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Sep 8, 2006
Weekend batch of stuff!

After Digimon Adventure: episode 49 aired, Digimon Web put up images of the MetalGarurumon model kit. The attached message:
Thanks for watching episode 49 The God of Evil Descends, Millenniumon!
Next: episode 50 The End, The Ultimate Holy Battle
It's finally over⁉
Look forward to it!

4-legged Digimon w/ wings Griffomon 🆚 MetalGarurumon was awesome!
Figure-rise Standard Amplified MetalGarurumon is on sale now!

Nothing from Kenji Watanabe, but we do have some show related art...


Digimon Web put up some of the production materials for Komondomon to celebrate his victory in the recent poll. The attached message:
Komondomon won 1st place in the 28th DigiVote! So we're going to pull out some of the production materials for Komondomon! You can see the inside of Komondomon, which Taichi and his friends are riding on!🐶

Then a bit of Savers...


Some pre-existing Lilamon art. While this art was used in the past, she was much smaller in the original image, and partially covered. The tweet from Digimon Web just had a couple flower emojis and no message. While no text is attached, it was almost certainly posted to celebrate Yui Aragaki (Yoshino in Digimon Savers) announcing she is getting married to Gen Hoshino.

And on to Tamers!

Digimon Web put up some Culumon related images to celebrate an anniversary...:
20 years ago, May 17th, 2001 was the release date of Pocket Culumon🎉
You could download it to your PocketStation & play with Culumon whenever oyu want.

The stuffed animal in the photo is "Talking Culumon", which allows you to talk to Culumon.

It's a cute item that hasn't changed even after 20 years.😆
㊗Pocket Culumon 20th Anniversary💫

And then we got a reference book update!



Then more Culumon a day later...


Some more Culumon art from Digimon Web. Culumon had a busy day the day before, so he appears quite tired. The attached message:
Good morning culu!😴
Good luck in the afternoon culu!🎶

And to finish off with...

Had the proper time to look over them, so updates from Konaka!


Konaka has done a number of Digimon Tamer blog entries over the past couple weeks! We're stopping a bit before they are up to date because there was a natural breaking point, and there was a lot this time.

The recent entries being covered are:
Episode 19 Part 1
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Yoshio Urasawa and "Digimon"
Episode 21 Part 1
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Episode 21 Part 3
Takanori Arisawa's Music 1- Before Digimon
Episode 22 Part 1
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Episode 22 Part 3
Makuramon Speaking
Episode 23 Part 1
Episode 23 Part 2
Episode 23 Part 3
Episode 23 Part 4
ED1- My Tomorrow
Fall 2001 to 2020 and the Present
Episode 24 Part 1
Episode 24 Part 2
Episode 24 Part 3

Prior Konaka Tamers' Blog Details:
Tamers OP, ED, Insert & Character Songs, Story Retrospective Intro, & Episode 1
Episodes 2 & 3
Episodes 4 through 9
Episodes 10 through 14
Episodes 15 through 18 & Tamers Digital World

Like before...
A few random things gleamed from them... A small list of bits from these (overall), as he goes over a lot, hopefully there is time for us to do a full translation later. Some of these details are things we knew, but perhaps further clarified... (these are quickly translations, but hopefully mostly accurate)

Episode 19
It's no secret to fans that Impmon was the main partner of Digimon Adventure EVO before he joined. He felt the human like clothes and bad boy design didn't fit the story he proposed, which was to take time to deepen the relationship with 'my Digimon' instead of just having a partnership. He objected that he would like an 'Agumon type' Digimon.

The Digimon planning team on the sponsor side, it was natural to reject such an objection. After intentions were explained, they took that back and said "This is it, this is it" and the final version of Guimon was submitted.

He thought that they must have been offended, but later he was told that Kenji Watanabe, Majoto Kitagawa, and Volcano Ota apparently enjoyed talking about Konaka, saying that he looked like Professor Snape. It's true that he had long black hair back then, and that he 'perhaps' had a gloomy way of speaking. The grim Professor Snape in the film was played by Alan Rickman, who made it his masterpiece, surpassing his previous masterpiece role, the villain of Die Hard. Unfortunately he passed in 2016.

Now came the challenge of how to make Impmon work in the series. It wasn't taken lightly. Originally he was just a trickster, playing pranks, etc. However, he had two young tamers, Ai and Mako, and when they were caught in a fight Impmon couldn't help but choose to live alone, cursing his own helplessness and wanting to be stronger.

Impmon's role as Beelzebumon was set from the beginning, and the writers carefully laid out the tracks to make this happen. Impmon, Ai, and Mako were first introduced in Yoshimura's story. His desire to become stronger can't be portrayed as a climax moment as Beelzebumon unless it's properly built upon.

Starting from this episode, Maekawa will be in charge of Impmon episodes. We didn't consult with him or say "Let's do that". Seki and us came to such a conclusion naturally.

Shibata will be in charge of directing most important Impmon/Beelzebumon episodes.

The students are playing during the daytime here, it is summer and there is no need to worry about elementary school. It broadcast on August 12th, summer vacation. Some things don't match, but Tamers was roughly made to be the story of the year it was shown.

Kogals surround Culumon. He explains Kogal and Ganguro.

Jenrya wears kung fu shoes, used by drum master Steve Gadd in the 80s. These shoes allow extremely delicate footwork. He saw many seniors using the same Yamaha YD9000R and kung fu shows from Chinatown back when he was in university in the light music club.

The dojo scene is 'probably' based on The Matrix based on the timeframe.

The Deva in this series are servants based on the concept of the Devas, but different from actual religious beliefs. Twelve powerful enemy Digimon. In the original plot, they were sorted into 3 serving each of the four holy beasts, but there wasn't properly room in Tamers to introduce them as such. He changed (and got approval) to just have them all serve Zhuqiaomon.

He didn't want them to be typical villains. They believe in justice, and when that is incompatible with humans, conflicts begin. However, this is a children's show, so it's important to distinguish between justice and evil. He had no intention of making it a Gundam-like theory of war in Digimon. [This is likely a reference to how invariably in almost every Gundam series the main characters will realize 'both' sides are inherently filled with both good 'and' evil.]

The writers were told to write stories freely, but gradually the requirements of 'please include this sort of thing' increases as development continues. There are things that can't be clarified in the number of stories, and the range of freedom narrows. There are always parts that make a great story. That is not it. The writers, directors, and staff make it a special story.

He used a zippo for many years, but he switched in 2020 because the coffee shops he goes to have banned 'paper' cigarettes. The light was a good prop to express the character of Yamaki.

The first triple card slash.

3 consecutive banked evolutions.

Impmon charging and a cliffhanger ending. Tamers shines as if it were a shonen manga.

Episode 20
The problem of spoilers in the next episode preview were annoying at the time. It was the assistant producer's job, and he understood why they wanted to make it more interesting looking, to increase viewership.

Growmon and the others are hurt and can't help.

Impmon attacks and does nothing, he screams. Indramon's legs swing up and we see him kicked far away. The Tamers are stunned.

Hirokazu shows Takato his own card. It's a blue card. The design is right, right? Ah... it's no good.

Takato protects the D-Ark.

Culumon is still groggy. He thinks it isn't because he evolved three at the same time, but rather he's tired seeing how Impmon was treated.

There are no official height listings for Digimon. This is likely because it's unreasonable to set physical constraints when developing a wide variety of toys, including the LCD games.

In the case of anime, there is a comparison chart that can be used as a guide, but he tends to believe Growmon's size varies depending on the episode.

Indramon in this episode is almost twice as big as in the previous one.

The various Wild Bunch members are introduced. When the series ended, he wrote Tamers 1984, and Daisy was the main character. His role model for her was Susan Kare, who was with Andy Hertzfeld and others in the original Macintosh development.

Wild Bunch is named after the Sam Peckinpah movie.

Hirokazu shows his hand drawn card, it can be used.

They're all skeptical, although they don't believe it's stupid.

Kenta says it is impossible, but Hirokazu insists. How was Guilmon drawn in the first place? Wasn't it notepad art by Takato?


The card slash animation begins with Hirokazu's handmade card. The animation is properly mapped with Hirokazu's card.

Yoshio Urasawa

After the CD Drama was finished, he started posting stuff on his Twitter account, and he posts some of it here. It's just tweet embeds of information he had posted regarding Urasawa before.

Episode 21
As a Urasawa fan, he wanted "Urasawa's Tamers". It was directed by Mr. Kakudou. Konaka tweeted a lot around when this episode was streamed a few years ago on niconico, so he thought of using that as a base, but there were many things unmentioned, so he rewrote it.

The BGM is Juri's theme! Is it only used here in the show? It feels like a bright song between 70s crossover and easy listening. It feels like it was made for this scene (In reality, he just didn't have a chance to use it elsewhere.) She's going to Matsuda Bakery.

Takato's father explaining to Juri what it is he imagines would be difficult when dubbing into other languages. They did the lip sync exactly to the Japanese pronunciation.

Someone calls out to Juri when she exits. "Kato". This was normal in Tokyo when he was in elementary school. Girls also called him by his last name. He isn't sure how they do it now.

The serious story with Hypnos and the Wild Bunch is one scene.

He's a fan of Mr. Urasawa, and he didn't think he could write like him. When looking at the Juri card scene, he thinks it works because they don't 'plug in' laughter like a comedy. He describes not trying to fit it into the mold of "Japanese comedy styles here".

Juri decides that maybe Culumon can be her partner. What? I'm Culumon's Tamer! Culumon falls down in shock.

Juri's exquisite expression could be described as miffed. Culumon wakes up in a panic.

The scene continues as Juri gives Culumon a mock sermon while Culumon looks sad.

A Deva appears. Juri wonders if it is her partner. It is not.

HELP CULUMON! She holds Culumon in front of her in defense. Culumon hides behind Juri.

Juri runs away and Culumon follows.

Kakudou commented that the first cut after the shot, and the low angle was based on Takato in the OP. Konaka comments he just found out about it. Kakudou says the intention was to show that Juri was in fact a Tamer.

Juri and Culumon are escaping. But they are tired.

A rainbow. And at the top, Leomon appears. He is cool.

This is the best first appearance scene. How was this written in the plot?

Juri acts like a maiden. And from her pocket... a Leomon card!

He thinks the character design was kept from Adventure. From Adventure, to 02, to Tamers, and Frontier, Nakatsuru's designs changed, and roughly speaking, this Leomon, while a bit different in size, is very Adventure like. In his opinion Juri and the other Tamers are a bit more realistic in design.

"My Partner", Juri stares with sparkling eyes. Culumon is confused.

Leomon says he fight those who are as strong as you. That is his way. Leomon is of course, Hiroaki Hirata, who can speak cool, almost like a historical anime.


Leomon is ready. Chuuuuu. Leomon blows the enemy away. "Leomon-sama!"

"You're my partner!". It occurs to him now this is a pretty crazy line...

Partner? Tamer?

"I have been waiting for this day!" Is this child okay? Culumon thinks she might be strange...

The next shot is...
Leomon-sama ♡!
Don't look at me like that...
With those eyes...


Leomon runs.
Intuition tells him to hide.
Juri is desperately chasing him.
Somehow Culumon is running and keeping up.

Culumon finds him.

Juri is scarily running at super high speed. [He doesn't mention it, but she is running in a very Tom Cruise fashion.]


Leomon hides in Guilmon's home. Culumon finds him and tries to shoud he's found him again. Leomon grabs him and hides.

Takato and Guilmon return. Culumon slips out of Leomon's arms and flies to Guilmon.

Takato is surprised. He says don't tease Culumon. Takato holds the D-Ark forward like a weapon.

He tells Guilmon to get ready, and Guilmon gets rid of Culumon and does a pose. Leomon doesn't want to fight.

Juri introduces her partner Leomon.

Juri says she is a Digimon Tamer.


Wait... wait a minute. Leomon said he didn't understand this stuff earlier...

He asks to not be called Leomon-sama.

Stuff like the 'Wait' was all very critical in timing, but isn't that an ad lib? Konaka thought so, Kakudou doesn't remember. The sync was done properly. Konaka wonders if it was adjusted later, but he doesn't remember. He wonders if he should ask someone if he can.

Leomon still doesn't understand what a Tamer is.

Juri offers to tell him.

Leomon 'heart'

Leomon tells her to stop it.

She says she will call him Leomon-sama after all, without permission.

They aren't sure what to do. Guilmon responds to ask Jenrya.

Konaka thinks it's a perfectly charming screenplay.

Act 3 is a favorite of Konaka

Takato calls Jenrya on a payphone. Leomon runs away endlessly with Juri chasing.

Is Juri a tamer? Leomon is being chased. Takato yells to Juri if she's fallen in love. She has. When? Kindergarten. After deciding this isn't a childhood crush out of confusion, they call Ruki. Ruki asks if she has a Digivice? Takato yells at Juri more. She does not have one. She is not a tamer. Ruki will come and explain it to her. Konaka is impressed that the voice actors expressed the mood so well in such a different scene.

Takato tries to protect Juri as Leomon fights the Deva again. Juri asks to borrow the Digivice so she can help Leomon. He says yes and give sit to her.

Banked slash animation for Juri!

Kakudou was happy he got to direct a slash animation.

Juri's slash motion is based on Takato, but it's new animation.

The card and D-Ark don't flash.

CASH SLASH AGAIN! It doesn't help Leomon at all.

"I wasn't Leomon-sama's tamer..." Juri drops to her knees.

Terriermon evolves!

Ruki and Renamon arrives.

Leomon sees the disappointed Juri in his line of sight.

He will defeat him for that kid!

The battle is over. Leomon goes to leave before Juri's tears dry...

Terriermon and Jenrya leave. Guilmon goes home and Takato has no choice but to go after him.

Juri is crying. But there was a development afterwards...

Kakudou was apparently both happy and frustrated that the Leomon GEM from Megahouse was a Tamers release.

An illustration on the Wild Bunch monitor... it's a D-Ark, just like the Tamers Digivice.

The drawing is based on a concept drawing for a kids computer educational device called a 'Dynabook' that was designed around 1982. The name was bought later for a notebook PC. A later mockup looks similar to a current iPad with a keyboard.

In the end, the episode became a slapstick experience, and it was an enjoyable script.

Next time will be the end of the first half.

Takanori Arisawa's Music 1 Before Digimon

He mentions how in 2017 he began to listen to soundtrack CDs to get back in the atmosphere of the days of making Tamers.

He did the same when writing an Ultraman Tiga novel.

Takanori Arisawa died in 2005 at 54 years old, too young. Konaka didn't find out until 2017, and was shocked.

He discusses Arisawa's career, wanting to compose music for video works, etc. He discusses the music he had made for Bikkuriman, Sailor Moon.

He discusses how it seems interesting that Arisawa's usage of jazz stylings became stronger when Digimon began.

Episode 22
The final chapter of the first part has begun. It starts with a low key story, three hero Digimon evolve and fight, more evolution banks will gradually be inserted. Plus the Tamers have banked slash animations.

He doesn't remember, but he thinks the actual time without the extra bits was 21.5 minutes, then later it shrunk to 19.5. It depends on each station.

If you use the banks along, you have to show setup. This is natural, because this is promotion for something the sponsor wants to sell. Then at a certain time, the story is complete. So a decent amount of scale goes to the banked animations. The time available for drama decreases.

Early Digimon shows were a generous environment, where the products and sponsors wanted interesting content, and the format of new enemy Digimon and even victory wasn't forced. This is different from the Ultra series.

To finish part 1 in the real world, the biggest event happens next time. The story is a dense drama depiction.

School has begun, and Takato is heading home. He drops his bag, looks in at the store, and packs a bag to bring food to Guilmon. The enjoyment of a normal day.

An earthquake.

Shuichon is holding Terriermon because she is cared of the Earthquake.

Shuichon won't remove Terriermon. In a rare case Jenrya speaks roughly to her and she becomes sad/angry. She cries and holds her knees. he recalls Mayumi Yamguchi acted more intensely than normal for this scene.

Since he started Twitter, he heard from international fans about how unbelievable this scene was with Henry. (He notes this is Jenrya in the international version.)

It's natural for these moments. Jenrya is thoughtful and mature... and is still ten years old. He is in a hurry. The scene worked better by keeping the camera on Shuichon and showing her emotions.

Jenrya runs into Ruki and her grandmother. She said she was on her way back from a lesson. It's natural that Ruki might have some kind of practice, but she went in her standard style?

Jenrya and Ruki run off.

In an underdrain... someone is there. Impmon. He's enduring the pain without being able to recover. This isn't cool.

Hirokazu and Kenta are envious of Takato who has Guilmon.

Practicing card slash! Matrix evolution! What?

Juri arrives with a heavy feeling in her heart, but she has a strong face. She shows cards. She wants to learn the card game properly.

Ruki offers to teach her. While explaining it, she realizes Juri doesn't really want to play. Leomon will come again. Culumon jumps in.

Another earthquake. The underdrain is damaged. Impmon wonders if he can even stay there...

A giant, too giant boar Digimon!

A shining thing in the underdrain. Impmon faces it. It's a blurry light. Can you go home. He wonders if there is only that place. Where Digimon returns to...

Three card slashes simultaneously.

The evolution banks play as a four-piece splitscreen.

Theme of Digimon Tamers plays...

Jenrya thinks that he wants to protect his brotehr and sister. The card becomes a blue card.

Ruki wants to protect her family. A blue card also appears.

Takato wants to protect their town. A blue card.

A human voice version of Matrix Evolution and EVO begins.

Three perform forms flying.

They thought about how to make the largest Deva look, they made it the width of the national highway that people would know.

Makuramon Appearances

Makura-kun first appeared in episode 19, and, basically, only says one syllable word each time. Played by Ryo Horikawa [a very well known VA, both then and now. He is probably best known as Vegeta in Dragon Ball, Heiji Hattori in Detective Conan, Shun in Saint Seiya, among others.]

Konaka introduces these words, which were a a sly joke...
Episode 19- Ma
Episode 20- Ku
Episode 21- Ra
Episode 22- Mon

Episode 23
It was an impressive episode for him personally, but also heavy.

The first half of the episode was inspired by his favorite monster movie "Monster All-Out Attack" [We would know this as Destroy All Monsters, or colloquially as Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters]. For the second half, there was a request to use Wada Kouji's "Kaze" for the final act of the episode. He was grateful for this. The exuberance of the music adds to the drama. He feels he packed too many elements, so he couldn't follow up the Shibumi chase he planned.

Yoshizawa, the director, expressed regret about wanting to cut the epilogue and have only music there. Konaka was in no position to say anything about it, and that he would follow up on it later.

Kaze is a special song. It's the B side of The Biggest Dreamer, the theme song. Wada Kouji wrote the lyrics himself (composed by Okubo Kaoru and arranged by Cher Watanabe.)

He's glad he included 'Wind' in the title (Kaze). At the same time, every time he thinks about the episode he can't help but replay Mr. Wada's singing in his head.

Art direction was by Makoto Suwada, who was participating in Tamers for the first time.

He mentions how a shot with the three perfect forms could connect to make a nice wide shot, although it isn't quite as wide as cinemascope

A fax machine, they were still in use in Japan just a few years ago [While they still are, companies have seemingly begun to more seriously start trying to get rid of them in Japan.] Analog/ISDN wired phones will disappear in 2024 and be replaced by IP phones. "I can't make a phone call? Where is Takato!?" Takato's mother is frustrated.

The procession of monsters you see walking on the digital wireframe is a Digimon version of Hyakki Yagyo. Konaka adds additional details for non-Japanese fans who might not be familiar with this. It's a procession of monsters that Abe no Seimei, a Heian era master of science, astronomy, magic, etc. was said to have encountered as a child. [Seimei was a real person, but he's a popular figure in Japanese folklore.]

They wonder what card to use. Jenrya says the power of the cards is their belief. If they don't believe, the card will just be a card, even the card that gives evolution is just a card. The Digivice conveys that power! That's right!

Card Slash, side by side, Slash! plays with vocals.

He shows two composite images. They were made after the show broadcast. He imagines this is how it would look in real life. He thinks he made them in Photoshop.

The second was made when the perfect form toys came out. The walkover bridge in the background was shown in the movie, but it's gone now in real life.

The writers were grateful for Taomon. It allowed elements of yin and yang and Indian philosophy to appear from the design. In addition to Bonhitsusen, later on they came up with trump cards that used sanskrit characters on.

"Why is it that when Digimon evolve, they get bigger, stronger weapons, and they become less and less friends... is that what evolution is?"

This was a question he had himself when he first began to think about Digimon in principle (in the early stages of the project.) Mr. Yoshizawa changed the dialogue slightly to focus on whether they are actually friends or not.

"We're friends!" Ruki says with a strong voice. Taomon is my friend, no matter how big and strong, just like Renamon! Jenrya muses on that there must be a reason they grow bigger and stronger.

Culumon, being held by Juri is scared. "Culumon, don't know Culumon... don't remember..." What's wrong Culumon? Culumon cries with his ears closed.

Juri is frightened at what is happening.

Makura-kun. Jumping close-ups. A technique used to great effect by Brian De Palma in Carrie.

In the underdrain tunnel, the light approaching Impmon wasn't just a light source, digital effects blinks and floats randomly. "What is it? Who are you!?" A dignified voice echoes... "Do you want to be strong? We shall all evolve. You do want power...?"

Konaka was surprised when he went to the recording session and saw that Shuichiro Moriyama was coming. It's a voice he heard since childhood in many foreign works and dramas. He sadly passed away in February 2021. [Moriyama was the Japanese dubbing voice for a number of known foreign actors for works that Konaka would have seen, including but not limited to Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas, and Jean Gabin.

Konaka had issues imagining how the digital world would look when it appeared in the real world. He asked Shinji Aramaki to create an image board for the 'zone'. Based on the board he devices the photography effects they would use.

He also had Aramaki create image boards so he could give a presentation on the idea he had obsessed on, that the children and Digimon would merge together for Ultimate evolution.

Afterwards, Aramaki drew a diagram that simulated basic elements of the digital world, and what the children would be like when the Ultimate forms evolved via Matrix Evolution, which convinced him of his idea. He will write about this later, but he was spoiled for choices since then. The most important thing was that image board of the digital world.

Later, when plans for the invasion by the D-Reaper later in the series changed, Aramaki was turned to again. In the end, it was difficult to use and pay Aramaki with the budget for an art designer, but Producer Seki arranged for him to be in charge of the banked animation for the Ultimate evolutions (the budget for these was separate from the standard episode budget), so that he could be paid properly for reinforcing Konaka's imagination that he had from the beginning.

Producer Seki later hired Aramaki to direct the CG movie "Captain Harlock" for Toei Animation.

When Juri is frightened, they use a dolly-back technique [we would know this under a few names, most notably: dolly zoom, Vertigo Shot, Jaws effect, or the Hitchcock shot.] This is a famous technique that allows the person to stay the same size, but the background appears to be change size. Alfred Hitchcock used it in Vertigo and many other films use it, but it was Spielberg's Jaws that made it famous. He muses on that he never talked about movies with Yoshizawa...

They go to commercial with a maximum amount of tension.

He isn't sure if it's the case today, but back then, anime plots would specify where the commercials would be. He thought that was up to the director so he basically didn't do it.

The eye-catch with Lego-like Digimon was created by assistant director Kimitoshi Chioka. He made his directorial debut at the end of the series. The comical eye-catch with cheerful big band style jazz must have made children feel relieved. [Chioka, who also ADed on Adventure and 02, would continue to AD on Tamers, and would direct a number of episodes of Frontier, and an episode of Savers. Since then he continues to direct for Toei, most notably being the series director for most of the first year of Dragon Ball Super.]

Why did Juri become a tamer at the last minute? Even in her manic state of episode 21, her desire to become a tamer was clear, and Hirokazu and Kenta were no match for her. It was rash of her to chase Makura-kun with Culumon on her head, but she held him tightly and tried to protect him, even though she was not his tamer.

He doesn't remember what he thought at the time, but looking at the finished show now, he thinks this is the magic of what happened to Juri. At the end of the series, on the other hand, Culumon will be close with Juri.

He only just now noticed... Makuramon has one lower canine that peeks out when his mouth is closed... Lopmon also has this. He never asked before, but he wonders if Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru made this a common feature of Devas...

They don't have D-Arks, but Juri, Kenta, and Hirokazu know it's a Digimon.

Was this always a Digimon? Questions arise... Guilmon and Terriermon didn't react. Renamon had a slight intuition in episode 21...

As Hypnos falls apart and Yamaki reacts angrily at people around, Reika leaves, and Yamaki is left behind, letting out a sigh of regret. The depiction of Reika and Yamaki is more dense than in the script. The relationship is more than just a calm and loyal subordinate, and it shows onscreen with the facial expression and eyes, and voice acting.

Them having a relationship later is based on Konaka deciding it must be taken as such when he saw this scene in episode 23.

It was definitely Yamaki's orders to go to the pool and look for a boy playing with a Digimon named Takato... but the phone implied the existence of another man. However, that might have been a way to disguise the conversation.

Flames burst and explode from the middle level of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. The Japanese broadcast day was September 8th, 2001. On September 11th, the terrorist attacks on the US occurred. If the broadcast had been later, the episode may not have aired.

When an incident occurs, the Japanese media refrains from broadcasting anything that portrays similar events.

Naturally, he weren't thinking of destroying the building in the episode. The representation of the D-Reaper's invasion in the third part made it impossible to show it as a battlefield at all, which would have allowed him to create something unique, but he will talk abut that later.

He points out a pedestrian walkway bridge that was taken down in 2021.

Adult time is over. From here on they show the power of children and Digimon. Ruki called Jenrya 'Jen' early on. It was because she heard what Terriermon called him. Takato stubbornly continued with Lee-kun because he was just going through a phase of figuring things out. Jenrya was already his best friend. The rest was just a trigger. As was the case in episode 14, Takato is not just changing passively, he is trying to change himself.

Atomic Blaster! This is the first time Nozawa has called out those words.

He was a hero. You can see the scars of the battle [in the city.] This is a real digital monster.

A shadow grabs Culumon from the hands of Juri who is rushing over.

Culumon is not a thing! Return it! Culu~~~

Leomon running on the rooftop... LEAP! We're all alive! He slaps away Leomon's arm and a black bird silhouette appears on the border with the digital world.

Leomon is stabbed by countless needles and falls in pain. Juri is about to run up, but a light appears in front of her.

The D-Ark takes shape... Juri has a Digivice.

As shown in 21, the D-Ark is the network interface device for kids that the Wild Bunch envisioned, and now the kids and their Digimon have them. Juri holds it up to help Leomon and then the light erases the needles in Leomon.

Makuramon returns to the digital world, holding Culumon and laughing. The crack closes.

Takato declares they will go, to the digital world. A strong wind blows and the intro to Kaze begins.

The others are silent, but they have the same feelings.

As helicopters arrive, the three perfect forms vanish from the spot, each in their own way.

The volume of Kaze continues to rise until it hits max.

Yamaki escaped safely. There is no doubt he was defeated. The Hypnos pin on his chest. This is probably the first time it was drawn there...

The chorus goes full and hairs and sleeves sway in the wind in the picture. The layout gives priority to the tamers. It was originally the plan to have Hirokazu and Kenta go after becoming Tamers. Even if there had been two full cours, it would have been difficult. [This is likely referring to when they were told to speed up them going to the digital world, so they are a few episodes earlier than this was initially planned.]

The partner Digimon are shown, with the addition of Leomon.

The last is Takato, who runs with full animation. The motion stops. The ending volume was loweerd a bit and Nozawa narrates. The ending returns to full and ends, only the characters remain for awhile.

The script says "Digimon Tamers, Part 1 Complete"

The real world is an extraordinary thing that appears in everyday life, so to not have regrets later, as much excitement as possible was included. There is adult drama also, and even thought we don't see the true identity of the enemy, you can see it's form and hear the voice.

Became the one you want to be. That's what he wanted to show in Takato. He was able to change so much from when he couldn't help being a crybaby.

There was too much for a 30 minute anime, and he apologizes to Yoshizawa for the trouble he caused him after episode 3.

As he's mentioned on Twitter, he had in mind Flying Phantom Ship, an anime monster movie. Masako Nozawa played the main character, a young boy. He wonders if he should refrain from doing cinematic things in a TV show, but he can't help feel that his limiter is off. He saw a spectacle that was worth viewing.

The scene of destruction of the city by that monstrous robot is only a short part of that movie.

The lyrics of Kaze are impressive from the verse part, and he wishes more of the song could have been made, but anyways... it's 20 years old.

He thinks he has regrets because in his mind Digimon Tamers is not yet complete. That said, he can't do anything about it, but it did provide motivation for starting this blog to do something for the 20th Anniversary.

ED, My Tomorrow

The ending up to episode 23 is My Tomorrow by Ai Meda (lyrics by Yu Matsuki, music and arrangemeny by Kaoru Okubo.)

Filled with drums to a major chord. It starts with a black screen (he notes he was unable to get a screenshot of that.)

The zoom in on Takato isn't actually a zoom, but actual drawings.

He only noticed it after capturing it to write about, but Renamon appears with a fade in.

That boy with the long hair... he isn't in there is he?

He comments how fun looking Takato and Guilmon in the bakery is, but something like that wasn't included in the main story.

It was a miraculous song that had no intro or outtro in the chorus, yet it fit into the song. He's grateful for the ending. It softened the aftertaste of early episodes where the main characters had an awkward relationship.

Takato never felt lonely, but psychologically, his relationship with Hirokazu and Kenta wasn't good, and the positive lyrics and tune were very suitable for the first half of Tamers.

Fall 2001 and 2020 to the present
Before looking back at episode 24, he must mention 9/11.

The 20th Anniversary of Tamers means the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

At the time, he doesn't remember watching the real time news coverage. Something terrible is happening, but he was concentrating on constructing a fiction. He was making a fiction based on reality, but he was distancing himself from reality.

He was aware the Digimon anime was being sold as a Saban program in North America, and he hoped there would be a lag from the Japanese broadcast. He simply hoped that there wouldn't be a negative impact due to episode 23.

9/11 wasn't without it's share of Japanese casualties. Japanese insurance companies had a considerable amount of responsibilities for the insurance compensation and it wasn't a completely unrelated incident. Japan supported the Bush administration in the war that followed. At the time he thought it was a reasonable situation.

The second half of Tamers, the digital world arc, which would start in episode 25, was already roughly conceived and they were in the place of rotating scenarios.

After a bit of time in the fourth cour, the real world is brought back more, but it starts with an emergency, which is different than the first part.

He's mentioned the final enemy as the non-Digimon D-Reaper. He wanted a non speaking enemy. This is similar to the producers desire to create a Yapur-like enemy in Ultraman Gaia, when he set a condition that he not be able to express himself in Human language. Whether the name was Root Dommsday Invoker or D-Reaper, that was the fundamental problem

Anime has its own culture and he doesn't think it's impossible to intensify a battle while having a conversation. However, the tamers shouldn't be able to power down the main characters team, which has gone to perfect form, but rather have an overpowered all out

They needed an enemy that even Digimon couldn't understand and that wouldn't suddenly bombard, but would quietly invade. No matter how skilled they may, the main characters are children, he didn't want them to go back to the real world and immediately fight again.

His generation had a traumatic experience with the second Ultra series. When the main cast was reduced and the setting changed due to lower viewership, they were disappointed.

Some people of his generation have fond memories of the second season, but if you remove what did you see first, he thinks you will understand. [He seems to be referring to that newer fans, at the time, would have connected with the new show, and wouldn't understand what changes they missed from not seeing the earlier shows first.]

In particular, Ultraman Ace, the setting was by Moriichi Ichikawa, whom he admires, but every time the interdimensioinal being Yapur speaks, he loses his mystique and becomes not much different from a bad alien. So don't let him speak is the first choice in a straightforward method.

However, if they don't speak at all, it's impossible to measure intent and create drama. That's why [Ultraman] Gaia allowed the portrayal of the Grim Reaper who acts as a self-appointed spokesperson.

In Tamers, Juri is replaced by an agent who watches the real world, and gradually speaks. It's difficult to find the right balance.

Anyway, 9/11 or not, he didn't want to setup or show a disaster in Part 3 in a way that would look like a real world. After 9/11, he decided he couldn't show destructive phenomena, so he focused on the image of eroding bubbles. In reality, as long as Digimon exist that use firearms, there will be battles.

How should the gradual devastationof Shinjuku be shown? He doesn't remember how many episodes Kaizawa actually had to finish, but he remembers he didn't attend every meeting as SD. He was sure that he was doing preparation for the next series (Frontier.)

As a follow up to Kaizawa, Mr Tetsuji Nakamura was assigned as assistant director, but he was working on the Oizumi Studio side, so Konaka didn't have much chance to meet him.

Early in the Digimon series, Producer Seki was in charge of scenario direction and creativity, so elements could be written without a series director. The scary thing about animation is it's very easy for a director to interpret the story in a way that is very different from the intention, and there were times the story was completely rewritten in the storyboard. However, for Digimon, or rather Fuji TV, it had a station and agency producers, and the structure was based on toy development, so he wasn't that worried about elements being rewritten.

He was never concerned that people would tell him what to do, or the people who would be directing, but rather that he couldn't write at all without someone to consult with to make sure the vision was presented through several episodes.

Mr. Aramaki, who had consulted with him on the idea of partner and Digimon fighting together as one in ultimate evolution, was officially credited as CG designer in the second part. Following the visualization of the digital world, he consulted with Aramaki about the visual of the city being eroded by the D-Reaper.

When Vajiramon and Pajiramon appeared in Akihabara, Masaki wrote them eating CDs, and Konaka thought it was interesting from an anime point of view. It gave him the idea of there being more 'data' in the real world than the digital, so the D-Reaper actually devours buildings.

A common complaint he's heard about Tamers is that the enemies randomly appeared scary. He didn't want to show scary, he wanted to show that the enemy was terrifying, and there would be catharsis when they were defeated.

After the 3.11 earthquake in East Japan, he couldn't make fiction of natural disasters for awhile. There was a period of time when the depiction of people dying was rejected, which had an impact on fiction writers, he wrote about it in 'The Art of Fear'

Right after 9/11, people were hesitant to show combat by firearms, and a villain who would directly harm people wasn't appropriate for an anime in the morning. If they had scaled it down, Tamers would had stalled and ended.

When he found out the ultimate form would be a medieval knight, he felt it was perfect to introduce a stage for this form akin to playing a knight to trap a princess in a tower.

Crimson Mode would be introduced later, but it was proposed at the same time as Grani, so it had plausibility as a story, and he thinks Kitagawara's setting fit perfectly.

Anyway, the climax of the final stage was to save Juri and Culumon, who were trapped inside the Kernal Core of the D-Reaper, and since that happened, my goal was fulfilled. The cable hell was born from that it wasn't a real war, and he'll write about this again when he writes about the D-Reaper...

Anyway, we were on thin edge in those days... In the 2010s he started to look into 9/11. It had a huge impact not just in the US, but Japan and the world, and he wondered if things were ignored. He dismissed many of the early conspiracy theories as unrealistic, although they were interesting. He did wonder if the stock market did move before 9/11, or if debris was removed without an examination [this appears to just be musing on his own random suspicions.]

There were people who examined it calm and logically. However the points of view and logic of truthers are often contradictory, and he's seen them have ugly arguments.

In any case, he feels as someone who is Japanese he is unable to see the truth.

He saw someone 19 years later, 2020, describe the current situation as Covid9/11 or Covid1984 (from George Orwell's 1984.)

He continues on this a bit, discussing various potential theories he's read or heard, some of which he says he doesn't agree with. He himself stops his train of thought after a bit and says it's a long story so he won't go into it further.

He mentions he isn't an investigative journalist, he just writes fiction, and in 2020 he wondered what new things he could write under such circumstances.

He stopped looking at Twitter often, as social networking echo chambers felt like they hit close to home.

Since the year began, he's been preparing for what he is doing right now (in mid-May), and even then he can only thing of fiction, and it must have symmetry and symbolism, even if it doesn't reflect reality itself. [This appears to be a veiled reference to him rewatching all of Tamers for the audio drama we just found out about.]

He had a gratifying conversation which will be in a future book of his.

He apologies for this blog entry. He felt he wanted to write about it, otherwise people might not understand why he's feeling so passionate about anime from 20 years ago.

He ends by saying we need to keep out sanity so that we don't think later that 2001 is like 2020.

Episode 24
The second part of Digimon Tamers will start beginning with episode 25, and the opening will be slightly upgraded and the ending will be changed to "Days -Affection and Everyday Life". He thought it was going to be changed from episode 25, but apparently Fuji TV's public relation staff had been replaced, and the second half of the show will start with episode 24. He was unaware of this until it was on air.

He already wrote various things about the opening, but he didn't go over it all properly... he shall write about them... someday.

In episodes 22 and 23 there was a lost of intense scene changes (fast scene changes are good for skipping setup and adding lots of information) based on action, and lots of banked scenes. This episode has no slash or evolution banks at all.

He notes that if this were World Masterpiece Theater, this stage would have been an adventure 'stage' of several episodes, but they simply used a static narrative for just this episode.

The reason for this episode is that the final part is not an extraordinary event that appears in the daily life of the first half, but crosses the fictional line, and he wanted to stick to that until the last moment. When he wrote it he was only just aware that it was a necessary step.

He mentions he hasn't said it on the blog, but he isn't a fan of tear-jerking dramas. In this episode he tried to avoid any descriptions that would stimulate your tear glands. The climax of the series is yet to arrive.

When he wrote this, he was much older than Takato and his parents, but he still had that little boy inside him. The story contains the point of view of both the child and the parent.

Part of the title is 'The Day of Departure', however the story begins many days before they depart.

At the end of 23, the perfects exited in their own way, Janyu, Takato, and the others were naturally transported by ambulance, and had no injuries. After being confirmed their parents will pick them up.

Monsters called Digimon who fought were seen on TV, and it was reported there were children with the Digimon, but personal info was hidden.

Takato is scolded by his worried parents. The scene was put together silently.

Rumiko is hugging Ruki and crying. There is no Renamon right now.

Jenya is at his PC. Maybe he is writing an email, to his mother and father.

Guilmon is looking for the entrance to the digital world. That smell...

Renamon is also looking...

He brings up how he mentioned the Dynabook, but he also borrowed the image of the concept Knowledge Navigator announced by Apple (in the Scully era when Jobs wasn't there). This name inspired the "NAVI" in Lain and Ultraman Gaia. From Apple came the Newton, which originated the PDA, but the Newton doesn't have a communication system, it can send mail by attaching a modem card. It wasn't at the level of the Knowledge Navigator was possible, but was expected in the future. When Jobs returned to Apple, the Newton would be discontinued and later the iPhone would be born. The Palm Pilot used by Yamaki was the Newton's successor.

While talking with Jenya's dad, Terriermon is confused. It's mentioned how someone has dramatically made Digimon evolve and made the D-Ark appear. Later, it turns out there isn't a single reason.

Terriermon crosses his arms.

Shuichon shows up, Terriermon goes stiff. She comes to get them so they can eat together. She walks off with Terriermon.

Until now, Juri's family hasn't been introduced. They were setup at the beginning, but it wasn't easy to include them in the drama. Of course, "My Leomon-sama" couldn't be included.

Urasawa wrote the line "I'm the daughter from a small restaurant" for Juri in the Digital World arc.

The small restaurant was located in a shopping district near the twelve companies he was scenario hunting for, and he imagined it. As mentioned previously, this shopping street is gone now.

This series of scenes included a lot of information, but he thought it would be better if child viewers for the atmosphere.

When the door opens from the hallway you can see the picture frame gets a bit brighter. It's a young Juri in someone's arms. However she is not the 'mother' from earlier. The current mother is her stepmother, and her birth mother has passed. Juri is reflected in the picture frame.

The sleeping step-brother is holding Juri's sock puppet. The handmade sock puppet was made to entertain him.

The earliest image of Juri by Nakatsuru had no explanation for Juri holding a sock puppet, so he, along with Kaizawa and Seki came up with a strong reason for it, and came up with considering Juri's family. Sometimes a lot of information, and stories, lurk in a single image.

Leomon is there. She offers him the juice she poured earlier. Leomon smells and drinks the juice. He notes that he wasn't aware at the time that citrus is toxic to cats.

She holds the D-Ark tightly while talking to Leomon.

The original script draft had Leomon comment that he scared Juri's parents, suggesting he met them and they didn't understand or rejected what was happening. This was changed to imply Juri avoided telling them.

Takato says on the phone he can't find an entrance to the digital world. His parents have stopped him from going out, so he left it in Guilmon's hands. You can see the Tamer's flag. Takato hasn't lost hope. Ruki hangs up and understands.

Ruki's grandmother shows up and Renamon tries to hide. Seiko was faintly aware of the existence of Renamon. Renamon gives a proper introduction.

Konaka was always impressed by the backgrounds in Tamers. This episode has a relatively quiet narrative, so there are many scenes where the background picture alone creates the mood.

Takato runs to Guilmon's home, he finds the hole has been dug deeper. "Takato, come down here!" Guilmon is calling.

A zone, a gate to the digital world is in Guilmon's home.

Makuramon proudly holds up his prey and smiles. Culumon looks sad in the cage as he curls up. Using his Deva friends as bait, he was able to find out the secret of Digimon evolution was Culumon, and offered it to his god. Makuramon achieved his goal with cunning. The cage is meant to be a transformed version of the treasure ball he tossed in episode 23.

Konaka had been working on the story without a clear idea where the entrance to the digital world would be. Normally you'd expect it to be the zone from episode 7, but that it was a flood control tunnel made it a convenient place to hide adult Digimon like Growmon and the other Digimon who had evolved. Since they had already shown it as a place without a connection to the Digital World, they couldn't use that.

After much consideration it was decided to have it deep underground in Guilmon's home. Guilmon digging in the ground wasn't originally part of the series. He thought it'd be interesting when he was writing episode 3 due to how powerful the claws looked. It made an appropriate reason for Guilmon to dig a hole. He himself doesn't put much emphasis on it, but you could imagine it like a rebirth from a womb.

He also notes that if he had fully made up his mind at the beginning, the idea wouldn't have been come up with. This is the real pleasure (and pain) of deductive [reasoning in] drama.

Takato gets in trouble for not paying attention in class. Juri stands up and says the same, then Hirokazu, then Kenta. The kid with the pigtails gives a glaring look. They get yelled out to stand in the corridor, and write after school about how they are acting.

Himawari [Sunflower] begins to play. It was the B side of My Tomorrow. The intro was played once, but this is the only time the song was played in the series.

You can see sunglowers in the corner of the schoolyard. Konaka doesn't think there was a formal request to play the song before the story updated, but since My Tomorrow's usage was over, it was the only place it could be played (it matched the season also.)

Even though no one is crying onscreen this scene is sad and heartbreaking. That's because this song is playing. The power of music is amazing.

While Yamaki and Reika are talking, data about Takato and Guilmon come up on Yamaki's computer. Konaka comments on it loading slowly and how a 64kbps ISDN modem line was like this...

The teacher realizes the only notebooks left to look over are of the group of 4 who got in trouble earlier.

As she reads it's in Takatos' voice. "It's not that the teacher's classes are boring." and she lets out a small smile.

"But we will be taking a break from school tomorrow." What? She continues to read. It's an apology for being absent, not a statement giving more.

She hurries ot opens Juri's notebook. The same. Departing for a world no one has been to.

Hirokazu- "We're going to the digital world." Kenta- "I wonder if the average test score will drop without me."

What is this?

Jenya and Terriermon are waiting at the school gate. Four people walk. Then you hear the teacher's voice yell wait. She ran as much as she could and is out of breath. What is this?

Takato replies he wrote everything he had to say. He looked down and noticed her feet. She ran so quickly she's still wearing indoor shoes.

She realizes that maybe they were the kids with Digimon. And she sees Terriermon. She's scared and takes a step back. Juri apologies, the others also comment. The teacher seems to understand they are committed, but a trip with only kids? She starts to cry. Her words might sound selfish. But she's being honest with the students. Takato says they are leaving tomorrow morning, and promises he will talk to his parents, so asks her to please be quiet until tomorrow.

The others say they've decided.


They bow and leave.

She's aware she can't control them, even if she does stop them.

Terriermon waves his ears. She drops to the ground.

Takato and friends will now face their parents. Many of them couldn't though.

They couldn't ignore Nami, the teacher who had wanted to be an office worker, and wasn't the kind of teacher they fit in with, but she still talked to them honestly.

Konaka never decided if Takato was being calculating and thought she wouldn't call their parents. He isn't sure why Takato thought she wouldn't, because his expression gave an honest look of being fine. When he re-reads the script, there is no specific description of how she looks.

She doesn't appear in the story for awhile. We can see this shocking experience will be an opportunity for her to change herself as a teacher later.

They arrive at Guilmon's home.

The kids talk amongst themselves what they will tell their parents.

Ruki tells Hirokazu and Kenta they shouldn't come, as they don't have partners. She's being insensitive on purpose, not because they aren't friends, but thinking back to what Renamon told her in the past.

They comment they have a purpose in the digital world, finding partners.

They will meet at 6am the next morning, they don't know what the world will be like. Takato says he will prepare as much food as he can. He's already showing leadership.

They all head off. Guilmon isn't sure where to go, as earlier it was commented he shouldn't go back to his house, lest he get pulled in alone.

They both return to the Matsuda Bakery. Shoppers pass and are scared. It can't be helped.

His parents see Guilmon. What is that? His mom screams. His dad remembers the large pet hidden in the cardboard box.

Takato talks to them seriously. He explains to them other Digimon partners, Culumon, etc.

Culumon has been taken, we are going to the digital world, where Digimon are. His mom reacts as you would expect. Takato explains Culumon is a friend, he can't leave it as it is. Takato explains he has to go.

He's leaving tomorrow morning. He doesn't know if there will be food there. He wants to bring a lot of bread.

His mom comments he is being silly and he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Before Takato could say "Let me go" his father silently got up. He puts his work clothes on and goes back to the bakery and takes out what is needed to make bread and begins to knead the dough.

He explains he saw such a serious expression on Takato for the first time. His mom comments he's only 10.

In the past that would have been old enough to travel. Don't ask how long ago that would have been [I don't recall if this is a line from the show, or Konaka commenting, or both.]

She buries her face in his shoulder, but she knows that she has no choice but to help him prepare.

Guilmon comes in and says hello. They discuss Guilmon bread. Guilmon is happy.

Takato is watching and both thankful and sorry.

Takato's family and such has been shown from the first episode. He had a painful scene, and Konaka was determined to not run away from showing what would happen, but he finds it hard to watch. He feels the mother's reaction is natural, and perhaps the father is overly understanding.

He believes he wrote about this before, but he was thinking about the background of Takato's father. He wanted to run a bakery since he was a child, even though he was a corporate employee. It would only work if explained in the main story, and this is a drama of other reactions. Takato's serious explanation and sincere acting made this scene possible.

Shuichon is playing with Terriermon. Jenya explains he will be traveling. With Terriermon.

Terriermon stands up. He says it was difficult for him to play with Shuichon but... it was fun.

She will be lonely and miss Jenya. He apologizes for not telling her about Terriermon. She hasn't moved much, but she wonders if he has to tell their dad.

He wrote an email, their dad will try and stop him.

She is still frozen.

She jumps at Terriermon.

She begins to play with Terriermon again and asks for souvenirs.


Ruki's mom is drinking wine by herself. That isn't normal, she's been nervous due to the recent incidents.

Ruki is dressed for a camera test. She smiles talking to her mom.

Ruki leaves quickly.

Juri and Leomon arrive in the park. Hirokazu and Kenta also.

Hirokazu and Kenta explain how they did, or didn't, deal with their parents. What about Juri?

Her response is she is with Leomon. Leomon's line is cut off.

The others arrive. Many of them have luggage, Ruki has a small bag.

Takato hasn't shown up yet.

He arrives with a backpack filled with bread and an updated version of the Tamers flag. Juri, Hirokazu, Kenta, and Leomon are added.

Takato is tanked by Juri. He blushes and laughs.

Ruki turns at a noise in the brush. It's Yamaki.

He tosses them his PDA so they will have a way to communicate. Takato is confused and the others wonder his true intentions.

He takes off his sunglasses for the first time in front of the kids.

He envys them. Konaka was happy when he heard the original drawing for Yamaki in this scene was done by Nakatsuru. In this scene, Konaka entrusted his own feelings to Yamaki.

They thank him. The 'avant title' song begins to flor.

Usually, BGM plays at the beginning of the A-Part that makes you feel excited as it replays bits of the previous story. It is a masterpiece like the themesong of The Magnificent Seven. The song selection is wonderful.

The Digimon Tamers are leaving for the digital world!

As they climb down the hole here comes Nozawa's narration.

At the end of Summer, Takato and his Tamers... to the unknown world, the digital world. Left for their trip. What kind of adventure is waiting for Takato and the others? No one knows.

The glittering zone, entrance to the digital world.

The end of 24. The beginning of the next episode is structured with the intention of supporting this launch.

Mostly regarding Takato and his parents, there were many changes from the script. He's basically a live action writer and when he writes, he mentally assumes the acting is live action as well (although the voices in his head are the voice actors.) In many cases, this is difficult for animation. He has no issues with how the work came out, and in many places he saw many detailed gestures and reactions [in the show].

When the finished work is broadcast, formatted, and maybe distributed at different times, the original scenario is not relevant.

He's writing this based on the imagery of the final work, not the script. This is the same stance he used for his lain 20th look back. It's analytical to the final work. His motivation to write all this is hoping that some people will feel the significance of the material.

With this episode the ending was changed to Days -Affection and Everyday Life. He's written about this song before, but will write about the ending after he finishes the recaps of the episodes.

Some good art and images this week, along with a LOT of Tamers related updates. Plus even a Savers appearance.


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Ayy, nice to see Culumon finally added to the DRB after all these years. :)


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I'll say it: Komondomon needs to die. We need that Whalemon moment.

Anyway, it's certainly interesting to see Konaka's musings on 9/11. That was shortly after it started airing in the US, but for some reason I always associate the end of Tamers with that event, couldn't really tell you why, maybe just some latent impressions surfacing. Sadly the world has only gotten worse with conspiracy theories despite the availability of information; this would probably make a good starting point for a Digimon anime lol (that one episode of Appmon notwithstanding). Hopefully Konaka isn't a conspiracy theorist....