Social Art, Kenji Watanabe & Tenya Yabuno Adventure: Episode 8 Art, 20th Ends & Kizuna Leaves Theaters, X-Evo Poster, Card Promo Pack, & More!


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Sep 8, 2006
A big stack of stuff for the weekend!


With episode 8 of Adventure: having aired, Digimon Web has put up new artwork of Gabumon, wearing a cloak that will look familiar to anyone who watched the episode! The attached message:
Good morning everyone!🌤
At 9am, Digimon Adventure: Episode 8, The Children's Attack on the Fortress, will air.
They cross the sea & land on Cloud Continent! What appears there...
Before episode 8, look back at episode 7 at FOD.
[Link to a Japanese streaming site]
Also play & train with the data broadcast Digimon.

And then we have new artwork from Kenji Watanabe for episode 8!


He drew some really nice stylish artwork of Gabumon running, and behind him in the art is a slightly transparent Garurumon doing the same with Yamato riding him. The small message included:
Episode 8. Yamato, who speaks poorly. Gabumon, who considers Yamato's feelings.
It's excellent〜

On top of that, we also got more episode 8 artwork from someone well known to Digimon fans...


Tenya Yabuno drew Yamato, someone he doesn't often draw! It's a really nice image, that he even colored, it has a really nice textured look to it. The small message he put up with the art explains why he drew it:
Instinctively reacted to the cloak.

And then an update for the Voice Recording Challenge.

They've added 2 more clips for people to do.

For prior information on it, including a sample with cast members of One Piece, you can look at what we previously wrote about the Voice Recording Challenge here.

They provide the original and no audio versions of the clips from Digimon Adventure: for people to use.

The third is from Adventure: episode 4 and features a Sora and Piyomon focused scene.

The fourth is also from episode 4, and is focused on Agumon evolving.

And speaking of One Piece...


When One Piece is recorded, there is a board for the cast/staff to write messages and draw art on (generally with a focus of the episode that being recorded), and each week they share it with fans.

This week there was a little cameo by Agumon, who was drawn on the board.

Everything hasn't been translated to find all the Digimon related mentioned, but shin did translate one little part. One of the small messages near Agumon reads "Digimon here for some reason."

And after all the TV related stuff, some movie news...


After a rather long run, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna has officially left Japanese theaters.

A small series of tweets were made related to this by the Digimon Adventure 20th accounts:

These are less an attempt at a proper translation and are just going over what was being said.

1st tweet
Theatrical screenings of Kizuna have ended.
They thank everyone who visited theaters to see the film.
They also apologize for the event that was cancelled earlier in the year and talk about how the situation was one they couldn't imagine and they know people wanted to see it. [This is likely in reference to the cancelled screening that was going to be held that would include a talk from the new cast of the 02 kids shortly after the film came out.]
They mention it wasn't expected the film would stay in theaters for so long.

2nd tweet
They know there were different circumstances happening this time to see the film, and they got many comments.
They hope things will get better and you will be able to watch movies at your convenience as soon as possible.
If you haven't seen it yet, it is a work they are sure you want to see.
Development on the BD/DVD continues, then distribution, and Last Evolution will be near you.

3rd tweet
The other day they found out the movie was ranked 1st in Thailand.
They know there are still many countries where it is difficult to currently show films in theaters, but they hope that little by little, in a common language called Digimon, that "children" around the world will be connected.
They thank, in advance, all those who have yet to see the film, but plan to.

And with Kizuna leaving theaters...


That's basically the end of all the larger events and things that were branded as part of the 20th Anniversary celebration for Digimon Adventure. They posted a tweet with the montage image above of a number of the events that took place as part of the anniversary celebration.

They thanked everyone for taking part in the 20th Anniversary and all the events held to celebrate it.

And then, for X-Evolution fans...


With X-Evolution streaming as part of DigiFes 2020 Online (in under a week), they've done a small bit of promotion via tweet for it, with an unexpected surprise!

The X-Evolution poster in great quality! For promotional needs when the special was made they would have needed something high resolution, but it was never something distributed in good quality that we were able to nab, and fans have been stuck with low resolution copies for a very long time.

Getting such a good version of it is quite nice, and in many cases gives us our best look at some of the CGI character models we've ever seen.

And last up, a bit for card game fans...


Much like the 0.0 promo pack, the new purple/black promo pack will be distributed far and wide. On top of the card game workshop, and as a purchase bonus at the current Pop-Up Theater, it's being included with Card Gamer Volume 53.

A number of easy to import from places don't show it to purchase yet, but Amazon Japan does. They currently have many export pre-orders slightly locked down to make their operations easier, so it currently doesn't allow ordering from some areas, but it might be worth it to keep checking. (We will update on that when we can.)

A bunch of neat things for the weekend, including a larger collection than normal of great artwork!


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I'm a Maniac
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Jun 5, 2020
Ah yes, that moment when, after 15 years, you realize the X in the X-Evolution poster says "Royal Knights".

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
Those are nice art works. So I guess the movie did well enough. Nice to see all the stuff they did for it.

Sparrow Hawk

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Feb 23, 2007
Perfect quality of that movie wallpaper!


Completely digital
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Apr 30, 2017
Yeah that X-Evolution poster is shinyyyyy. Love the Gabumon/Garurumon art too, it's always nice to see Watanabe flex his art muscles a little bit.


Completely digital
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Apr 27, 2017
To be honest, even though it is nice to get a higher resolution version of X-Evolution I'm actually keen for another X-Evolution movie since we have pretty much all royal knights X-antibody forms as well as that Royal Knights vs demon lords X-Chronicle storyline too...