Social Art & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 34 Art, Wada Kouji Birthday & Digimon World Social Images, Vital Bracelet Display, & More!


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Sep 8, 2006
Another weekend batch!

After Digimon Adventure: episode 34 aired, Digimon Web put up an image showing off the various Digimon that had appearances this week in & around the undersea city. The attached message:
Thanks for watching episode 34, Hikari and Tailmon!
In the underwater city lots of Digimon involved with water appeared😆
It was very lively~♪

Next time, episode 35, The Glowing Angewomon
Can you tell from the title?
Please look forward to next time🌟

And then we have new art from Kenji Watanabe!

This time we get a rather calm and relaxing image of Hikari and Tailmon curled up (next to Komondomon). His attached message:
Hikari and Tailmon

And we have extra social images this week! First up...

January 28, 1999 was the release of Digimon World, so a few days ago on the anniversary Digimon Web put up a few images. We get a photo of the games till in it's packaging, along with social art of Agumon running to use the bathroom with a deep message for those who remember the game:
😖Uhh, toilet... toilet!🧻🚽

And then, yesterday, January 29th, was Wada Kouji's birthday, and a few people decently known to Digimon fans posted a few things...

First up is Volcano Ota, who shared 2 images. The first features him wearing a wristband from a Wada Kouji concert, while the second features new art of his (unofficial) creation, KoujiAngemon, which he has generally drawn once or so every year around this time (Wada Kouji's favorite Digimon was Angemon.) The attached messages:
Today is Wada's birthday!
I'm sure he's flying around somewhere throughout the world as a cheerful Butter-Fly to make someone happy somewhere today.
Congratulations, Mr. Wada 🎉
When I listened to Digimon songs all day today, I felt like drawing...
This is KoujiAngemon, who stops by and greets me while flying around the world.😅
It's pretty rough, but... please overlook that 💦

We also heard from the Digimon Music Producer...

The image is a photo of the cover to Wada Kouji Digimon Memorial Best -sketch1-, by Kenji Watanabe. Specifically this looks to be from the t-shirt that used the cover. The attached message also seems to tease some things for later this year:
Yesterday was Wada Kouji's birthday.
I wonder if he's enjoying himself with everyone [in the afterlife]
While we're having rough times on a global scale [not afterlife-scale], Wada-kun, let me tell you, there are many people who were saved by your songs.
As for this year's Digimon Music, we are preparing a lot of new songs, so look forward!

Then a bit more from social media...

The Kizuna Meeting Cafe at Ani-On Station has a display showing off various things for the upcoming Vital Bracelet.

And you may have missed it, but earlier in the week 2 Digimon from the Vital Bracelet were added to the reference book...

Dokimon and Bibimon!

And last up, something that just came out today...

The Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kit of Imperialdramon from Digimon Adventure 02 is out today!

The images above are a selection of images (but not all of them) from Hatenablog (the Bandai Spirits hobby division development blog), where they show off the kit in a new article (machine translated version of the article here) with a heavy focus on showing off features of the kit, especially regarding it transforming between both forms.

Figure-rise Standard Amplified Imperialdramon is still available to order at HLJ (the link helps the site.)

Lots of art and photos this week, more than we normally expect. Some really nice art.