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Sep 8, 2006
Weekend batch of stuff!


After Digimon Adventure: episode 46 aired, Digimon Web put up social art of HolyAngemon, who made his Adventure: premiere in the episode. The attached message:
Thanks for watching episode 46 The Sword of Hope!
Accepting an old friend, Angemon super evolves! HolyAngemon!
At last, the holy Digimon are together in their perfect forms!
Holy Sword Excalibur is cool!😆🗡✨

Look forward next time for episode 47 The Villains of the Wastelands

And we get new art by Kenji Watanabe!


He did a really nice side profile with some neat lighting, with a bit of a dark visual thrown in also. The attached message:
Holy Sword of Hope, HolyAngemon!

Also, for Adventure:...

At various Family Mart locations there will be a special promo video for Digimon Adventure: with Taichi & Agumon cheering you on. The video will be played for a month.

No preview was posted, and the few screenshots they showed were stock footage of Taichi.

Then, reference book updates!


Trailmon [specifically the 'Worm' Trailmon]

They also updated Kazuchimon's entry to use that spelling instead of Kaduchimon.

And then for Tamers fans... first up bad news...

The first period of the Tamers Anniversary Kitchen Car has been cancelled due to the state of the emergency. The Saturday May 1st to Sunday May 9th period is the one that they've cancelled for now, with the rest to be decided later.

And last up... updates from Konaka!


Konaka has done a number of Digimon Tamer blog entries since last week!

Before that, when asked about a sequel or remake to Tamers (since people are taking the blog to mean various things), Konaka clarified: The blog is just a 20th Anniversary retrospective. There are no plans for an anime sequel to Tamers. He is currently trying to find another way. If there was a Tamers remake he wouldn't be involved.

The 'another way' isn't specific. One might imagine it might like how (Xros Wars head writer) Riku Sanjo was able to do a sequel to Kamen Rider W (where he was also the head writer) as a manga, which was recently announced to be adapted as an anime.

The recent entries being covered are:
Episode 10 Part 1
Episode 10 Part 2
Episode 11 Part 1
Episode 11 Part 2
Episode 12 Part 1
Episode 12 Part 2
Episode 13 Part 1
Episode 13 Part 2
Episode 14 Part 1
Episode 14 Part 2
Episode 14 Part 3

Prior Konaka Tamers' Blog Details:
Tamers OP, ED, Insert & Character Songs, Story Retrospective Intro, & Episode 1
Episodes 2 & 3
Episodes 4 through 9

Like last time...
A few random things gleamed from them... A small list of bits from these (overall), as he goes over a lot, hopefully there is time for us to do a full translation later. Some of these details are things we knew, but perhaps further clarified... (these are quickly translations, but hopefully mostly accurate)

Episode 10

Evolution to Growmon, Galgomon, and Kyubimon has been achieved, but Ruki is puzzled that data and experience gained isn't enough to lead to evolution.

The shot of Terriermon and Jenrya reading, he thinks it matched the composition of an initial image sketch from Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru of the characters. Before the setting was finalized, Nakatsuru's imagination was far ahead of all of them.

An Andromon card... he wonders if this is around the time he was considering who would be a partner for Hirokazu... He thinks that was a little later, but it was 20 years ago...

Takato is practicing card slashing but no, the pose doesn't matter...

The blog is being written with the intention that it will be read as a reference regarding Tamers later, so he hasn't written much about what he's currently doing, but there are developments about the 20th Anniversary of the broadcast.

[He then embeds one of the tweets announcing the Digimon Kitchen Car they are doing for the 20th anniversary of Digimon Tamers.]

Ruki says what IceDevimon has done is terrible, but he responds it was necessary for her to evolve. He also says that Ruki has done the same thing. She has to contemplate that is this what she's been making Renamon do? Is it the same as this?

It's a serious thing. How can you question the right or wrongness of killing a predator in a wild environment? If you start there, it affects anthropomorphic depications of animals. Digimon evolved from the wild, but their intelligence has evolved in its own way, and the the development of the real world has made the digital world vast. Digimon have evolved into the fantastical existence that humans have.

As for the confrontation with Digimon that have evolved intelligence, that will be more involved in the Deva Arc - Digital World Arc (2nd to 3rd cour)

IceDevimon has nothing to do with the Devas, but uses his own genius to achieve realization, gain a 'ruthless Tamer', and hoping to evolve further.

Evolution sequence! Although it was banked footage, it was voiced in each episode at the recording [of that episode.]

Without looking at Kyubimon, Ruki leaves. If Renamon is my friend, what have I been doing so far? Kyubimon also leaves.

"I don't get it at all!", exclaimed Takato. Probably the children in the audience thought so too. I can only write in an abstract way because I have to be careful about what I write here now (which is annoying to me), but the partner Digimon is not an alter ego, but the closest other. That's why there are things you don't understand. It is when you overcome these obstacles that you go from being friends to best friends. This doesn't happen with just familiarity.

Even though it is difficult to understand it was the intention of [Episode Writer] Masaki and [Episode Director] Yoshizawa to think about it.

Episode 11

It's Mr. Kawada's turn to direct, so Terriermon rides on Jenrya's head. He seems to be aware of it being a little embarrassing.

He refers to the location the episode has elements in and shows how it looks in 2021. He mentions that in recent years, when overseas staff films in Tokyos, the night view of this area has become a standard thing to feature. He wonders if this is something of interest to the location coordinator, of if it just has a Tokyo-like look to people from overseas. In the past it used to be the Ginza area.

Terriermon understands Jenrya's concerns and what he says, but he is a Digimon.

This series of shots is a melodrama, like with Ruki and Renamon. it's a drama about a bond that transcends gender and species.

However, there is an entity that destroys the melancholic mood of Terriermon. Terriermon-chan, Shuichon entered. I see the anger in your eyes. Such and such a thing... [with an image of Terriermon crying with all the playing from Shuichon].

She fell asleep with Terriermon's ear as a pillow. Struggling to pull it out gently so as to not wake her up.

I can't help it says Terriermon, pulling up the thing futon. He didn't want to say anything bad about her, even though she did this and that to him. The image of a sleeping Shuichon was drawn in an initial sketch by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.

Mushamon's sword is her special move, cutting a car in half. He then talks about how the first time he saw a car crush like this was in a Gamera movie, and how it was possible because the car had been cut up for a motor show, and the scriptwriter found it. He has inherited the spirit of finding something he wants to show but can't do on a regular budget.

Mushamon. It seems to be a Digimon born from the data of a samurai game from overseas. Now it'd be Ghost of Tsushima?

Galgomon! From here on Galgomon does a shooting sound onomatopoeia, saying "Da-da-da-da-da" instead of laughing. This isn't an ad-lib, it was from the script.

Aside from the various joke punchlines, this episode was written and directed in such a way that the children were portrayed in an extremely realistic manner. The animation was once again impressive.

He learned how to make a serial drama, by carrying over unresolved issues from one episode to the next and letting them unfold gradually, from the 1990s drama 'LA Law'. It's a specifically continuous narrative, and it isn't possible without the cooperation of the various writers.

In the case of live-action Ultraman, each story was more complete with continuity that hard to be narrowed down, but I think animation is easier to produce in this respect.

I don't know if this way of storytelling would be accepted in the modern world.

Episode 12

Takato shows Juri Guilmon and... AHHHHH!

Takato covers his face saying how it's all over, but... Juri looks at Guilmon... and hugs him and he's cute. Isn't it cool?

She takes a sticker out of her pocket and sticks it on Guilmon's nose. It's cute! Uhhhhh.

A partner is a 'friend'. So what kind of person is that friend? How do you build a relationship with a partner destined to fight? The relationship between Ruki and Renamon is still shaky.

Ai and Mako (played by Haruhi Terada and Miwa Matsumoto), Impmon's original partners (not tamers), weer all created by Motoki. The origin of their names is, I guess, love and sincerity.

The part of the story not told in the show, is how these two young siblings met Impmon, it's left to the viewer's imagination.

If the fight for the stuffed animal was real, I wonder if Impmon's arm was really pulled. However, it must be true that he was told to beat him to end the fight. That alone is enough to make Impmon hate his human partners.

The huge billboards from consumer finance companies in the background remind us of the times. After the series aired, billboards and commercials in the entertainment area were curtailed.

Seiko tells Ruki that if you don't say something, you won't be able to convey what you want.

That's very true. Reading the atmosphere is also an important communication skill, but if you don't say it out loud, even that kind of communication won't be understood and the line of communication will be completely closed. Seiko says that humans can't live alone.

The fundamental question of Renamon, when she becomes the ultimate evolved form beyond Taomon, a request from the Wiz side was to emphasize the power to protect rather than the power to attack.

This episode is not just an episode of restoring a relationship, but one of themes that run through the entire series.

What is the purpose of one's own existence? This is a question that all the characters in Tamers have to ask themselves to a greater or lesser extent.

In the previous episode, Jenrya was satisfied for the time being, but that didn't mean he understood everything. Takato and his resolve will come later.

Episode 13

There are times in the series when he purposefully removes the limiter. For example, when something must be explained logically, the storytelling switches to a more adult style.

He was heavily influenced by the early Ultra series', which had a strong influence on him, and used this type of storytelling style. When he grew up, he was able to rediscover things he only sort of understood as a child.

The main theme of the first cour was to show the extraordinary Digimon in every day life and how the tamers become united.

As suggested by the title, 13 and 14 were a back and forth episode to launch the second cour and subsequent episodes in which the main characters move on as 'Digimon Tamers'.

Takahiro Imamura started his rotating as director here once he finished the movie 'Diablomon Strikes Back'. The animation director is Setsuko Nobuzane, who has been working as chief animation director on Adventure 02, and she also jointed the rotation starting with this episode.

Guilmon will evolve more and more. Guilmon, I wonder how you will change from now on... Guilmon innocently wants to become stronger. And Takato wants it too. But Takato remembers the horror of the first evolution to Growmon and says he doesn't want Guilmon to change. Guilmon can't understand.

Takato draws evolutions of Guilmon and Growmon, but becomes scared, and disgusted, and scratches it out. Via relay between seats, a letter from Juri. Other girls giggle. She drew Guilmon and says he is cute. Takato smiles, Guilmon is a friend.

While Jenrya is at school, Terriermon operates a machine connected to the internet. He wants to access the Digimon database while wondering if everyone is fine. He sees many Digimon he doesn't know. The door opens... he goes rigid. and plays dead. Shuichon is looking for a playmate.

Shuichon leaves with Terriermon. Terriermon shall be a baby.

The screens display new Digimon silhouettes one after another.

There are no battles in part B, so no banked slash or evo scenes in 13 (there is one in flashback.)

The rift between Takato, Hirokazu, and Kenta was not part of the original plan, but it wasn't realistic to have them immediately understand things like "The Digimon I dreamed of appeared."

It's not fun for him to write a story with a lot of tension, but these valleys are needed to deepen bonds.

Takato begins to wonder if it's justified that he continues to use Guilmon to fight Digimon.

Jusri tries to apologize to Takato, who mutters that it isn't play. When she asks if he will play with Guilmon today he yells it isn't play in a knee jerk response.

Juri is shocked and involuntarily hides her puppet. Takato regrets that he said to much and leaves quickly.

He mentions that the party members and bureaucrats have an online meeting over webcam. Zoom and other services exploded in 2020. More than half of this scene was written as online video, but Mr. Imamura [director & storyboards for this episodes] made sure it pierced with still images and expressions. Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru had to design a number of new characters that he didn't plan to reuse later.

Various bits of the original of Digimon in the Tamers use are shown in this episode. He also mentions looking at Digimon Tamers 1984 which details this, which he also revised and annotated about 3 years ago.

The scene of Takato and Guilmon talking and laughing was a scene he wanted to show before the intensifying battle began next time. The two of t hem take good care of eachother, and they needed to talk properly to not cause a gap.

A man in black comes to talk to Jenrya's father, but seems to leave quickly in the midst of him turning around, seemingly noticing Jenrya was arriving home... Jenrya listens to part of the story and then Shuichon opens the door to welcome them home...

Baby... .... ....

Renamon feels evolution isn't just about becoming stronger. Ruki no longer uses a harsh voice with Renamon. This is Ruki's evolution.

Ruki has learned that Digimon aren't different from humans. The existence of a certain Digimon is significant to her changing. Ruki thinks of that Digimon.

Culumon is loved by humans, which seems to annoy Impmon. Culumon seems to know he won't evolve, which Impmon can't forgive.

He had a hard time with Impmon's dialogue. He hadn't written a 'hotshot delinquent' before. He thinks that consistency of Impmon is thanks to Hiroki Takahashi [Impmon's actor.]

Something is going on. The sound of something hitting a window. Jenrya realizes it's his room... Terriermon is groaning and jumping into the window repeatedly. What is going on?

Takato is scared. What is about to happen is a life threatening battle.

He mentions the last two episodes of Ultraman Max he used a similar technique for the narrative.

Episode 14

He looked over it in 2018, but when he did in 2021 he was upset and surprised himself. It wasn't a case of being moved or self-absortion. He had forgotten how he had written it, and felt uneasy about whether he had done it well.

He looked over it for the 20th anniversary and found it was a more important episode than he remembered.

[Series director] Kaizawa directed an episode for the first time since the first. Normally he would do at least one more in the middle, but perhaps it was because he had produced the three slash and three evo banked scenes.

He discusses how Yashima did the key animation alone, and he was also in charge of various evolutions. The last time he worked with Kaizawa was later in 41.

Sugiura only worked on this episode of Tamers and it depicts a different world then what has been seen so far.

The digital compositing has become a large production for the CGI elements. Motion, image distortion. Rendering time must have been three times longer than usual.

Something has arrived.

The only gag in the story right now involves Terriermon, who is neat.

Jenrya urges Ruki to go.

Terriermon sees Kyubimon defeated and evolves! Dumdum Upper! He was concerned how to get Galgomon to the rooftop. He used a hand impact like he did in Big O.

He notes regarding Galgomon, that the firearms are materialized data, giving them reduced potential power.

Galgomon gets hit and returns to Terriermon and is falling, Jenrya wait. He catches Terriermon. During a free-fall there should be a certain amount of force applied... It seems it's different for Digimon.

Mihiramon is trying to eat Growmon. Takato feels the damage Growmon suffered (to a different degree.) He faints due to the pain. Jenrya and Ruki are terrified by this development that hasn't been seen in prior battles.

Mr. Kaizawa has cut the storyboard based on the scenario, act 3 is quite different.

Digimon evolving in the real world happens as the connection between tamer and Digimon becomes closer and closer.

If this happened in real life, you couldn't imagine Digimon fighting without paying the price. At the time he had already thought of the idea of uniting tamer and Digimon for the ultimate evolution, but it would be different from previous anime and adventures, not to mention products. He did this gradually instead of just going "I'm doing this."

Having the pain be shared and expressed will be difficult to continue in coming episodes.

He was nervous to ask Kaizawa, Producer Seki, and the others to read the story for episode 14. They surprisingly accepted the approach with almost no resistance. The road to ultimate evolution had been paved.

Kaizawa often made bold changes to the story, but the main plot, or the basis of it, was never destroyed.

Takato and Growmon have a conversation in a mental landscape without time. Takato's body was shown as blurred, I think this was Kaizawa emphasizing the connection between their minds.

Takato is still in pain in this place. A strange space with countless spinning clocks. Tamers symbolically has the D-Ark's circular interface rotate linearly. The opening title also shows this. He thinks this is a characteristic of Kaizawa's direction, combining digital with hand drawn animation.

The theme of Digimon Tamers begins to flow. When Takato picks up a card one of them becomes a blue card...

A dazzling blue card.

The fight isn't over. And the card is help up just like that!

The slash is banked animation, but the music continues.

Card Slash! Matrix Evolution!



Perfect evolution banked animation. All drawn in 3d. All three were directed by Takahiro Imamuro before each episode from 13.

He was asked by Chinese fans what 'Matrix evolution' meant. he htought it meant 'Ultimate Evolution', and answered as such. He was wrong.

He thinks the meaning itself is the same. He thinks Matrix evolution is the evolution of the entire foundation, that is, not the Digimon alone, but in correlation with Tamer.

In any case, he says, the term with invented by Mr. Kitagawara from Wiz. He's just interpreting it.

The evolution animation emphasizes the exitence of Culumon.

It is said his mouth shackle is there to surpress the overwhelming power.

Hirokazu and Kenta are cheering. Juri is coming also. Juri asks if that is "Guilmon-chan?" Guilmon has evolved. Perfect.

MegaloGrowmon thanks Takato for fighting with him. Takato says what are you talking about, I'm your tamer.

Hirokazu, Kenta, and Juri are also there. In this way, the fifth grades of the elementary school accept the existence of Digimon.

A nice small batch this time, with yet another huge batch of Tamers info!


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Feb 1, 2017
You can see Magna Angemon's eye in the Kenji Watanabe art. :O

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Sep 10, 2006
Yay. Now we have all the evos we had in Adventure 1. There's nowhere to go but any other evo. ...Hey... Tamer's sequel manga anyone? W got one and that's being animated. So... Maybe? It's an idea.


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Nov 13, 2012
Not sure how I feel about being able to see HolyAngemon's eye. It makes him look almost too human instead of a monster, which seems to be a recent trend in the franchise.