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Sep 8, 2006
Time for another stack of stuff for the weekend!

Before episode 10 of Adventure: aired, Digimon Web put up new artwork of MetalTyranomon, the enemy for the new episode! The attached message:
Good morning everyone☀
At 9am, Digimon Adventure: episode 10, The Steel-Solid Super Evolution, will air. What will happen when MetalTyranomon attacks!? A new insert song will also play🎶
Before Episode 10, look back at Episode 9 on FOD.
Raise the Digimon during the data broadcast well!

In addition, we again got a second image from Digimon Web this week!

The message attached to this one:
Thanks for watching Episode 10, The Steel-Solid Super Evolution!

Greymon Super Evolution~, MetalGreymon! The new battle insert song 'X-treme Fight' & the new killer move Giga Storm! All were good!🤩 Stay tuned for Episode 11, The Wolf Standing In The Desert next time! So long! ╰( ^o^)╮-。・*・:≡📕

We also got new Kenji Watanabe art for episode 10!

He drew a really nice image of MetalGreymon leaping/flying, claw held forward. The message he included about the episode was:
Episode 10, evolved into the perfect form of MetalGreymon! The explosive new technique Giga Storm!!

Next up, we found out a few days ago that Hobby Stock was making a number of new Digimon Adventure: accessory items, but there was no 'easy to order from' place that didn't require an intermediary. CDJapan has put all these items up to pre-order & slightly discounted, and they ship in October. (All are affiliate links.)

A set of can badges featuring the kids. All 8 come in a box for 2,208 yen.

A set of can badges featuring the Digimon partners. All 8 come in a box for 2,208yen.

A set of acrylic keychains featuring the kids. The keychain is in the shape of a Digivice:. All 8 come in a box for 4,416 yen.

A set of acrylic keychains featuring the Digimon partners. The keychain is in the shape of a Digivice:. All 8 come in a box for 4,416 yen.

Acrylic stands featuring each kid and Digimon partner pair! Each is 1,380 yen.
Taichi, Yamato, Koushiro, Sora, Jou, Mimi, Takeru, Hikari

Close to done, but not quite... then we have a Twitter campaign for those in Japan...

The campaign is to win 15 packs of the Digimon bath salts (with Digivice AR enabled toy inside.)

The first period we missed and ended.
The second period is RT this tweet and follow @Digimon_TV by August 15th.
The third period will be to RT a similar tweet (that goes up when the second period ends) and follow @digimonweb_net by August 23rd.

Each period has 5 winners who each get a set of 15 of the bath salts.

And last up...

A video for the full version of Raon Lee's cover of Butter-Fly, from her upcoming cover album collaboration to celebrate the official 20th anniversary of Digimon Adventure in Korea.

The crowdfunding ends August 14th if you wanted to nab any of the products or the album.

Prior details about the crowdfunding campaign and album can be found here and here.

Art and music isn't a bad bit of extra fun for the weekend, plus not needing to use intermediaries to nab products if you want them.

Thanks to onkei for help with some translations.