Small Updates- Rearise Pumpmon VA and Shikishi plus more Digital Monster X Info


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for some small updates!

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First up... ReArise is doing another shikishi campaign.

The newest campaign features shikishi from Aimi Tanaka (Nozomi) and Kaji Yuuki (Pumpmon.)

We already knew Aimi Tanaka was playing Nozomi, and Pumpmon's actor is a fun addition!

Pumpmon is being played by Kaji Yuki, who is probably best known for playing... Eren in Attack on Titan, Issei in High School DxD, Todoroki in My Hero Academia, and Ryuichi (Phoenix) in the Ace Attorney anime, among far to many to list.

It's relatively easy and only open to those in Japan. Follow the Digimon ReArise Twitter and retweet this tweet by the end of November 13th.

On top of that, some more Digital Monster X from Terriermon Joshu!

We already knew about all the Digimon thanks to the recent MonMon Memo, but there is still a bit of fun here...

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For the Digital Monster X White we have Craniummon X and Megidramon X!

Plus a translated profile of Craniummon X thanks to garm!

Craniummon X-Antibody
Ultimate/Holy Knight/Vaccine
Since most regular attacks are unable to damage it, it has stowed the strongest magic shield "Avalon" on its back to show off its confidence in not needing to resort to using it. Its Special Move is spinning its "Kyuukyoku Senjuuken Dáinsleif [Ultimate-Battle-Crossblade Dáinsleif]", completely pulverising all that stand in its surroundings (Heodenings Waltz).


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In both the Black and White is BelialVamdemon and PlatinumNumemon!

Pre-orders close on November 15th, so just a few days left to order.

Further details on the Digital Monster X, including how to pre-order, can be found here.

Premium Bandai USA recently announced they will sell the Digital Monster X directly to fans in the US and Canada. Info on that can be found here.