera.

While the bread was lost, Yamaki's PDA is safe. Guilmon wonders what kind of bread it is.

Konaka notes it has a large wireless modem unit on top, perhaps useless. The thicker is a large capacity battery pack. Is it possible to communicate to the real world from the digital world? Yamaki has prepared many solutions, but for now, they can't use them.

He discusses the first inexpensive digital camera, the Apple QuickTake100. Konaka bought one, but can't recall what he used it for. It had a very high image quality for the time (640x480), so it couldn't even store 10 photos on internal memory. The highest quality digital photos you could get at the time was to have Kodak digitize film and burn it on CD.

In 2021, 50 megapixels is the normal for a mid-range camera, and some recent smartphones have sensors of over 100 million pixels (he notes it isn't clear if this is actually useful.) [50 Megapixels is roughly 8700x5800, 100 is roughly 11608x8708]

The digital world has night without evening. The digital world acts in binary. When they brainstormed this digital world, they decided on having tumbleweeds and a day/night division, but he doesn't remember whose idea it was. Kaizawa or Aramaki?

In other worlds, there is no inconvenience in having time act different from the real world, but in the digital world, the concept of time was necessary since it was a reverse to reality. He didn't make it clear what the time was on the internet. The display time on the internet is GMT, so he thinks he probably followed that.

He brings up an experiment where people spent hour months in a living facility in a cave, without clocks. When it finished their sense of time was so lost they thought they were only half done.

He brings up the concept diagram for the digital world, and how small the image is. They are in the equivalent of the wilderness. He brings up how Aramaki came up with the idea of the real world being a sphere to the digital world. He liked it because he felt it was easy to understand. Almost like a hollow Earth theory. He brings up some people still believe this, and it seems to have become more popular in recent years.

Meramon throws magma bombs... a ha...

Meramon is sad that a Digimon so strong against him showed up.

Takato asks if the Devas sent him. Meramon doesn't know the word Deva. Meramon seems astonished to meet a human from the real world. He shows Meramon drawings of Culumon and Makuramon since they are looking for them.

Kenta and Hirokazu are discussing Meramon as a potential partner.

Meramon is envious of Leomon and the others. They went to the real world. He reaches out. He can't get to it. He wonders if he can go if he gets stronger. Digimon long for the real world.

Impmon drops into the digital world.

Why do Digimon want to go to the real world? To get stronger?

They avoid a flock of Jyagamon.

Meramon attacks them. Perhaps a defense instinct, part of the flock diverges and swallows him up. Quantum decay.

Culumon slipped out of the cage and escaped.

They mourn Meramon by stacking stones and putting a drawing of him there. There is no praying because there is no religious meaning, but they mourn Meramon who no longer exists. This feeling of Memento mori [the inevitability of death] isn't something Renamon or Leomon had. Konaka likes that the scene reminds that Digimon don't play peacefully.

They find a Jyagamon. After a short argument, they ask him about Culumon. Jyagamon doesn't think he's seen it. When the Makuramon image is shown, Many Jyagamon appear saying they've seen that. When asked if they are lying the Jyagamon doesn't seem to know what it is. They point in a direction. Masaki drew Jayagamon to express a group of buffalo.

Majiramon, with Makuramon on his head.

A pillar of light. HIrokazu and Kenta run in a different direction. "Fools! Don't do that!"

The light truns and heads to Renamon and the others. This is the end of 25.

He discusses some of how things work in Lain, mentioning that Tamers works differently, especially in regards to CG animation, since it was three years later.

Episode 26
It's an unusual time where Takato and Guilmon don't appear. Ruki is in charge of the title call.

Ruki kicks them awake.

Underground bath.

With the digital world arc just beginning, they decided to separate Ruki, Renamon, Hirokazu, and Kenta so early because it would be easier to make a story involving them. They also felt that maybe Ruki had become gentler then they intended, so it would allow her to be lively again.

Regarding the episode title, the title in English is Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure. Konaka recognizes this as a reference to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The Japanese title was a reference to Nausicaä, so he finds this a reasonable and appropriate change. Konaka was partial to the second film, Bogus Journey. School Ghost Story the Specter was inspired by this film. Konaka finds the writers behind Bill and Ted among the outstanding young writers of the time. He hasn't seen the new Bill and Ted yet. He's afraid to see it. Can Keanu still play such an idiot?

Takanori Arisawa's Music 3- Digimon Tamers & Frontier
Arisawa's music changes a bit for Tamers. It has more of a digital sound and sequencers usage. The band sessions have a bit more of a horn and string sound. The OST release v1 and v2 are almost all duplicate tracks. There are remixes by removing melodies, etc. A number of themes weren't ever used.

Konaka thinks some of the themes didn't fit well due to the way characters were introduced. Slow, but changing, without a consistent unchanging personality.

The songs were considered impressive to both staff and viewers.

In the summer of 2017 Konaka listened to Tamers music endlessly.

He wanted to mention the music from Frontier, which he had no part in, but the first four are all connected to each other. There is only one soundtrack for Frontier, and it sounds similar to Tamers.

'Frontier' as a tagline made him feel like he was more connected to it. While he didn't work on it, another follow up to something he worked on Ultraman Dyna, the follow up to Tiga), had 'Neo Frontier' as a catchphrase.

He feels the Frontier music is what he calls vigorous 8 bit rock, which some western motifs. He also describes it as Euro-ethnic with a melancholy feel of a Macaroni Western.

He discusses how one of the songs sounds like the Jaco Pasorius song Donna Lee.

A song that starts with strings reminded him of the theme to Psycho.

He feels Arisawa was amused by the composition of With the Will, so he created a song that felt like more than an instrumental version of the song, but an instrumental with its own theme, that almost sounded like Metallica.

As for Tamers...

While writing the plot for the audio drama in 2017, he would specify where music would be, he felt he had to. In the summer of 2021 DigiFes will be held (he notes he isn't knowledgeable about DigiFes overall, just that he knows it's an event to appreciate the fans that Toei holds.) It's the 20th anniversary of Tamers, and for the first time in 3 years he has a job to write down the background music, sound effects, etc. after the final draft is approved. So he has to seriously listen to the music again so he can select the music again, just like he did for the audio drama.

Episode 27
Beelzebumon will appear for the first time. Impmon wandered the digital world while being guided by the voice of 'God'. The title feels a bit overblown.

A cursed motorcycle. No one is on it, but it's aiming for them...

A town of a subspecies of the popular Digimon Yukidarumon. They thanked them for helping with a pile of food that looks like soil lumps. It looks like their stomachs are twisting.

Juri seemed pleased with it and gives it a thumbs up. She falls asleep in a hammock.

The show was made in 2001 and been watched all over the world. No one would ever think what you see is a caricature of a real world situation. However, even now, there are issues that need to be considered from different perspectives. There are no quick answers. In any case, the episode is going the way you imagine it will go, and it has nothing to do with the reality of 2021.

Impmon is shown his prior existence. He's excited to see his partners, who are excited to see him again. Although they can't see him, they are excited to see a puppy. And they fight over it. Impmon hears an echo voice telling him there is no place for him.

This is also the story of Behemoth, the iron beast, who rampages before Beelzebumon does. He thinks it's probably based on a Harley-Davidson V2 Engine. The writers wondered if it has will or not. Konaka believes the answer is, it doesn’t have a digicore, but like Grani, from the perspective of the story creators, it has some degree of intelligence, even if it isn't at the level of a Digimon.

A young Digimon falls off Behemoth, Leomon looks at it. Juri does her first Digimon scan through his eye.

Impmon wants power.

Guilmon is on the bike and howls. It isn't the Guimon they know.

Impmon recalls the past of prior episodes.

Impmon's surroundings undergoes quantum decay. He screams and falls into a crucible, like molten iron in a blast furnace.

He discusses Juri in context of various fairy tales and stories. He notes some of these things he's considering now wouldn’t show up in a Sunday morning program.

Guilmon is knocked off the bike.

The bike falls into a familiar looking molten iron quantum decay zone.

The bike blasts into the air in an explosion. Someone is riding it.

Beelzebumon. He hits the gear and revs the throttle, and rides off.

Konaka muses on how they case Impmon based on Beelzebumon, but wondering how Takahashi felt about playing Impmon for half a year.

He thinks it was good to show Ai and Makoto here. Although even Impmon didn't only have bad memories. He wishes he could draw that 20 years later (although it's meaningless.)

Episode 28
Ryo and Cyberdramon are introduced as characters.

Ryo was from a Wonderswan game that came out during the broadcast of Adventure/02. It isn't a Tamagotchi derived training game, but an RPG.

Due to the meta-adventure setting of Tamers, Seki decided Ryo would appear in the digital world section of Tamers. As the writers learned more about the game, they felt they couldn't properly connect the two worlds.

The characters are based on the Wonderswan versions, but to appear in Tamers, they had to be contrasted clearly to the game. They decided to not bring up or use the history of the character. Seki would difficulty explain this as "They are the same, but they lost their memories."

The human characters in the game, it ran parallel to the anime, so it should be consistent. For a show about Tamers, they used him as a senior to the people who came to the digital world. He had an image of Tuttle (De Niro) at the end of Brazil.

There was no room in the story to explain how Ryo got to the digital world, but it was mentioned in Message in the Packet.

Being a champion in the real world, he would be connected to Ruki. He thought they wouldn't get along, but when he saw the script he 'saw the light'.

There is no single official route to evolve for Digimon. The main Digimon in the anime naturally evolve along a specific route. Choromon, from the previous episode, has a Clockmon route. And Hagurumon, has a route from Guardromon to Andromon, but he can't remember if they knew this at the time... he simply doesn't remember.

Splitting apart the team early on was necessary to allow them to have episodes with battle and drama. It's less of a burden if you don't have to have everyone involved.

When they meet Ryo Ruki looks upset.

Culumon sees the Tamers flag and becomes excited, as he's sure he can find Guilmon.

A tense relationship with Ryo is born. His presence is already felt in Tamers.

From here, to the D-Reaper Arc to the final episode, Ryo is one of the Tamers.

He wondered if Cyberdramon was sufficiently shown in the game, something that was difficult to comment on in the anime. Cyberdramon is searching for an enemy he hasn't seen, one he must defeat. In the game, him and Monodramon become partners, the story didn't seem to cover the conclusion of their relationship. In Message in the Packet, Ryo asked if the enemy was inside him, if he was looking for his own shadow. In other words, if you are looking for your own shadow, you'd better stop.

He will talk more about Message later.

If your Digivice is from Adventure/02 you can't card slash. The D-ark, with the unique color, was for Ryo the Tamer, to make him more Tamers like, a Tamers character.

Kanemuaru (Ryo's VA), gave a new tone for a Tamers character, and brought a new style.

Episode 29
The digital world starts with the end of the 2nd cour, and goes into the beginning of the 4th cour, making it the longest with a total of 16 episodes. In the second half, flow will be decided, so they had to do some variation now.

Konaka doesn't recall if he was concerned at the lack of Digimon in the digital world.

Guilmon grabs chocolate. It's sour. Terriermon also eats. Leomon tells them not to put things in their mouth, they don't know what it is.

Terriermon comments that if you don't try it, you won't know how it tastes. This is a true theory... in a sense.

They meet up with the others, and Takato meets Ryo.

Juri wonders where Ruki is. She got angry and went off alone.

Ryo feels he has done bad.

Ruki is upset because of how good Ryo is in card battles, she had a lot of pride.

It's easy for us to understand what Ruki was thinking for us, Konaka wonders how children felt at the time...

Takato shows Ryo the Culumon drawing to see if he knows him. The image has been upgraded to have... color!

Culumon found the blowing away tamers flag. It's shredded. He puts it on as a cape and goes walking off to find his friends.

Culumon sees something rushing towarsd him. It is Dogmon. This Digimon was created from an entry in a drawing contest, and looks like something out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. It teases Culumon.

The others relax in a strange house/castle they find. They find beds and go to sleep. At night they hear the sound of armor walking.

It's Knightmon. It walks the corridor at night. If you don't do anything, it will leave you alone.

Takato finds the charm in his bag, protected with a covering and glue. It has a letter from his mom. She wrote him a letter she didn't know if he'd ever notice. She's worried and wrote him a letter. Time goes quickly. She wishes he comes back. Takato cries and Juri finds him.

Konaka doesn't believe her requested a follow up to include anything from Takato's Mom. Rather, Motoki did a tasteful follow up to her from the earlier episode.

Scenery in the film appears to be influenced by The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a classic film with bizarre arts and sets. Konaka saw it when he was young. [This was originally listed as a 1922 film, Konaka confirmed this was a typo and he meant the 1920 film.]

In the second half, the stage and narrative will change.

Culumon walks in the wilderness, and a motorcycle approaches just as it collapses. Beelzebumon recognizes him. Culumon does not.

Culumon asks if he knows Takato and Guilmon. Both know the Tamers flag. Belezebumon stares silently. He revs the throttle and races off with dust soaring behind him.

The others walk through the castle. A long staircase. The staircase may be inspired by the classic science fiction film Metropolis. Konaka comments nothing else can compare to it. [Metropolis is often said to be one of the most influential films of all time, more so in regards to science fiction.]

Culumon goes off singing, the lip sync is loose.

Digignomes approach.

Culumon drew a mark on the ground running, and his forehead mark shines, as does the mark on the ground.

The digignomes grow. And nearby Woodmon evolves.

The Tamers and Digimon arrive. Cyberdramon recognizes a strong enemy and rushes to fight.

As the Tamers and Digimon fight, Ryo slashes.

No banked slash animation for Ryo. Konaka thinks it's because it was setup for this episode only, plus, the slash animation matching the drama was about time.

The end of Majiramon. Quantum Decay, but no data is absorbed.

Cyberdramon roars.

Cyberdramon growls and begins to run. Ryo grabs him using an energy whip from his D-Ark.

Ryo explains that Cyberdramon keeps fighting until his instinct is satisfied, and he can't stop him when this happens.

He says they will split up. He wants to help, but it seems impossible.

It you look at the ending, Ryo appears to have been a guest character with 2 episodes. Kitgawara from Wiz really wanted to create a character called Justimon, the ultimate evo of Ryo and Cyberdramon. Konaka thought it would be interesting and unexpected to have the ferocious Cyberdramon become an Ishinomori style character of Justimon, so it was decided Ryo would stay until the last episode.

Since he had pushed so hard for Guilmon, he felt he had the stomach to include project team requests whenever possible. Justimon got a D-Real figure after the broadcast. Konaka doesn't believe he has appeared in any anime, but he hears Cyberdramon has an X-antibody version.

He thinks the Culumon song was not a character song made for the production, but the long version of a toy commercial song. It had a different team from the character song. Konaka thinks the song was sung before Kaneda knew what kind of character Culumon was. The long version might be a new recording.

Konaka can't remember if it was made for Tenori Culumon or Pocket Culumon. He did a quick search regarding the toys of 2001 and still couldn't find out.

Not a large batch of stuff this time, but some interesting things, especially for Tamers fans.



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Sep 8, 2006
Updated with art and text from Kenji Watanabe.